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25/03/2015 at 08:25

JR - Man you are cutting it up !!!

I am frustrated and at my witts end. I had decided this week was it, I was going to be out most days and sod this building up slowly I am to old for that. I was going to batter in the miles see where it takes me

Monday, was out 4.72, great. Monday evening I started sniffing and sneezing, yesterday was full on 100% nose streaming eyes watering the lot, no way could I go out and today (and I have a days leave as well) is no better !! AARRGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!

Here the thing, my biggest year mileage wise is 1117.7 in 2004 (3:53:47 for London) so between my 57th and 58th birthday I want to beat that, my birthdays July so will start then.

But bloody frustrated at the moment, so rest today hopefully be back tomorrow

29/03/2015 at 10:03

Quiet here lately

Well horrendous week resulting in no running apart from Monday although managed to get out for 4.12 yesterday. Hope can get a better week next although both today and tomorrow will be difficult

Hope everyone well





29/03/2015 at 17:40

You spoke too soon 330, lol. Missed my hilly tun as Mrs JR suggested we have a night in together. Go Thursday she said. Then Thursday arrives and Mrs JR is struggling with her leg and needs help with the kids so Thursday is missed. Never mind, one missed run won't hurt, I'll run Friday. Then she wins five tickets for the England game! Fridays run is aborted sorting travel and leaving work/school early for bus journey to Wembley. Saturdays run doesn't happen as despite getting home at 3:15am I still have the kids footy to do in the morning. Saturday afternoon is a write off. 

Today we have 60mph winds, rain and generally miserable weather. Still, athough I don't fancy the scheduled 13 I have managed to do Saturdays 4 miles at MP. 13 planned tomorrow in better (hopefully) weather while the wife and kids are out. I have a week off work so no excuses now! Will still end the month with my biggest ever monthly mileage and hopefully by next weekend well and truly back on track.

Sorry to hear you're struggling 330. Hope you're feeling better today? It's getting awfully quiet in here lately. I will continue to post here until I have run my marathon in June as that was my target in my opening post. I think the thread may have run it's course (no pun intended) and although I'll keep a look out for future posts will probably leave it then. There have been lots of people come and go on here but social media has taken over for most peeps these days. 

Mar - 116.27

2015 - 308.27 

Please support my Yeovil marathon run in aid of the Alzheimer's Society


Edited: 29/03/2015 at 17:44
29/03/2015 at 19:13

Yeah agree JR

Shame as this thread has kept me going to be honest. Lonely runner as wife couldn't care less. No running buddies so do it all on my own.

Have joined a few facebook groups and post here but that's it really. Shame its all coming to an end, hopefully I will keep going though and still get out. Good luck with the Marathon and I will be here still

Yesterday at 14:30

It's kept me going, got me back out the door when I've stopped and helped much more in between. My first effort on here was 2 minutes running followed by a 4 minute walk. This morning I ran 13 miles off road and have hit almost 130 miles for March alone. I'm looking at my food intake now too as I'm half a stone above race weight so want to be there before the summer and my marathon. There are a couple of threads I check out regularly on here and joining a running club, although I haven't been lately, was one of the best things I ever done. Like you 330, I train alone and at times its tough. Once the marathons done I'd like to set a few pb's at shorter distances, 5 & 10k, 10 miles and a HM. I'd also like to get an ultra entry in somewhere along the line. 

Mar - 129.27

2015 - 321.27 

Please support my Yeovil marathon run in aid of the Alzheimer's Society


Yesterday at 14:54

Im still here!! You are both spot on with the social media bit though, it has taken me away quite a bit. I have been spending a lot of time with monkey tag running, I know you are already over there 330 but JR you are more than welcome to join us if you ever get involved with facebook It would be a real shame for this thread to stop, it has been alot of the inspiration behind monkey tag. 


Yesterday at 17:40


Mark -I am liking Monkey Tag but struggling with my Gorilla O but will be keeping an eye out tomorrow !!!

Threads been great for me personally for the last 2 years and I will be on and post my runs as I am sure some of the others will be back and don't want them to find the "gone fishing" sign swinging on the door

JR - Your story from the first post has been astonishing and your mileage lately likewise, sure your marathon will be a good one, do you have a time in mind ?. I am doing 5 miles at most at the moment but will be building on that, I too would like to get an Ultra in  (and a marathon again) but probably a shorter one than B2B undertakes !!


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