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12/09/2014 at 16:25

Ive never run 1000 miles in a year but I do Ultras! Strange isnt it?! I think as long as you are listening to your body then game on!

I would much rather have some epic races than a bunch of numbers at the end of the year. I guess it is really down to what you want to achieve. Speed? Distance? Millage? All of the above?  I have seen a trend lately that is leaning towards better quality rest days as well as training. Resting is no longer seen as some kind of weakness but an integral part of training.

12/09/2014 at 17:02

Nice and easy 2 1/2 miles, hope it's not going to be as hot Sunday.

Speed, distance and mileage ..... all three please but in moderation

September - 22.95

2014 - 694.31

13/09/2014 at 10:20

Grendle: Mrs S is Hungarian and still has a flat here. I've never run a race outside England, so that'll be interesting. One of her brothers and a nephew are running too.

B2B: Yes it all depends. One of the great things about most races is the difference between the first and last runners. Some want to win, some want to finish, some want to keep fit. I have a friend who says he was quite ecstatic when he finished his first marathon. Personally I didn't feel like that. Even on my first Marathon I was keen to do a good time. As to training, It's interesting that Jo Pavey is doing so well at 40. I suspect that part of the reason is that she's not trying to train like Paula Radcliffe any more. Less but more focused maybe.

Yesterday at 15:52

With a sprint finish managed to dip under 1:40 on the clock. 1 minute to start line so just under 1:39. Target was 1:40 (4:44 pace). 47:22 at 10k which was dead on. Slightly speeded up from 12-19km 4:40 then 4:30, 4:20 for last two km. Could see the clock ticking away so sprinted for the line. Should be a better photo at the finish with 1:39:5x on the clock. 

Perfect weather. Cloudy, light breeze. Dead flat course. Only real inclines were a couple of bridges and a flyover.

Finished about 10 seconds ahead of Mrs S's cousin. Started together but never saw him the whole race. Funny thing was that he was ahead of me most of the time when I thought he was behind me. I must have overtaken him late on but didn't notice. 100 finishers a minute so easy to miss people, especially with the wide roads.

Yesterday at 18:44

Doone Run done. 9.88 miles and 2,332 feet of climbing. I finished in 1:41 and considering the terrain I was quite pleased. The first 5k (over 33 minutes) was completely uphill with over 800 feet of climb and I just took it easy. The views were spectacular, running along a beautiful trail.

We met the first water station and then hit a narrow downhill stretch, very narrow! It was difficult to run along as you soon gained some serious speed and to your right was a very steep slope. I put one foot wrong and.....CRASH.....before I knew it I was reaching out for something to hold onto before I ended up at the bottom. I landed in a hedge and fortunately only went about 6 feet down. With nothing but my pride hurt, I climbed back up and bounded on down the trail laughing to myself. 

We climbed again before going downhill with some tough  zig zags through the wooded trail. These were hard work on the knees and my feet were getting a real pounding on the stones and rocks. Constantly putting the brakes on to go around lots of tight bends was hard work. I reached 10k in around 1:05 which I was pleased with and we set off on another climb of 250 feet in under half a mile. One guy asked me if this would ever end in a fairly miserable tone as he passed me and I made it my goal to beat him at this point! 

We were in for some respite, although i'm not sure my quads would agree as the next two miles went pretty much all downhill. It gave me a chance to take stock and despite a few aches (my left shoulder, knee and right achilles) I was feeling quite good. The race photographer appeared at a gate and commented at how fresh I looked as I gave a smile and thumbs up (that really did give me a boost). 

Aware we were running for home now I tried to keep pace with the woman in front but needed a new target as I passed her. The guy I decided I wanted to beat was now in sight and we ran almost shoulder to shoulder along the final mile. As we approached the finish my children must have spotted me and started shouting "go on Dad!". Running across a bridge with around 400m to go I pulled up alongside my target and made a burst for home. He offered no response and I was very pleased with my finish kick as I ran through the finish gantry.

Just waiting for a couple of photos to upload which I will add. Will certainly be back next year

September - 33.08

2014 - 704.44 


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