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25/07/2014 at 22:59

The forecast is looking to be cooler on Sunday!

Wow, what a great time tonight Just Run and a very good performance on your parkrun last week end. Inspiring posts here this week on this thread - always motivating and informative thanks.

Hope you recover well B2B - diarolyte is good for redressing homeostasis but tastes better with a drop of fav squash.

I am now running 5 miles x3 weekly with the running club (beginners), along with boot camp and a weekly cycle of 20 plus miles - my parkrun has been adjourned  because of exercise time management - I blame you guys! X




26/07/2014 at 17:44

Went to the parkrun this morning. Only 4 seconds off last week's time (which was a PB since starting again) despite feeling so tired yesterday. Could have beaten it with a bit more effort, eased off in the last 200m - no one close to me.

Thinking of running a half marathon next weekend (haven't entered). My main target at the moment is a September half and it'll be interesting to give it a go again. Exactly 5 years since my last half - same race in 2009. Expecting to be about 10 minutes slower but ...

Yesterday at 09:30

Thanks Jaxmc64. It's certainly a little cooler here with a gentle breeze in the air. I missed parkrun this week too.

Slinger, there are people who need 3-6 months to prepare for a half marathon and there are people who can turn up on the day and just blag it. I guess it all depends on your general fitness (in particular your running fitness) at the moment, your previous history (you sound like you were pretty fit before) and what your aim is. At best I imagine you'll be a bit stiff the next few days but a famous runner once said "It's not the distance that kills, it's the pace". If you feel up to it then do it, just maybe enjoy it rather than worry about a time. A friend of mine, who is in his forties and hasn't run for over twenty years (although eeps fit playing football) turned up to our local parkrun a few months back and finished in the top seven. He said he ached a bit the next day but although 3.1 is a little different than 13.1 you'll understand where i'm coming from. 

Although I missed an early run in favour of catching up on the Commenwealth Games while having a lie in until 8:30. Spent all day yesterday, and I mean all day (9am till 7:30pm) fishing with my boys. 28 carp later (could be the title of a send up horror film)  and they finally wanted to go home for tea! 

Will run later today, happy running 


Yesterday at 13:02

Just Run: I'm just thinking of running to see how it goes really. Race predictor says 1:37 for me based on a recent 5k time, but I suspect that is sheer fantasy given my fitness, the likely weather and the odd hill or two. 8 minute miles gives you 1:45 in a half marathon, so that seems a sensible starting pace. Maybe a tad faster 

Today at 09:25

thanks Jaxmc64 everything seems to be balancing out now

speedy Slinger!! Will be interesting to see your times once you are "ready" if this is just the comeback! Im yet to break 2 hours for a half, guess its due to all the long, slow stuff My half time is just based on a hilly out and back training run....think its 2:11 and change

Went along to see Mummysaurus at race for life yesterday, very, very warm day! Looked like a tough one and a lot of folks were suffering in the heat. It was so great to watch her breeze across the line still keeping great form, massive well done! 10k next year?  

Going to head out tonight I think for a gentle bop. Need to keep everything low as im already tapering again! ha ha ha next saturday im pacing for 50 miles of the NDW100!!! oh man thats close! pfffft! oooops 


Today at 11:58

Sorry for being absent again!!!! you have all been doing so much good running, there hasn't been much for me but as B2B says yesterday was Race for Life day, this is what I started learning to run for,  after walking last year. Well it was very hot and sooooo many people I kept getting stuck behind groups of people holding hands walking or jogging together, but blocking all the flippin path, or mums with pushchairs people with dogs (not so well behaved as some of the kids ) but I finished it and to be honest felt pretty strong all the way to the end, and miracles upon miracles today I don't have one single ache or pain

At last I think I have finally beaten my calves into submission, got rid of the shin splints and the nerve pain meds are working, golly gosh can this be true I actually feel like I might be a runner although according to the race directors yesterday you could only be a runner if you were able to finish in 20 mins or under anything above and you had to line up with the joggers.....ggggrrrrhhhhh!!!!!!

B2B thank you for coming out and supporting me yesterday......glad you think you are getting back to normal, you had me scared there for a while, but think the fuzzy head is still on.........NDW100 isn't next weekend you still have another week after that so plenty of time for tapering, get out there and run!!!!!!!

Today at 13:03

yeah next saturday 9th/10th, this saturday is secret cinema! going to see back to the future and they have made a whole town!! should be loads of fun

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