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19/03/2013 at 00:04

Should have been out today but it snowed all day and there is about 4 inches down with more forecast through the night and most of Tuesday. My exercise ended up being clearing the big pile of snow blocking the bottom of the drive when the snow plough went past.


19/03/2013 at 08:07

Am going out tonight but just walked the dogs and its baltic with a little light snow

This weather is really getting me down - still go t the usual 3 or four weeks of summer to look forward to sometime around July - when I say summer I mean temperature slightly above freezing !!

I really need to get some new cold weather gear, last thing I bought for the cold was a Helly Hansen top and I kid you not about 10 years ago !!

19/03/2013 at 09:01

3:30 - The speed will come back trust in the 11 minute mile!  

I know the feeling with the lack of inspiration, the weather here by comparison is toasty but I just cant seem to get out of the door...

I ordered some new shorts to bring back the bug!  

Got these beasties! (click)

With these and my AK vest combined......oh yes! 

Edited: 19/03/2013 at 09:15
19/03/2013 at 09:13

3:30 - you have done all of this before and can do it again - nothing focuses the mind like a target - have you entered the Loch Ness Marathon? I think we are all lookng forward to some warmer weather as the forecasts predict more wintery weather to come -although I know wintery weather in Clacton is different to wintery weather in the far north of Scotland!!!!!

To be honest I have not had a break since Christmas and am looking forward to a few days off - I have started to taper now for Braintree although my legs do still feel like they belong to someone else but taking the Ghost Runner as my inspiration know that the it'll be all right on the night!!!

Oh well happy days.

19/03/2013 at 09:20

Grendel - How far into the ghost runner are you? I enjoyed it but it was a sad read

19/03/2013 at 09:34

Thanks guys

Havent entered Loch Ness Grendel although its fairly easy to get into and to be honest is a long long term goal maybe 2 years. Good luck at Braintree

B2B I have the same problem I want so very much to get my fitness back and want to get back into my running, but having trouble getting out and I dont know why. I know my wife just thinks I am probably mad and I feel like she is thinking I should act my age, she is really old before her time. Been a member of Curves for 2 years been about 5 times

I look back on the days running London as the best of my life, I was fit and took it for granted. My problem is I think I can get back to that level in a few weeks !!

Think I need to think more of myself and what I want  

19/03/2013 at 11:19

B2B - nearly finished - didn't really make me sad to be honest, just very angry. many years ago as a running club chairman I had run ins with the local top brass regularly - we were a small local running club, didn't ask for anything from the AAA - just to enjoy our sport at the level we were at - but the number of times I had the Essex AAA guy on the phone complaining - I organised a little 5K - we didn't ask for help or anything from the Essex AAA but the president was always there with his hand held out waiting for the fees from the non club runners - I challenged him one time and asked what we were getting out of it - nothing basically - from that moment on anyone who raced was put down as coming from a club - so no unaffliated fees - so I have total sympathy for what he had to put up with. ( I do sort of think he didn't help his own cause with the way he went about things though)

3:30 my wife thinks the same I am afraid to say - but as long as my running doesn't interfere with family life then. It doesn't she rarely rises before noon at the weekend - my run is long over.

I know I am never going to reach the level I used to run at but after 12 years away I still get a kick out of going out into the elements and hitting the road (I am looking forward to the warmer weather though!!)  The only way to get any fitness back is to just do it -

19/03/2013 at 11:32

3:30 I might also go for the Loch Ness marathon this Autumn as my first one. But I'm also considering combining a marathon with an end of season holiday and doing Valencia in November.

I think we all think in our heads that we are 20 years younger, then our bodies tell us differently.

Its hard to get the motivation to run when you look at the thermometer and all the snow falling. Just looked at the next 10 days weather on the BBC and there is some snow every day. I love it here in the Cairngorms but Winter seems to have lasted 5 months so far. I want Spring.

Had some guests arrive last night who wanted go skiing at Glenshee today. I spoiled their day when I showed them the website which said 'Resort closed - stormbound' As this is the only road south and is still closed, they also now have a 70 mile diversion to get home

19/03/2013 at 11:50

After a seven year hiatus (and I barely ran even back then), I'm back with a grr arg attitude and am determined to give running a proper go this time. I'm back out for my first run in almost a decade tonight! Raarrgghh!!

19/03/2013 at 12:21

Go for it Bored Robots -




19/03/2013 at 12:25

Grendel - Yeah he really didn't help himself at all! Nice one for putting everyone down as affiliated ha ha ha in your face AAA!

3:30 - I agree with Grendel, the only way to get it back is to just run! You are starting again, forget the past and enjoy what you are doing now. You can still run! Well that's me convinced and ready to go how about you?! Its tough when no one around you cares if you run or not but that's where we come in! 

Post it all here, the good, the bad, the worries, the pain its all food for us!

HRHB - man that sucks for them! Lets try and motivate each other!

Welcome Bored Robots! Raaaaaaaaaaarrrgggghh! 


Right I think this calls for short term targets to get us all going!

My target is to get my ass out the door tomorrow night regardless of weather! Then rest up for pacer duty at the weekend!


19/03/2013 at 13:39

My target is to make it to 10 runs over the next couple of weeks - I reckon if I can do it then I'll have got past the "will I, won't I" stage and I'll be able to commit to a long-term schedule.

19/03/2013 at 15:01

Good goal!

Well that was disappointing! Just finished "The Looniness of the long distance runner" great book until the end! Felt like it should have been another 50 or so pages longer as it just kind of...well....ends! la la la la big protest la la la la crossed the road.....end! What?! 

Oh well onto the next one! Whats next on the list?

19/03/2013 at 15:19

Thanks again guys

That me out around 4.30 but will need my long johns on !!!!

19/03/2013 at 16:30

Thats me away - as someone once said "I may be gone a long time" !!

19/03/2013 at 19:18

Am back

29:21 for 2.6 miles felt good to get out but hard work. Got a pain down the front of my right leg to the left of the shin bone - like the muscle is hard and not relaxed - maybe got tight calves

March 2.6 miles

2013 7.8 miles - Move over Mo Farrah !!

19/03/2013 at 20:41

Well done 3:30 maybe it is just because of tight calves

19/03/2013 at 20:53

I hope so and just because I am starting again

Was OK when I was out quite a bit last year. Will do some calf stretches and hope for the best

20/03/2013 at 08:58

well done 3:30! Give those legs a squeeze

I jumped the gun and went out last night instead for an easy 6 to test my leg and my new bag. Bag was amazing, leg was not.

Something is not quite right here and I may book myself in for a bloody good kicking in the form of a sports massage.

I was surprised to find that the weight of a litre of water almost disappears when it is on the front of you. It takes a little while to blank out the sound of the sloshing as its right in your face but after that it is amazing!

Having the bottles up front also seems to help with rhythm as well as you just kind of bounce along in time with everything. The adjustment is brilliant and everything felt snug.

With the exception of my leg everything went really well and I finished up with an average of an 11 min mile. Longest mile was about 13 something as I stopped in the shop then the following two were just under 10 minute miles I think. I might post a link later if anyone is interested.

Right now its time for 3 days of pain killers and rest 

20/03/2013 at 10:49

Had a good run this morning, a mile of which was off road - can extend that off road bit now it is lighter in the mornings - legs still appear to belong to someone else but will only be running every other day from Monday as I try to taper for Braintree - (can't beleive I am talking about a taper for a 5 mile race - but the legs certainly need some r&r!!!!) Will look forward to the blog B2B 

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