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Yesterday at 13:44

ok , so not trying to cop out...promise.... but it's 25degrees where I am, and I'm thinking for my second ever run, that temperature for a overweight Scottish lass (used to more traditional freezing weather)  is a bit daunting.   Am I being pathetic?.... I have access to a treadmill  - is this a viable option for today?    If treadmill work is just no good, then fine that's all I need to hear?  and I will wait until late in the evening when the temp has dropped.  Would just be more convenient to do the run daytime vs night...  Advice anyone?  Better still just tell me what to do


Yesterday at 14:31

Wait until later and go out is the obvious answer once you feel comfortable enough - But if not,  treadmill is fine - running becomes a habit so it is better to get into the habit of doing some form of run than getting into the habit of deciding not to run because of ........................ (insert reason)

I tend to do all my runs at 5 o'clock (except one which was 3:35 am)  so it does tend to be cooler then!

But great progress going on.


Yesterday at 15:42

Not so much 'starting again' as 'simply starting' as I've not run regularly since my school days which were 25 years ago (and that was forced)! Nevertheless I've been getting more active over the last couple of months and have already achieved more than I thought I would.

I started off with light treadmill work and combined it with cycling and swimming and gradually built up my times to the point that I was fairly easily doing 30 minutes on the treadmill. I then took things outside and did some short 2-3k runs and by last week I managed a couple of 5k runs fairly comfortably with times of 6-7 mins per km. I'm keen to keep pushing gradually with 10k being the next medium term target. 

I'm running 3-4 times a week, my job can sometimes involve quite a bit of walking (rather too much yesterday as I really wanted to rest a bit more), is there any benefit in doing any other work outs on my non running days as I do now feel lazy if I'm not running! 

I am a shift worker and last week my runs were at a very comfortable 5-7 am when it was still cool, however today I was out at 10 which was pretty punishing in this heat. Is there a better time of day to do a run such as at the start of your day or the end of your day or does it not matter?

I never imagined I would look forward to going running, and two months ago I would be happy if I'd run 500 yards and now I'm doing 5k without having to stop and walk for even a few yards, I've surprised myself and I want this to continue so I'm considering entering an event or two in the near future as further motivation. 

Looking forward to being part of this forum too!

Thought I should say I'm 43, 173cm and 75kg and living in Portsmouth which fortuitously is very flat!

Yesterday at 16:31

Lazy Nic, I can only echo Grendels thoughts, running is a habit and one that’s all too easy to slip out of. If the treadmill is the only option, then make use of it. If it’s hot get out early or wait until later or just  ease the pace and make sure you’re well hydrated.  

Should be out myself tonight but Mrs JR has a retirement meal to go to for one of her work colleagues so I’m at home with the kids. I will set my alarm early (will be the first am run for a while) as I have the kids football coaching to do in the evening.

Welcome PompeyMatt, sounds like you’re off to a fine start. As for the benefit of training on non running days I would say take your pick, it really depends on what you’re after. Cycling, swimming and walking are great additions as they are non impact activities which will add to your general fitness without putting extra strain on yourself as you build up your running. If you want to do strength training such as kettles or weights I really would look into it at your local gym or online. Get some professional advice as to what will help you or find something online that will benefit you as a runner. In my opinion the time of day you run comes down much more to your lifestyle. I’ve done plenty of early and evening running and find they both have their rewards. It’s really whatever suits you best. Entering an event or two will certainly help you as it’ll keep your interest level high and motivate you out the door.  All the best with your running.

Yesterday at 17:50

Thank you so much JR and Grendal, for the virtual kick up the butt!

So I did the blistering heat (without sunscreen   I assume that's another running lesson learned today),  I dodged the dog muck,  turned a deaf ear to the workmen who felt the need to shout something at me as they past!  And given the bright sunshine I was accompained by my very overweight sillouette the whole way - thinking to myself, how have I let it get to that!

Moans out of my system -   Despite not doing as well as my first run, I still did it, and I'm pleased I did, the treadmill would have been the easy option, and so overall I'm feeling positive.  hoping for a better run next time certainly,  but confident there will be a next time.   So jealous of all you right now, and the big miles under your belt.  You are all very inspiring.

2.44miles,  in 31.02mins    (according to Runkeeper which I gave a go for the first time)

Yesterday at 18:23

You did an damn sight more than the workmen! Well done you for getting out there! Be proud ~ I find running the heat such hard work! 

I ran by a group of school kids awaiting for the bus the other morning... Heckling. Bloody kids! 

Going to go out in the nnexthr or so as its getting cooler now, and need to let my eggs on toast settle too! 

Happy running ya'll x



Yesterday at 19:19

+1 for Runkeeper 'not so' Lazy Nic. Anything that motivates is a great tool. As for the workmen, excuse my language but F$%^ them. Don't fret about it not being as good as the first run either, the second is often tougher. Good on you 

Mrs JR would love to run on her own along the tow path and around town during certain hours but just doesn't feel safe or confident enough because of a small minority who feel the need to give anyone who doesn't spend their life sat in a McDonalds car park grief. Tossers.

Have a good run Amyphoto  I often don't leave quite enough time between meals and running. Spending half the run tasting what you ate for tea doesn't make for the best training.

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