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06/03/2011 at 09:44

Morning all,

After months of injuries - achilles tendonitis, itb, patella femoral pain syndrome, foot, ankle, knee hip and back pain i am ready to run! least i think i am!

Yes, i am quite possible mad, like everyone else on here no doubt, but i refuse to accept that with the correct treatment, stretches, running schedule i cannot eventually achieve my goal of completing a marathon.

 I started running in 2008, overweight, smoking 20 a day, and have completed a few 10k races and even managed to get up to 13 mile long runs at my peak. Afer 12 months running i hit 25 miles a week and ran 100 miles in May 2009. Running changed my life, and i want it back!

This week i ventured out for my first run/walk with my newly aquired orthotics from the nhs, which replaced my old carbon fibre ones (not supporting my now completely collapsed arch). Some friends/colleagues/fellow runners have told me they would have quit months ago but as i used to post on here fairly regularly i know i'm not alone in being a little bit loopy with my running obsession. I have stretched every muscle i can think of im my quest to return to running, getting up at 'stupid o'cock' to stretch for months on end. Cycling to work daily, at weekends and my cross trainer have kept me kind of sane but i want to get back to doing what i love best.

To keep me going i thought i'd start a new thread, somewhere i can log my runs like i used to, but rather than stick them in a diary i thought i'd post them here. Anyone who wants to post their runs here is more than welcome, i think i may need the support of some fellow runners after such a long break. Hopefully, by the summer i may even be able to contemplate entering a 10k race, but at the moment its one goal at a time.

Over the next 10 weeks i am going to follow a simple runners world schedule which got me running right at the start, from 0-30 minutes running in 10 weeks. Hopefully, this will stop me from getting carried away, gettng injured, and being forced to stop...again! This is the schedule i am going to be following, today being my third run, but as i have been off for so long i am doing the first week twice, so anyone who wants to join me can, or anyone else starting out or returning from injury can feel free to post your runs here, the more the merrier!

Week 1: Two minutes running/four minutes walking
Week 2: Three minutes running/three minutes walking
Week 3: Four minutes running/two minutes walking
Week 4: Five minutes running/three minutes walking
Week 5: Seven minutes running/three minutes walking
Week 6: Eight minutes running/two minutes walking
Week 7: Nine minutes running/one minute walking
Week 8: Thirteen minutes running/two minutes walking
Week 9: Fourteen minutes running/one minute walking
Week 10: Run the whole time

I'll be back before lunch to post todays run which will be later than normal, due to a heavy curry night!

06/03/2011 at 10:58
06/03/2011 at 12:28

That felt very good! A little tempted to run for longer but will stick with the plan! Need to slow up a little though, i'm running at almost race pace (for me anyway) as i feel so refreshed after each walk. I'm going to keep a record of my mileage too so i can see how i progress.

Tuesday 2 miles

Thursday 2.47

Sunday 2.4 miles

Week 6.87

Month 6.87

2011 6.87

06/03/2011 at 19:37

Isn't that Chi running a big rip off? I don't think i'm old enough for it yet anyway! As for podiatrrists i wouldn't be running if it wasn't for my insoles. Old football injuries, torn ankle ligaments, collapsed arches etc mean its extremely painful just walking without them.

08/03/2011 at 21:42

Decided to go straight to week two rather than repeat week one. A nice steady run along the canal tow path in the dark. It seemed to get dark very quickly today and i left my headtorch at home like an idiot. Still, it was nice just to run again and i'm really enjoying being back out there, even if i am having to reign myself in and keep it easy.

Week 2.4

Month 9.27

2011 9.27

09/03/2011 at 08:23


I am in the same boat.  I put a thread on earlier this week as I was getting nowhere with my run/walk schedule.  I have been told I was doing the run bits too fast so last night I did one min run (very, slowly, probably my walk breaks were quicker) and 90 seconds walk.  Did that for half an hour and felt fine when I got home.  My problem is I have about four stone to loose - I was getting so puffed out on the walk breaks I was really loosing heart.  Like you, I am returning to running, after a bad car accident which has laid me off for some time.

 Anyway, tonight I am going to the gym to do a Kettlebell (God help me) workout for the first time, I have been told its a bit calorie burner - decided not to join a slimming group but to just eat healthily and keep running.    I tried Chi running, I am probably not doing it right but I think I just need to get running for now, my goal is 30 mins not stop in eight weeks as per the schedule on RW.

Anyway Good luck, you are doing brilliantly, hope we can spur each other on

09/03/2011 at 12:59

Can I please join in here - had a bit of a health scare over Xmas - but tests revealed nothing sinister but the doctor said weight may be a factor as I was 13 stone - probably 2 stone over weight.

I started on the 31st December as did not want to think of it as a new year resolution and started on the beginners 5K schedule -  I adapted it a bit as I I found anything longer than a minute was to long - so I chose to run a minute run minute walk ten times in the first week, increased the run time to 2 minutes (6 times) with a minute walk and then increased the running time each week until I reached 5 minutes off a minute recovery - I then started to reduce the recovery time from a minute down to 45 seconds then 30 until the recovery was down to nothing and am 'running' non stop for 21 minutes (this morning) - do slightly longer on a sunday but have been doing that as a pyramid, ie 1 minute run 1 walk then 2 run 3 run 4 run etc then back down again - all of which takes about 30 minutes.

Have agreed to run the Braintree 5 mile race at the end of this month which I am looking forward to as I am running as part of a works team (also running round with my 18 yo nephew which is a big thrill for me) have told him not to wait for me but he said he would!!  

The weight is coming off - don't know how much I have lost,  but the suit I bought after christmas which was tight is now loose so am pleased with that -

And for the first time for a long time I am actually starting to feel good about myself!!

Sorry just wanted to share all of that

09/03/2011 at 15:54

Well done - I am so impatient to be able to get back to where I was a few years ago, done loads of half marathons and 10ks, I was never very quick but now I can't even run for two minutes.  Yesterday I felt better than I have for ages after putting a thread on these forums and someone advised me to do the very basic traing - I've decided I have nothing to loose but the weight.

 Grendel I think you've done really well, hope I can do as good. 

09/03/2011 at 16:34

Thanks Marja - have only just started to run again after 12 years - last race was in May 1999 so I am a complete beginner - have done loads of races in the past so find it quite tough to realise that I can't do the same sort of times distances etc - still took the decision that I am a complete beginner, albeit with a bit more knowledge  and started again!!!

SO good luck Marja

09/03/2011 at 16:44

Thanks - I think part of my trouble (I've been trying to get back on track for about six weeks now) has been that I havent acknowledged that I am now a complete beginner again, I kept getting very frustrated at not being able to run, just kept thinking how can it be that I cant run for one minute without being unable to breathe when I've done all the races in the past?  I just couldnt get my head round it, sounds completely stupid I know.  The fact that I have put on two and a half stone didnt seem to enter my silly head!.  Anyway, I am taking the slow but sure route now, not running every day but trying to cross train or at least walk every day, trying to run four times a week.

We will have to help each other, its great to know that we are not alone!  All my ex training partners keep offering to run with me again but I think I will go it alone until I can at least run for twenty minutes without stopping.

09/03/2011 at 21:59

Not even thinking about running with anyone - tried to keep up with a runner who 12 years ago I could have matched stride for stride but no chance - but I am running which is the main thing and the weight coming off - I'm sure if you take it easy and keep being motivated it will come back - am currently 'running' everyday (notice the commas on running) but not to far am up to 21 minutes non stop and am looking forward to the 5 mile race on the 27th March - also the Essex 5 mile championships so it will be nice to bump into some of the guys I used to know!!

Anyway nice to know other people out there in the same boat!!! 

11/03/2011 at 23:23

Hi Marja and Grendel, welcome to the thread. I think its a little easier when there are others in the same boat to encourage you so lets hope we're all reaching our running (and weight) goals asap! Hope the kettlebell session went well Marja. Congratulations on the weight loss Grendel, i'm slowly getting back into shape myself, about another half a stone and i'll be very happy.

Went for a nice steady run this afternoon after work with my wife cycling next to me. She's currently injured and not a happy bunny! I know how she feels watching others run, its very depressing. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed my run and looking forward to Sunday already.

Week 4.87

Month 11.74

2011 11.74

11/03/2011 at 23:30

Just run

no, your not mad, just trying to improve your lifestyle like all of us

running has made me fit and happy

good luck always

12/03/2011 at 13:28
cheers Mick, as always you are an inspiration to us all! Its people like you that encourage a lot of us to take up this sport. I can never think of a single reason to miss a run when i see what some people go through just to get out of the door!
12/03/2011 at 14:09

Hi Folks..... Would like to join in on this thread as I appear to be in the same boat as the rest of you.

Started running again after a fifteen year gap after hitting fifty and getting a Garmin 305 for christmas (by choice), also a runner had just started working were I work, and talking about it stirred something up inside.....

In 1996 I would have been classed as a decent runner, but after picking up a calf injury which seemed to get worse with treatment, I just lost interest, having been running for sixteen years, improvement had stopped and running was becoming a chore........

Back to today..... I'm consantly having having to change my training programme due to niggle's and soreness, and have had to change my expectations dramatically, these are things I would never have done in the past... But, am starting to enjoy it, have found my level, and fingers crossed I'll be able to compete at that level......

JR, great to read your threads, but something I've just learn't in recent weeks, your programme is not written in stone, and listen to your body..... Shit I must be getting old........

12/03/2011 at 20:27

Good evening all,

 I too would like to join this thread. We all have the same common background in that we could all run before and for various reasons are back here at the beginning.

I have recently started a walk/run programme which initially felt frustrating. It is easy to remember a time when running was easy and I couldn't understand why everyone didn't do it. Fast forward 10 years and I am having another go!

A word of caution, I had this same idea about 15 months ago. It started "well" because I pushed myself with memories of the "old days". This inevitably led to injury on both my knees which knocked me out of action long enough for me to lose motivation.

Therefore I suggest listening very closely to your body. However tempted you are to make rapid progress it is a known fact that aerobic fitness will increase faster than muscle strength and joint adaption. This WILL lead to injury and you could be sidelined for some time.

Be flexable in your training plan. Treat all aches and pains immediately and rest where necessary. Like I said, I learned this lesson the hard way.

Currently I am on week 9 of my training and taking it slow. I can run for 20 mins non stop without difficulty but stick to 5minutes and 2 minute walk. This helps me concentrate on form, train longer and reduces risk of injury. I train safe in the knowledge that this gradual progression will help maintain my motivation and leave me injury free (hopefully)

Good luck everyone!! I would love this thread to survive and evolve as everyone here regains there fitness.

12/03/2011 at 20:34
Got out this morning and did 21 minutes (wow - there was a time when 20 meant miles!!) but am beginning to feel quite good about myself now am going to do 30 minutes tomorrow and have a mental target of sub 50 minutes for my 5 mile 'race' in two weeks time!! my last 5 mile race was 12 years ago and ran just over 29 minutes - but am being realistic. And as always Mick thanks for the words of advice - I think having hung around on here for a few years I am now on here as a runner!!!!
12/03/2011 at 21:20

you know folkes

we are all getting older it's that simple, i'm not the man i was, i doubt i'll find my peak PB's of 2006 again

oh, i or we can go out there nad have fun, and some days battle with it, course i can

but there comes a time when just enjoyment is what matters


ok , it was 20 miuntes, thre was a time when it was 20 miles-

yes friend your right, - but i'm the same- i could at one time, depending on the diary and my time - say 40 weeks avaible to compete and complete 56 events

There was a time when i could leave my wife over night or for a weekend and go take phil on double events, but no longer sadly - she too sick for that

so times change, and i've accepted that - its a bitter bullet to bite but i'm coping better accepting it 

12/03/2011 at 22:23
You continue to inspire us  Mick
13/03/2011 at 11:26

Welcome Bluenose74 and Addy, thanks for the advice, i am not very good at taking it like most runners but hopefully some will sink in and i won't go pushing it too soon.

Sunday 13 March

3 minutes run, 3 minutes walk - 30 minutes total. 2.55 miles

 Nice steady run along the canal again, lovely and sunny this morning! My form seems to be improving now, and i'm finding that constant, steady pace easy to maintain. NOT getting carried away though, and always listening to my body. If i do start to feel any twinges etc then i'll take it easy, treat the problem, cut my running time/mileage in half and if needs be take a step back. I want to return to running long term and i'm fed up with injuries so don't intend to get any through my own bloody mindedness.

Week 7.42

Month 14.29

2011 14.29

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