Starting again from the beginning!

Feel free to join me!

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Yesterday at 10:52

ooooo dear im behind with the thread again!!!

Welcome aboard RusskiRob!

JaneyH - Yeah parkrun wasnt bad at all, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to pace my sister quite easily. Just missed a PB for her though (26:32 I think) we came in 26:42. I really wasnt sure I would have the spring back in my legs but it seemed fine. Calf is a little tight but im going to give it a little slow run tonight to try and stretch it out.

330 - so happy you entered!!!  

Yesterday at 14:07

330, that will be me out too then as I ticked no charity for the ballot.  That will be my 7th rejection if so.  


Yesterday at 15:09

Well that's run/walk number 2 done - same sesh as last one - run 5 mins walk 1 min x4. Nearly didn't go as I've had a very tight calf since the last one but as it didn't come on till 24 hours after I figured it's DOMS rather than anything more sinister and that if it felt okay when I started it would be okay to run. If I waited to feel not sore every time it would be a fortnight between each session!

Because of the calf I tried hard to keep the pace slower on the runs this time - mind you that wasn't difficult!

24.03 mins 1.99 miles average overall pace 12.04 average run pace 11.63

330 - I do actually have all my sessions for the next 12 weeks on a spreadsheet - nothing spontaneous here!

B2b that sounds good - I'm with you with the tight calf - hoping my session might have run it off but not sure yet.

Has anyone tried heel lifts in shoes? I've ordered some Sorbothone ones to try just to ease the calves till I get more back into it.

Yesterday at 17:20

JaneyH my physio recommended the heel lifts, they were fine in my normal shoes but I couldn't get used to them in my trainers

Yesterday at 19:53

Thank you all for the warm welcome, and well done on an impressive long weekend!

Janey - Good work getting going again, and for going out despite the niggles! I'm impressed with your level of planning, sounds like you're in for the long haul and will certainly feel the benefits 

330 - Good luck with the London ballot - I'm sure they can't give all the places to charity runners, so you must have a chance!

B2b - Thank you! I'm very impressed you paced a race for someone, I don't think I have the discipline to maintain a speed at all! I hope your recovery run is a good one.

I managed to get my first run in since Saturday after work today, ran the same 5k route in 29:27 so a little slower. I was happy to err on the side of caution as it was so hot, and apparently my body is very picky about the conditions. Next time will probably be a run of my usual walk home from work (2.7 miles), although this is with a backpack on so I don't know how that'll go. After that, I intend to up the mileage slightly (maybe towards 6/7k?) and see what happens.

Something I noticed when out today that worried me slightly was a feeling that something was moving around in my left kneecap. It wasn't painful but definitely noticeable, particularly on in/declines, and I became more conscious of it as the run went on. My left knee has always been fairly weak - no major injuries but on long distances walks I've often had to wear a brace for all or part of the way - so I'm a little concerned. Does anyone have any ideas/advice/reassurance?  

Yesterday at 19:54

Oh, and Janey - the username, rather boringly, comes from the fact I studied Russian at university. Helps to distinguish from the many other Robs out there! 

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