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19/04/2014 at 11:46

Great news re the kids JR. I remember being always outside doing things and can't believe how little a large proportion of societies kids do. 

Will post a couple of threads when I get a break - if I can't find ,y questions haven't already been answered.

19/04/2014 at 12:13

 Thanks JR already put my target on the RM v Fetchies thing as 125 !!!

But just want to beat last months total so at least I can see progression, last month was 64.36, so far this month 33.38 so be close but hey if I don't beat it always next month !!

5.5 today untimed. Need new watch battery but at £7.50 may get new watch. The old one says something about shorting battery pads to restart - seems to complicated to me !!

Yesterday at 09:05

3:25 start - a mere 20 miles to run, forgetting completely that the local council turn off the street lights at midnight - felt my way rather gingerly along the road, passed by two taxis taking the late night revellers home and then buzzed by two police cars (or the same one twice) who perhaps didn't quite believe anyone would be that stupid to be out that early. It really was very peaceful as a red moon shone down and I headed out towards Holland Haven Country Park some 9 miles away - did a mile loop round the park as the darkness gave way to the early morning gloom.  Of course didn't take a drink as I had planned to do loops round the local roads passing home a multitude of times and when I did find a newsagents the  guy inside wouldn't serve me till 6 o'clock some 25 minutes later. Carried on and finally found what I was looking for - a open shop - duly refreshed I made my way home, my 20 extended to 21 - in the last three weeks now til Halstead last long run done and time now to start to get some bounce back in my legs .  Happy Days.

Yesterday at 10:31

Checking in, sorry been away in Cornwall all week. Think I left the gorgeous weather down there!

Lots seems to have happened since I last read. Some great events for people to work towards. Great getting the kids involved too. I cant wait to get my son involved, he'll be 5 this year so some events will start letting him run.

Grendel I cant believe how early you go out!! Well done though!

I hadn't run since last Sunday, so I went out with the intention of about 12ish yesterday and ended up doing almost 16miles, so happy with that. Although I did seem to feel pretty dehydrated at about 9miles (think where I'd not drank much on Friday on the 320mile journey home?), so I stopped off at a newsagents, refilled my water bottles and got an ice pole, which tasted like the best ice pole ever and managed to give me a bit of life back to get me home

Yesterday at 11:38

Enjoyed being home early today - it sort of occurred to me as I finished that if I had gone out at normal time I would still have a couple of hours to run -

Ice Poles, thats genius - I never think of that!!!!

Hope you had a good week in Cornwall Lisa.

Yesterday at 14:57

Grendel, that's an unbelievable time to be out running. Enjoy the taper 

At least you had the weather while away Lisa, hope you had a great break. Ice pole eh, the running fuel of choice, great idea!

Went out this morning for an easy paced 10.62 miles. I did take a drink this time and put it in the hedge for half way. Glad I did too, despite the cooler conditions I was glad of it after 5 miles just to break up the run. Kept to 10mm all the way over a very flat course. Had a lovely roast waiting for me when I returned and an easter egg for dessert! 

April - 69.81

2014 - 292.88

Yesterday at 15:14

Good running there JR you were faster than me - I was outside 10 minute miles for most of the run - miles 19 and 20 were sub 10s but according to Mr Garmin I averaged 10:49 (in my defence my first two hours were in the dark and or gloom) still they call LSD don't they?

Edited: 20/04/2014 at 16:05
Yesterday at 17:13

Grendel, you ran twice as far as me and I ran in daylight all the way on a pancake flat tow path so would have been a little slower on your course and at that time too! These LSD runs certainly do the job and I would like to think I can keep the 10/12 mile distances going now as a regular weekend distance. Got used to it very quickly despite only having done a few and they give me so much confidence when i'm running over shorter distances.


Yesterday at 19:00

I think that is the key JR -  confidence. 

Yesterday at 21:28

Great pace. Think my average was about 10mins 15secs? So, similar.

I'm actually enjoying my long runs more than I thought, as it means I get to explore another country road that I would not normally go down or know about. I'm finally getting to know the local area properly, finding pubs tucked away etc..only lived here for 8 years lol!

Yesterday at 23:49
Crikey Charlie Grendel - what a time to be out.

Good work JR - looking forward to my first 10 miler since starting again.

Lisa - know what you mean. I have lived in my area for 5 years but running has allowed me to discover loads of new places. Find morning runs on holiday are great for discovering the locale too.

I've just booked into a 'local' half Mara in July. Did another 10k this morning - at 1.04 it is my fastest since starting - not too bad as off road and a gain of 1,500 ft. Really want to do a Mara but worried about my neck fusion - a full Mara is more than twice a half Mara if that makes any sense.

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