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12/04/2011 at 17:42

Hi Nam *waving back* How are you - haven't seen you in ages, nice to see you again.  Nice work on the weight loss - you just keep losing it!!  How's Calfie, BTW?  And what news on job front?

I was going to suggest a plan, I'm doing the J L Parker (HR training) 4 week scratch plan, then if all goes well, I hope to start one of the HH mara plans too.

You're right about the weight stuff, so I'm dividing it into 7lb segments - not so bad that way.  I've been very impressed by seren's achievements, so . . .time to get going

13/04/2011 at 12:25

erm... he broke up with me 2 weeks ago...  that took 7 pounds off me in a fortnight...  not quite the way I wanted to lose it but shit happens... we're trying to stay friends... see how that goes.  Everyone (friends/family) were as surprised as me... was a bit out of the blue... but looks like he looks for different things in a relationship than what we had... or something like that...?? I don't really know to be honest?!  I guess you can't help how you feel.  I am sad about it... very sad.  But will try to stay friends.  Sometimes people need a friend more than a girlfriend.

On a more positive note I shuffled 15mins after my spin class last night.

13/04/2011 at 12:38

Nam - many years ago found that running was a great way to deal with stuff like that - ended up fitter than ever -

Well done on the shuffle - not bad after a spinning class.

Well I did my speedwork this morning, the schedule said 4 times 1 minute brisk with a 2 minute walk recovery after a 10 minute warm up - Well I duly set off the weather was brilliant, running along the sea wall where we live, the wind turbines turing slowly in the sun coming up - turned bacak and did my 4 minutes but reduced the recovery to one minute - felt great so did excatly what I wasn't going to do and added a fith interval - still felt great at the end of it -   (although subsequently checked my schedule and should have had a rest day today and done the speedwork tomorrow ) 

 so am well pleased this morning. 

13/04/2011 at 13:51

Nam, you've got mail.

5m D + D @ < 70% HR.   Stretched afterwards, but feeling it a bit now.

I used to run (back in the Dark Ages) as part of netball training, but only really got into it a few years ago with No 1 Child who entered  us in one of the Sports Relief miles.  It coincided with a nasty divorce, so proved a necessary stress-buster as well as something I enjoy. 

14/04/2011 at 09:43

Jeepers you have mail too.  

Morning all.

I went for a half hour shuffle yesterday and it felt really good.  My running fitness is a bit shite and every 5 mins I really had to reign myself in as I couldn't maintain the pace I wanted to run at, so I need to learn to pace myself better, but I just enjoyed being out there.

I will be good and not do anything over half an hour for a couple of months until my lungs and legs get used to running again.

14/04/2011 at 10:06

That's good news Nam

All I can say is OUCH - DOMS

14/04/2011 at 11:11

Hubby and I went out at 6.00 this morning for our run/walk.  Almost straight away my back, thighs, knees and calves started hurting!  By the time I got back I was in quite bad pain, and luckily I've got a day off work today because my legs feel so heavy and sore.

 This is a bit of a shock, especially as I've been finding it so easy up til now.

14/04/2011 at 11:20
Jeepers wrote (see)

All I can say is OUCH - DOMS

Yes my calves are saying hello to me this morning too. 

Sue... sorry to hear about the agony... ... maybe some stretches and some Epsom salts in a nice bath?? 

14/04/2011 at 12:20

+1 for stretching - works wonders, Sue.  Also, having had bad plantar fasciitis when I first started, stretches help prevent this.

This just about covers it  !

A lot of injuries occur in early months due to tight muscles, so stretching post run is really important.  I used to spend at least 30 mins going over each bit and stretching it back out - feels great afterwards.

14/04/2011 at 15:23

Rivvy Runner, I know how you feel when you go off too quick, especially when you’re not 100%. Doesn’t half make it a tough session! I would definitely recommend repeating a week of your schedule if you don’t feel ready to step up, I did it myself, and the second week gave me lots of confidence.

Welcome aboard Nam, although an IM is still a pipe dream in my mind I know what it feels like when you set off on a 10k run when you’re not physically ready for it, it bloody well hurts! Well done on the weight loss and good luck on your comeback. You’re not alone in lacking patience so you’re more than welcome here! I’ve followed Hal Higdons schedules in the past, I particularly like my walk breaks during runs and the fact they can help you keep injuries at bay and finish races strong when others around you are really struggling.

Good for you Mrs Dash, it’s a great feeling completing any run and when you can’t wait for your next one you know you’re on the right track.

Welcome Jeepers, all the best after your break. I too have a few extra pounds to shift and slowly but surely they’re coming off!

Grendel, it must be really tough to have been running so quick and so far to be back where you are now so I can only take my hat off to you and the fact you’re prepared for the long haul to get back somewhere, anywhere near where you were before. The times may have gone and the 70 mile weeks (I’ve only ever got to 26) must seem superhuman now! But fair play to you for getting back out there!

Sue G, that doesn’t sound good!?! I think a few days rest, followed by a gentle session would be a good idea? If you still hurt then I would see someone professional, no good carrying on like that, you will do more harm than good. I would seriously recommend you start stretching too, dynamic stretches before and static stretches after!!!

Wow, seems like lots of new people on here lately, which is great! The more the merrier I say.

Tuesday 12 April - 8 minutes run/2 minutes walk x 3 - 2.9 miles

Nice evening run again along the canal. Started okay first 8 minutes, second run of 8 minutes felt great and the third even better, getting quicker each time according to my watch. Think I went a little too quick though for an easy run so will try to take my foot off the gas. It didn’t feel quick and I know my pace is getting better because I’m getting fitter but compared to my old race times my easy runs should maybe be around 30 seconds to 1 minutes per mile slower. My ankle was aching a little during the second phase as was my knee but it disappeared very quickly and has been fine since. However, this morning my ankle was a little sore around the achilles area so I have had a stretch lunch time and its vanished. I must stretch my calves and Achilles a little more regularly to keep things going smoothly! Off for my Thursday run in about 30 minutes time as I have a day off and I’m going to take advantage of a nice cool afternoon to get my run done early.

Week - 2.9

Month - 13.84

2011 - 47.43

14/04/2011 at 15:39

Sorry that there a re a few aches and pains about today, Sue you mentioned that you went out at 6 o'clock this morning, was that straight out of bed or were you able to get the muscles moving a bit before you started

 I go out at that sort of time - as otherwise am not able to for the rest of the day due to other commitments -  but when I re-started running just after Xmas, I did initially find various aches and pains which I out down to not really having time to warm up - but have now got used to it .

From my own point of view - nice easy 30 minutes this morning, I did think I would struggle a bit today after yesterdays 'speedwork' so it was a pleasant surprise -

Someone posted a couple of pictures which included me on FaceBook yesterday from an art workshop I attended with my son on Monday - and for the first time in years I was able to look  and think - yes I can see I have lost weight -

I know I was unhappy with the time I ran last month at the 5 mile race I attended at Braintree, but looking at the picture on FB, I can honestly say the last 4 months have been worth it.  So the message is don't give up but take your time -

14/04/2011 at 16:58

Just got back from my run and although not the quickest i've ran that was without doubt the best run i've had since returning. Kept a beady eye on my pace, making sure it remained around 10m/m throughout and it felt so easy. Very, very happy! I also wore my new 'running specific' orthotics which i picked up earlier. I was very worried about them not being 'custom made' to my feet but they are £40 a pair (i got mine through the nhs), and have support in all the right places so thought them well worth a try and i am very pleased i tried them. My ankle/achilles feels great and my knee feels better than ever recently. Hope everyone is enjoying their running this week and managing to get out there.

Week - 5.69

Month - 16.65

2011 - 50.33


14/04/2011 at 18:58

just run, great to hear your schedule is going great. i read your first post and i have to congratulate you on your dedication. getting up early just to stretch must have been a killer.

as said on another thread i ran for the first time in 2 years today. 30 mins non stop and i still managed a strong finish. i have lost a load of weight and been playing squash for a month and i couldnt resist running any longer.

i was on a high all day after.

im going to do a 5k run on sunday. i get motivated by chucking myself in at the deep end lol

14/04/2011 at 21:09
thanks webby the bear, most of my mates thought i was mad even thinking about going back to running, said i should find myself another hobby! I don't have to get up early to stretch now and i am extremely glad about that! Well done on your run today and good luck Sunday, go for it!
15/04/2011 at 10:27

Well done everyone for their runs this week - did 25 minutes this morning which acording to map my run is 2.5 miles so will go with that, for the first time for a whole there was rain this morning but very still and warm - will have to drop the rainjacket now I think - but a bit of a confidence issue as i still feel like a big bloater and the jacket hides that!! 

 Still little steps

 am aiming for at least 35 minutes tomorrow as sunday will be a shorter runs (if at all) as my son and i and his friend are going to london to visit hms belfast (coincides with the VLM too  although not sure two 7 year olds will be all that interested!!

15/04/2011 at 10:37

Great to see the miles and time coming along and thanks for the welcome.

I haven't read all the posts, but skimmed over the first few pages ; J R, I also wear orthotics, I ruptured my tib post tendon in one leg a few years ago and the other one is just as bad.  I had reconstructive surgery on the ruptured tendon, but couldn't afford it (financially and practically) on the other.  Like you, I stretch every day, I don't stretch too much before a run, just enough to loosen the muscles, but I make sure that I do afterwards.  I do ankle rotations and stretches every day, to make sure that the tendons remain flexible - have you been given any?

I'm also an early am runner, I used to post on the "Silly o'clock thread".  However, having seen how many people struggled with the heat in last week's Paris mara, I'm going to try and make myself run later in the day (assuming that we get hot weather again this year!) so that I'm not only used to running in cooler temps. 

5m hopefully due later today.

15/04/2011 at 10:55
My calves are kiling.  I should have stretched more.  Ooops... live & learn.
15/04/2011 at 20:10

Hi everyone!  I have skimmed through the posts and you all so motivating!  I did a run on Tuesday and it felt great.  I am so glad that I am keeping to me schedule.

Nam - your motivation and plans are inspirational!  Keep going, but I understand your worries over injuries. 

Just run - my non-running friends have never understand my passion for running.  Everytime I had a bad head, or an injury it was "see running is bad for you", but they were never to see the look on my face when I was crossing the finishing line with a pb, or when I managed to run up hills that I could only walk on before.

 Have a nice weekend everyone xxx

17/04/2011 at 21:48

Spent the day in London visiting HMS Belfast - very frustrating as the marathon was taking place just 200 yards away and all I could do was listen to the crowds, watch the airships and the televisioncoverage helicopters! But even that was enough - if you can't be motivated on marathon day then when can you?

Personally ran a tired 35 minutes yesterday followed by a slightly more sprightly 20 minutes before setting out for london this morning.

Happy days

17/04/2011 at 23:00
Was meant to do 6m today, got to 5m and on way home, bumped into someone I'd not seen for 4 - 5 years, unfortunately, she wanted to talk. . . Called it a day after that as had stiffened up somewhat.  Trying hard not to feel at loss of pace, fitness and stamina, but. . .
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