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17/09/2014 at 11:13
Ooh...not good B2B, let's hope not and its just a bug.
17/09/2014 at 11:35

JR: Sounds like the Doone Run was good fun. I've tried a couple of fell type runs but it's not really my forte. Really damaged one of my bigs toes once hurtling down a steep hill at breakness speed. Can't remember falling over in a race though 

Grendle: My first big city race apart from a couple of times in London. My second London Marathon was my only DNF so far. Ran a super fast half Marathon 3 weeks before and didn't recover in time. Massive cramps at half way despite being 10 minutes slower than 3 weeks earlier. Gave up, not wanting to struggle for 12 miles. Got the tube back to the start/finish but was then was treated very badly. Hidden away in a sort of naughty area, not allowed to collect our bags in person, obviously we were regarded as an embarrassment and were treated accordingly. No sign of a "bad luck, mate after all those months of training" or anything similar. Quite terrible.

Anyway: back in UK now. Planning to got for first run since the race this afternoon. Usual aches in quads after the race otherwise no problems. Aches probably related to lack of suitable speed work. No running at all in last 6 weeks at between 7:00 and 8:30 pace is not the best. Probably some longish tempo runs would have been better than the parkruns, but probably not as much fun.

Wondering what to do now. Parkruns + a couple of 10 milers for 2014. Should be in the 72 to 74 minute range.

17/09/2014 at 12:46

I hope its food poisoning B2B as you should recover quicker than with a bug.

Look forward to the report tomorrow JR - I have no doubt that you have a 22 minute 5K in you, whether that is on a tough course, but once you learn the course I have no doubt you will smash it.

I had a couple of DNFs Slinger, once in London, once in Berlin, didn't experience anything like that though. It is hard to take though, all that training and dropping out  

Parkruns and 10 milers sound the way to go, use the fitness built up for the half and use the parkruns to build up some speed - I really do need to get my ar*se in gear and do a parkrun - will have a bash after the Wix 5 -  I am spending to much time on targeting one or two races each year rather than just get out and do some (like in the good old days) - 

17/09/2014 at 18:05

39 minutes at 9:10 although that includes 5x1 minute walks. Still very tired legs. Just volunteered for this Saturday's parkrun - easier than running it  Entered two 10 milers - mid-Oct and mid-Nov.

17/09/2014 at 22:31

Never had food poisoning Grendel, fingers crossed it's mild food poisoning then! 

Well done slinger. Nothing like a run to give the tired legs a reminder what they're for. No doubt the next run will be so much easier for getting a run in so quickly after the half.

Handicap run done tonight on what was described as "not a pb course" by everyone there. The advice from some was run slow and win next month but didn't fancy that as  felt pretty good. Mrs JR and I set off together with an estimated time of 26 minutes. We set off downhill before run through the village and turning left uphill. Not quite sure yet how long the hill was but around 3/4 mile. It was bloody hard work but tried to keep the arms pumping. Turning left at the top we ran along the main road which was around a mile long and quite dark under the trees. It was tough going along there as it seemed to go on forever but we eventually turned left again and headed back toward the village. I managed to lose my bearings at this point and ran straight past the next turn. Luckily Mrs JR wasn't far behind and shouted to me. I hadn't gone too far and managed to double back and take the turn just ahead of Mrs JR and a young runner who had caught up with us. There was a downhill stretch and three slower runners ahead of me so I pushed on again overtaking the three of them just entering the home stretch. I realised at this point I was in first place and could hear footsteps behind me. I rounded the final bend and passed the post first with Mrs JR around 30 seconds behind. Finished in about 24:05 and certainly had a bit more to give so pleased. As it was our debut I couldn't be the winner though so will have to get a move on next month with a proper handicap mark.

September - 41.70

2014 - 713.06


Yesterday at 13:09

Haven't heard any more updates - but I have had food poisoning a couple of times (only mild) and recovered very quickly - so finger crossed in 48 hours they will have done an hour!!! .

That is a storming time JR on what is a hard course, plus the wrong turn - I like you attitude about giving it a go, as I do think holding back to win next time is against the spirit of it - but now you know the course and what to expect you (or of course Mrs JR) could do well.

Now time to smash the parkrun - 

Had a good evening last night - decided to sit back a bit due to hamstring problems - but soon, aided by some extra strong paracetamol soon managed to get closer to the front - started with minute on and then a minute off, then it got dark so we did shorter stuff with shorter recoveries -  Next week because it is so dark, they are going to split us into groups and it will be more tempo type runs, which to be honest is why I joined the club. I can do short intervals till the cows come home - but need someone to drag me along over longer runs -

Did a 5 mile recovery run this morning - just a lovely morning to be out and about.

Today at 14:19

hey folks sorry for not popping my head in.

Looks like it could have just been food poisoning HUZZAH! Im now rocking in at just under 10 stone (63kg) so....silver linings and all that ha ha ha!

Not sure I feel "ready" but im going to give it my all.

Thank you so much for all of your support and ill see you on the other side!

anyone that is interested/bored enough can keep up with updates on twitter @cardiosaurus it also gets fed onto a facebook page of the same name if you dont have twitter 

Right off to re pack and pack and re pack and pack.....oh and fill out my medical form! JOY!

catch you later!


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