Starting again from the beginning!

Feel free to join me!

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19/11/2012 at 14:26

I think I was over striding a little and just getting carried away with the atmosphere! 

Going to practice more on my focuses till I get it down...

19/11/2012 at 15:54

It's easy to do - not going to teach you to suck eggs but maybe you need to do a few more races over the next 6 months just to practice pacing - over 50 miles going off to fast may be a bit of a problem - after Christmas there are plenty of 20 mile races around (I don't know what your plans are for long runs) but if you are planning to go over 20 in training - doing at least 20 miles with other runners around you and then doing a few miles before and after makes running longer distances easier - also running a few miles before will warm ypu up and get into pace. 

19/11/2012 at 17:13

B2B, congrats, well done. As Grendel says the wedges you can buy really do help. Will catch up later after my run, just wanted to see how you did!!!!

20/11/2012 at 09:19

5 miles done - I have borrowed that Chi Running book from the library by Danny someone so am currently experimenting with that - finding it difficult to concentrate to be honest and tend to drift off - to be fair he did say that would happen!!!! (I suppose for me one of the joys of running is that the mind can drift off.

Still will keep plugging away

21/11/2012 at 00:28
Thanks Just Run! Feels nice to have a little break at the mo...getting itchy feet though so I may try a mile or so

Danny dreyer I think it is...yeah focussing is abit tough but there is a lot of good stuff in that book

Hmm interesting...I can see the logic in more races with people to get used to it....I shall have a think about it and check some out.
I think for me some of it is simply the cost, at 30 pound a pop I find running alone to be the answer ha ha ha!

Maybe find a group on here that would meet up somewhere?
Train fair, nice trot, bit of lunch sounds like a plan!
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21/11/2012 at 09:28

Yeah I know the cost is a bit prohibitive (When I used to do that even London cost about £15) BUT there are a few 20s around that I don;'t think would cost much - the Essex 20 in February springs to mind (just googled it and £20 so point taken) 

I did a session of 18 times per minute this morning (stop watch not garmin) and concentrated on chi - seemed to flow along quite nicely.  and not a lot of effort so either I wasn't working hard enouigh, or it does work - watch this space.

21/11/2012 at 11:41

glad your giving it a go!

Here is more detail for the number crunchers  foolishly I forgot to stop the watch when I passed the line!!! My actual time was 4.45.46...

Number crunchers heaven  

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21/11/2012 at 15:58

I'm not going to read through 116 pages of posts as a catch up. Instead, I'm goingt o jump right in and join you all

Little over a year ago, my wife left me. Due to this, my running seriously suffered and I began smoking again. I hated myself for this, but I struggled to quit. I tried to run, but the difficulty due to the smoking made me hate it.

About 6 weeks ago, I finally managed to quit smoking with the help of the NHS. Shortly after stopping, I decided I would get out running again, but rather than attempt to start back from where I left off, I thought it best to start from the very begining Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K programme.

Well, almost C25K - I've downloaded Zombes, Run 5K programme instead. Very very similar, but more enjoyable (in my opinion). (That's all I'm saying about it - this isn't a sales pitch!!!)

Anyway, back on track. I am now 5 weeks into my running and am really enjoying myself again. I can feel the improvements which are coming on so much quickler than I ever imagined (I run/walk about 5 miles in an hour). When I first started running, I was really struggling at this stage, but this time round, I know I could give more. Still, I am not going to get cocky. I am going to finish my programme.

Once I Have finished my 'start over' plan, I'll take it easy for a couple of weeks (Christmas/New Year) and go out for some easy runs to keep me ticking over. Following that I am planning to train for a Half Marathon at the end of March.

I am enjoying running so much again

21/11/2012 at 16:50

 Welcome PieOPah - hopefully you will receive the same sort of support and encouragement that we all do.

21/11/2012 at 20:17

Welcome aboard PieOpah, glad you're enjoying running again.

No run for me today! Half the village is flooded, the canal has burst it's banks and they're even talking about evacuating people! We're fine where we are (at the moment) but theres more heavy rain forecast for tomorrow so fingers crossed it doesn't affect too many more people. My family have been phoning us panicking after watching the local news and we're sat here, feet up having a cup of tea without a care in the world. I cycled into work this morning and the usual lanes were a little flooded but although it was bad i didn't take much notice, just a Devon downpour i thought! Arriving at work, everyone was out the back of the building as the river threatened to invade us! Half the field alongside is now part of the river but the flood prevention scheme should make sure it doesn't get in (they hope!).

Anyway, i'm going to lie on the sofa, watch some Gavin & Stacey re runs and get an early night!

Happy running all !

22/11/2012 at 09:12

Good luck Just Run, hope the flooding abates - trouble is everytning now seems so water logged the ground can't cope with it -

5 miles run today - concentrating on form and style - concentrating for that long is not my strong point as I drift away into AndyLand as my wife calls it - but every so often I came back to reality and adjusted my stride etc all I then have get into my head is cadance - 85-90 per minute -

23/11/2012 at 12:46

Well done BRB and im impressed to wear sandles and do that!

Welcome PieOPah i find this group so helpfull.

Sorry i still havent been on much Laptop still broke and finding time at work to pop on.

I have a quick questino i hope you can help me with. My Calf keeps hurting when i start runnning even at a slow pace, how do i stop this from happening? i do a walk warm up and dinamic stretches but they arnt helping any more I got a good one mile streak done last night in 14mins and i only stopped to stretch so was a continous jog as appose to a jog/walk. Calfs still hurt tuesday though and that was a jog/walk.... Any help apprechiated

23/11/2012 at 17:02

Welcome PieOpah!

Thanks Bananas! It just feels right now, "normal" shoes feel so heavy now!

Hmm calf pain can be a few different things....first off consider how long you have been running for, if its not long then keep going it gets better your body just needs to adjust.

If you have been running for awhile and you still get it over short distances then its time for some more questions.....check your form, are you running heavy? (stamping  too much) Are your shoes really tight? Now this sounds like a strange one but if your shoes are really tight, the blood flow is being restricted to your feet and could be causing pressure in your calf. stretching is under alot of debate, me, I only stretch AFTER a run and its only ever natural motion based stretching like walking or making the same shapes as my running form....with this said, many many many people have other ideas when it comes to stretching do some research and find what sits right with you.

I would say most calf pain is down to form or lack of running, also if you havnt been running very long the word "pain" needs to be thought about a it pain as in "oh my god make it stop!!!" or is it "wow thats uncomfortable but I can slow down and carry on for abit"? The reason I ask is that I have found in my own running that I tend to start a little uncomfy for about 3-6 miles with lots of adjustments as I try and settle in, then everything clicks into place, any niggles disappear and im good to go till around 16-20 miles when I start to ache a little.

One more thing you could try is a small amount of calf compression to see if it helps, get some tube bandage and cut a length as long as your shin (like a long tube sock) and give that a go on your next run

WOW writing a book here! 

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23/11/2012 at 17:37


Thanks B2B; I don’t so like proper stretching its dynamic ones. Where you’re walking and go up on toes or your heels. We learnt it at Jog Scotland and has helped but doesn’t now. I have done a half marathon but was jog walking and now I think because I am running more it is agitating it. I maybe just need to hold out and keep going although made me need to walk as I was already jogging at snail pace last night. I might try my old trainers again tomorrow as I have new ones which are brill but I think after a while they have become annoying and aren’t as great as I first thought. I will also look into the other things you have suggested. Thank you for your reply or book as you said lol I do appreciate it

23/11/2012 at 18:50

Not a problem Bananas! Sounds to me like its just a case of building up again, just take it nice and slow and slowly build up the miles!

Remember to smile!

24/11/2012 at 08:16
Haha I'm always smiling when running
26/11/2012 at 21:28

Good evening my pedigree chums!

First run after the marathon and of coarse as we all know, start back slow and small.....hmmm forgot that tonight! 

Very wet and cold run this evening, set out nice and slow and...well, kept going....and going.....and going....10 miles and only missing my PB by 9 minutes later I got in the shower and then made some food!

Guess im back then pfffft ha ha ha! oooops!  

2012 - 673.48


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27/11/2012 at 09:14

Welcome back you must still be buzzing!!!!

27/11/2012 at 10:47

Hello all,

mind if I join you?

A quick update... started running 2006 after many years of eating too much, drinking too much etc etc etc... did a couple of 10Ks for charity, very slowly! But I did get the bug and eventually got my times down and progressed to half marathon and then another half marathon and then another then .....  Trained for Berlin Marathon which I completed in 2008. 

Since 2008 I've really struggled for motivation, I guess running a marathon was an ambition fulfilled and there seemed to be nowhere to go - literaly!

In a couple of years time I'll be 50 and in the last couple of years I've had a great time reverting myself back to being a happy drunken couch potato... so why then have I just signed up to do the London Marathon next year?  I've got a charity place through work raising money for Alzheimers RUK - so everyone at work knows I'm doing it and why I'm doing it, i.e. to raise money for the charity so I really have no choice... no pressure then!

Did a total of 12 miles last week including a "long" run of 4 miles, aiming to do the same this week.  I have to admit I am enjoying running again although I do need to lose some weight and gain some fitness so the 4 miles was hard work... but, onwards and upwards I guess.

Meantime could do with some virtual running buddies to help me keep it going ,







27/11/2012 at 11:03

Welcome NBFS! 

You can do it! Just stick with us and we will help and bully (when needed) you through!

If you havnt already, have a read back over the rest of the thread and you will find alot of information and inspiration along the way!

As to the marathon being the end of the road....ultra`s my friend...ultra! A whole new game

Grendel - Yeah I am a little bit!! Its strange though, all of that build up and its all over, really glad I booked the Ultra or I think I may have stopped for a longer break

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