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27/04/2013 at 22:22

Well done HRHB now you can aim for a 1.55 on race day 

3:30 hardcore stuff! 

Got some new gear today ready for the ndw50! Montane terra pants and a Montane jacket that I can't remember the name of right now! Expensive but looking forward to giving it a go 

27/04/2013 at 22:52

Hmm it won't let me edit.... The jacket is the Montane Atomic...erm....jacket 


28/04/2013 at 12:08

Hello All.

Hope you don't mind me joining your thread. There seems to be people at lots of different stages of getting back into running on here. It has been motivating to read your posts.

I used to run regularly and did plenty of 10k's and halfs. Training for 2 marathons in 2009/10 was where it all went pear-shaped for me. I was disappointed with my time for my first marathon (4h 47m) so immediately starting training for another. The long training runs took their toll and I found that although I could run for a long time my pace slowed ridiculously. I got very disheartened and on mile 19 of a 20 mile training run I suddeny realised I was hating running - it had become a chore, churning out miles when it was supposed to be something I did for pleasure. I stopped running altogether and went to the second marathon as a spectator..

3 years later and depressingly unfit and flabby I'm ready to get back to running and hopefully fall back in love with it. It has taken a while to accept I am now a beginner runner and really need to take things slowly - you just think you can go out for an hour and you'll be fine don't you?

I am following the 6 weeks to 5k plan from the website. First session this morning 1 min run, 1 min walk x 10. It went fine. The aims for this year are a few 5k park runs leading me into some autumn 10k's at a decent pace. I still feel there is unfinished business with the marathon distance but I'm not considering that distance for quite sometime..if ever!

Posting my runs on here and reading how others are doing will help keep me on track, thanks all!


28/04/2013 at 12:43


Welcome aboard. I am not to dissimlar to yourself

I ran dozens of races for years including FLMs but I to sort of fell out of love with it. Starting up again and am only at 3.3 miles at the moment. I am aiming at a marathon again and will apply for VLM 2014 but not sure if I would be in shape maybe 2015

I do feel a lot better getting out there though although its a long road back

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28/04/2013 at 16:55

Hello all, hello Froglet,

I'm a real fan of those 0-5k plans, they help you build up slowly and get a bit of consistency going.  It helped me (although I still have a long way to go) by keeping me from going too far too fast (that's fast in relative terms )

 well done on your half marathon time HRHB, hope the race goes well.  I've just signed up for the Dartvale Half in sister is going to help try to pace me for a sub 2hr time ever the optimist 

B2B I think those Lunas look decidedly more robust than the Xeros!  I've got my pair, cut them down to size, just waiting for it to get warmer so I can wear them out and about.  Just going to walk in mine for now........ chicken!  When's the big day again?

JR, I run like the Queen, not in an octogenarian way, although it sometimes feels like that near the end, but with no money.  Otherwise I would have been sorely tempted to stop for a pint at Fingle Bridge.  Ran the route again this weekend, nice and hilly, clocked 8m, took me 1hr 40 but I made it up all the hills without stopping.

has anyone got any tips for coming down the hills?!

28/04/2013 at 19:20

Welcome froglet well done for getting back out there! 

Gammineez yeah a lot more robust but the principal is the same. Go on, go do a mile in them! Regarding the hills... Lean back just a pinch and relax, let the hill do the work  my 50 is on the 18th! 

11 miles for me today around purfleet, wind, and mud and very industrial running today. Stayed at a friends house which is why I am around here at the moment. Ran through marshes and along the Thames and tried my new jacket out.... Wicked purchase!

Happy feets! 

2013 - 236.45

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29/04/2013 at 07:53

Hi All,

B2B - I'm a big fan of Montane gear (and RAB) and do most of my walking in the Terra pants.

That 50 is getting ever closer - I thought I would have seen mention of some longer runs, or are you easing back now.

Welcome Froglet - I did a similar plan to start me off, but you need to make sure you resist the urge to run too fast early on in your comeback- that's the way to an early injury. Hold back and it will all come good in the end.

As you say we all think we can just come straight back and run like we used to. Sounds like the Marathon might be something to keep on the back burner and just enjoy the shorter distances. Its a distance I would like to do at some point, just don't fancy having to do all those long runs.

Gamineez - Good luck with the training for the half. I built my long run up by a mile a week from 6 to 13 and it seems to have worked well for me. It was just the snow and ice that made it hard. Glad I wasn't training for a full marathon. It was snowing again at the weekend.

Off to the dentist this morning to get my 4 implants fitted, at last. 4 months of wearing a denture has been too long. Just not looking forward to the mega invoice. 


29/04/2013 at 09:15

HRHB - I only managed to get up to a 20 then backed off a bit due to my hamstring. My last 20 was 18th April I think its just a case of damage limitation at the moment.

I know I can do a marathon already on very unstructured training so that's half done eh?! ha ha ha!

My training "plan" says I should be tapering now but im going to go one more week as im a little off the target then I shall back it off and get some deep tissue done over the last 2 weeks.

Its too late now to push any further as far as the miles are concerned so I shall do one more long one and a bunch of small stuff to just tick over

29/04/2013 at 13:51

They used to televise the Balmoral races - mainly when Paul was doing it to be fair!!!

Well done everyone - espeically HRHB - sub 2 hours in training - wait for the adrenaline to kick in - sub 1:50 at least!!! running up hill little steps and running down hill lean forward and go if you back you tend to brake.

Welcome froglet we are all in various stages of starting again from the beginning - the key is to accept you are a beginner - on the few times I started again in the past I was trying to run at a similar pace to what I did years ago - then I accepted it and started again - still no where near the old days but happy to be out and moving along spitting and coughing just like the old days!!!

Well I ran 8.75 or something Saturday morning - should have been 8 but I stopped for a comfort break and forgot to restart my garmin for a while so I retraced my steps and worked out how much extra I had run - the 0.75 may be more or less than that.  Yesterday I went out to do a 4 but felt good and ended up doing another mile  -

Did something stupid in the night though set my watch for 1:15 got up and applied for the London - I know the chances of getting in first time is unlikely but stranger things have happened - did exagerate my time a bit so expect to see me on the start line with Mo Farah!!!!

I sort of think I have never done a marathon for the sake of it - in the past it was always chasing a time and I hated the pressure that put me under o just to go and do sight seeing tour of London and getting a t shirt at the end of it sort of appeals.

Rest day today so I did a mile for no other reason than I wanted to try out the new racing flats I stupidly bought.

29/04/2013 at 15:08

All good stuff Grendel! The sight seeing bit is spot on mentally! Have a nice trot and enjoy the experience. Personally I tried for London for about 4 years in a row and never got in, now I just think about the billions of people that would be running and it makes me head for the woods!

So did you send Mo a bit of friendly banter about getting ready and all that?  

What flats did you get?

29/04/2013 at 16:38

They were karrimor ones - not really flats as such just a light weight trainer - Sports Direct  had them in a sale very cheap and I thought I would try something lighter for the times when I do go out racing

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30/04/2013 at 07:42

Grendel - Surprised to hear you have Karrimor shoes after the thread when you asked about them, and the consensus seemed to be don't go near them.

I will be interested to hear how they perform

30/04/2013 at 08:43

Grendel - Saw you applied for London on one of the other threads. Also be interested to known how you get on with Karrimors

To be honest even if I get in may defer as still on 3.3 and last night was hard work. But after years of relative no activity this will take time. Its hard enough to get into London as it is so if I do it want to give it my best shot

2013 - 24.3m

Edited: 30/04/2013 at 08:53
30/04/2013 at 09:23

The karrimor thing was an experiment - they are a very lightweight trainer in comparison to my trainers - and I as someone who used to race in very light racing flats (Brooks Conquest, Reebok Paris and some more whos names are forgotten in the mists of time ) I can't actually see any difference - so will use them for races to see if it gives me an edge!!! (if they fall apart in the second mile of my next race then it is an experiment in cheap that hasn't worked!!!) But eh B2B wears flipflops and he is doing pretty good!!!

3:30 I did enter London - I figured if I enter and don't get in then I haven't lost anything but if I don't enter I will be no worse off - As I said earlier on the thread in my past life all my marathons were done under pressure - pressure to run a time. Even my first one way back I had a sub 3:18 target (ran 3:16) because that was the time a mates brother had run.  Having watched London the other week I thought it would be nice to plod along the road not really caring how long it took

AM sort of enjoying drifting along on a 'longer' run at 12 minute miling on a saturday or sunday morning - (mind to get 3 hour runs in will have to start about 3am which will be pretty nice in mid winter)

30/04/2013 at 10:47

ha ha ha Grendel just do what I do and run with some tape for on the fly repairs ha ha ha!

Thats where the nice summer evening run comes in, 12m/m in the woods or along a river just bopping along with the sun on your face! Bliss!

Got an email today and guess what? Yep you got it! Ive blagged another pair of sandals!  woohoo! I LOVE free stuff! This blogging and blagging is really my style 

Also got a mail with race details! 

30/04/2013 at 11:25

Just done my first run for ages. I wish there was an decent excuse but it was just general sloth plus it was COLD. Anyway first time out for ages and it was a walk run 5k and I was shocked how unfit I am. I am thinking of entering a 10k in Sept or Oct as need a challenge.

Any tips of getting back to running for aged ( 65) overweight plodder



30/04/2013 at 17:13

Welcome Female Plodder! 

Just take your time really! Build it up slowly and never let anyone tell you that you are done running! Try something like a couch to 10k plan and see how you get on. Treat it as a guide though and listen to your body. Your body is your best training tool, if you feel tired, rest. If you feel like running hard, leg it!

Most of all and this is the most important thing....have fun and dont forget to smile!

01/05/2013 at 06:23


I think I will update my name to the above for this month as punishment. Due to various commitments I missed Sundays run, and due to Chelsea's FA Youth Cup Final appearance Monday I missed that run too. NOT impressed with myself. Realising running 9 miles last night was a silly idea I missed last night too, got an early night and was up at 5am this morning for the first run of May. 4.45 miles done and there will be no excuses this month. 50 miles will be ticked off.

Month - 4.45

2013 - 132.11


01/05/2013 at 07:55

Morning all,

trying not to blow things out of proportion but after my run on Saturday my foot is really hurting.  it all felt fine till I stopped, then I started to notice an ache accross the top of my right foot.  I thought maybe my laces were too tight and that it would wear off but it hasn't and after a pilates session with lots of balancing it feels more achy  

walking down stairs it hurts.

its the foot that fell off the shoe before Xmas, maybe I am compensating somehow or maybe it's a classic case of too much too soon.  Thought I'd been taking it easy...

any thoughts? supposed to be doing a 10m hill run on 12th may


01/05/2013 at 09:51

Just Run - Stuff just gets in the way sometimes, dont worry about it! Focus on 50 this month you can do it!

Gammineez - your problem can be helped with a foot cocktail!

Half fill a washing up bowl with cold water and the top it with some ice. Flavouring is optional though topping it off with an umbrella is a must! Place the offending appendage into the cocktail and enjoy for about 10/15 minutes or until your toes go blue. Remove sparkly new foot and dab with the softest of fluffy towels made from 100% ducking feathers.

If you wish to treat your feet a little further then take the same bowl and fill it with water as hot as you can stand and add some sea salt to it. Go and make a cup of tea and grab some chocolate hobnobs then come back and apply foot to said bowl again for about 10/15 minutes. Upon removing your foot be prepared for a glowing smile coming from your now very happy toe holder!

*Disclaimer - I am not a doctor so please take this information as friendly tips and not medical advice. I am also not a pilot or a sailor so for any further information regarding flying or sailing you should consulate a trained professional first. The same applies for carpentry, roofing, astrophysics, botany, time travel and baking.


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