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17/10/2012 at 16:33
Thanks guys I will try out your suggestions!!
17/10/2012 at 22:23

Hi everyone, despite the catch up it looks like i need another one already. No time tonight but went for a run earlier and i'm rather pleased with myself.

I decided to do an interval run, half mile warm up and half mile warm down with 12 x 1 minute off a 1 minute recovery. The recoveries were certainly slow but that may be down to the pace of the intervals. I simply ran hard but (sort of) comfortable and tried to run at an even pace. It was pitch black and at one point i did stumble on a tree root which almost sent me flying but the ankle stood up to it and i carried on after a mid air swearing session. I had no idea of the pace i was running until i got back, here they are for anyone interested....7:42,7:53,7:57,7:47,7:59,7:31,7:51,7:29,7:36,7:26,7:24,7:17. These figures may not seem impressive to some but for me thats some going! And afterwards.....i felt great, and still do. BIG confidence booster. Easy run planned after work tomorrow and 5 or 6 Sunday.

October 11.53

2012 - 326.83

17/10/2012 at 22:32

Wow Just Run thats some consistent running there! Massive well done!

So was each of those done as a 1 minute "lap" as far as Mr Garmin is concerned? 

17/10/2012 at 23:55

Just Run -  Impressive that you were getting faster for the second half not slower. No wonder you are pleased with yourself.

My training plan has me doing some intervals or tempos from next week, I'm looking forward to seeing how I go on. I always used to have a good kick.

19/10/2012 at 16:40

B2B, yes, each one a one minute 'lap'. Very pleased.

HalfRunnerHalfBiscuit, was very impressed especially as i had no idea how fast i was running and to get faster was a big surpise.

Went out for a nice easy run after work work today. The wife had stolen the garmin  for her post work run. I wasn't very pleased after spending half an hour looking for the bloody thing so my easy 3 mile run went off piste and ended up 4.5 miles of country lanes, hills and all. There was a fair bit of water in the roads at times which made for an interesting run and i spotted a couple of 'public footpaths' which run through fields so may include them on my next outing to mix it up a bit. All in all a very pleasing, easy run.

October 16.03

2012 - 331.33

20/10/2012 at 16:31

Well that's it my first week with 5 runs,  3 runs of 5k and 2 of 7k. A good mix of road, trails and hills. The aim on all of them was to keep the heart rate to 70% ( a bit more on hilly runs) or for me 141bpm. I have also completed week 6 and the first part of my training plan.

After 6 weeks all is well, no niggles, still feeling fresh for each run and enjoying it. I really think building up a core mileage and keeping it steady has been the way to go. With no real plan I would have run too fast and possibly paid the price.

So now I move on to a 12 week plan with a 5k race around Xmas and a 10k race in late January. The plan starts with 3 days of 5k, 1 of 8.5k (5 miles, but I'm trying to think metric) all at 70% and a 5k tempo run at 80%. 

20/10/2012 at 18:02

Hi folks,

Thats me back in and relaxing with a cold beer. Change of tempo today. Dog minding a Westie for a week. Wasn't too sure about the whole running with the dog thing, albeit had the expandable lead. Well not a bit of it, he went like a rocket for two miles, then a further two of more sedate pace.

With me and my new found running up a hill abilities, I manged to keep up no bother. Now collapsed in front of the fire (the dog not me)

Good fun, great weather & another week of cold and sunny according to XC weather. So good for after work runs.

Have a lovely weekend; It;s good to read about all your progress.


21/10/2012 at 18:57

A 5 run week eh Biscuit! Big well done to you. Look forward to getting there myself.

Jane, reckon a dog could be good for me, one that can drag me along at 7m/m!

Ran on the treadmill today as we had a bit of a busy one. Football this morning with my daughter, got the grass cut, swimming with daughter and as i had the boys home with me this afternoon i got the tready out for the first time in a long while. Did a nice easy 10k in 60 minutes. Short run planned tomorrow.

October 22.23

2012 - 337.53

21/10/2012 at 19:00

Wow well done to all of you! Your all doing great.

I'm a little anxious as will have the 15min jogg to do on tuesday. Will go out tomorro night for a little jog. IM also starting to walk to and from work again which will be 1.3 miles each way, no pace just a stroll to work as it used to help with my fitness a bit.


Have a good week everyone!!

21/10/2012 at 20:10

Well done all - have kept a low profile this week ahead of the Wix 5 mile race - poured with rain the whole way round, the country lanes around the area were awash, mud coming off the fields and sunday drivers not giving way - a 200 metre sprint on a waterlogged field all in all an enjoyable mornings work!!!!  39.27 so cracked 40 first time in 12 years 

21/10/2012 at 20:23
Well done Grendel you'll be we'll chuffed ????
21/10/2012 at 20:43

Grendal, well done you,

21/10/2012 at 20:44

Thanks both - yep was really pleased.

21/10/2012 at 22:46

well done Grendel, especially under the circumstances. 

A glorious day here today with loads of sunshine. Shame we had 32 guests checking out today, so spent a good part of the day cleaning. I'll put it down as cross training.

22/10/2012 at 21:50

Grendel, well done you! Fabulous time! Great racing conditions by the sounds of it too.

Biscuit, love the cross training, it all counts.

Nice easy 3 miles tonight. Actually ran on proper tarmac for a change!

October 25.27

2012 - 340.57


22/10/2012 at 22:59

well done Grendel thats wicked!

Just a quick one tonight im shattered!

I was pretty tired when I left work today but thought ill go out anyway and see what I can do....

3:26:34 later I finished my longest run to date! 12.09 minute mile over 17 miles.

Tried to take it really easy, hips ache alot and I still have no idea how the hell im going to finish in time but its all progress!

Got my marathon pack in the post today!  Stuff just got real! ha ha ha

Happy running all ill catch up tomorrow...

2012 - 582.14

22/10/2012 at 23:33

Another cold one last night with a low of -4. Once the fog lifted we ended up with a lovely warm sunny day (OK, about 7 degrees but that feels warm to me)

BBC say there is a cold snap on the way, apparently it will 'feel like' 0 in London by Saturday night, hope they can cope.

Enjoyed a nice 5k off road run by the river this afternoon.

After my skating adventures on slippy rocks last week I have just ordered a pair of Innov8 roclite 295 off road shoes, all the reviews say how good they are on wet rock and tree roots. Now I'm getting off the road more often I wanted something that I have more confidence in. 

B2B, good going, what's the Marathon you are entered for?

23/10/2012 at 10:20

HRHB - Its the Luton marathon, im sure I can "gut out" the distance its just the time that im worried about! Im training on a really hilly course at the moment in preporation so hoping im going abit overkill therefore making it "easier"

23/10/2012 at 11:59

B2B - What time are you aiming for? Whatever it is I'm sure there will be plenty of people much slower and who have done a fraction of the training you have. Hill work must be helping build up the strength and with nearly 600 miles under your belt it sounds like you have done the endurance.

I will be thinking of you whilst I lounge in the sun in the Algarve !

23/10/2012 at 12:01

Well done B2B BUT I think your post says it all "I was pretty tired when I left work today"   You know what I am going to say about that don't you!!! Well I won't say it then - BUT providing you can go into the race well rested you will be fine -

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