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08/06/2013 at 20:18

Enjoy! I've been doing something similar, pushing distance

11/06/2013 at 20:46

Didn't do very well at steady run!  I managed 12 minutes and had to walk!  But then I repeated it today and managed a bit more - up to 15 minutes so I'm going to repeat day 1 till I crack it!

Had a not very nice time at Parkrun on Saturday, not at all sure I'll go again...

12/06/2013 at 06:51

Why was the parkrun bad?  I've only been twice but it was good both times.  

12/06/2013 at 12:15

Oh, well, I was having a short walking break and put my hand to my side - I didn't have a stitch - but a group of blokes came past me and one bellowed at me "YOU RUN THROUGH IT".  I imagine he thought he was being encouraging but it really wasn't, I found it intimidating, unhelpful and uncomfortable.  He's not my personal trainer!  It made me angry, but not in an "I'll show him" way, it made me feel unwelcome and shouted at.  

And then I got stuck in a group - I wasn't with them, they were just all around me and I got confused - so was funnelled off to the third lap too early.  So I have had to email them to ask them to delete my time because I didn't complete the full distance.  And the person I spoke to wasn't very helpful, she just said "Oh well, if you were following the person in front I'm sure it was fine" um, no, not if they've  lapped you!

Other people were friendly and helpful, but I didn't really enjoy it, it would appear I prefer running alone at the moment.  

It ruined most of my day actually.

12/06/2013 at 19:27

Aw, that's a shame.  Sounds like they all take it much too seriously.  I hate it when you want to tell someone something because they've misunderstood you, but you never will be able to.  And three laps would confuse me even if there wasn't a group round me.  We only do two, even I can count up to two.  Though apparently people still get it wrong!

Is there another one you can go to to expunge the shame?

12/06/2013 at 20:50

Not near me Mad4, no.  This is one I can walk to so it would have been ideal.  

The more I think about it the more I realise that I didn't really click with it as an event!  I just didn't like the pressure of having to get round in a certain time and I don't give a fig for all that one-upmanship in terms of PBs and stuff - my biggest challenger is myself, I don't care how I stack up against someone else!

Also I knew I was going to be slow, but having all those other people lapping me was quite dispiriting, it didn't make me want to do better or improve, it made me feel useless and like a lumbering plodder.  I mean, I am a lumbering plodder, but I don't need 400 other people reminding me of that fact!

I really don't like repeated loops, it bores me silly, I always make my own routes to be one long loop, it gives me variety, I can break it up into sections and can stave off the boredom much more easily!

In all, I don't think it's for me...


12/06/2013 at 20:59

There's only a short stretch on ours where you can get lapped, I think.  It makes my brain hurt every time trying to work out if it's possible to get lapped elsewhere.  But unless you were last, there was someone else you didn't need to feel dispirited by!  Still, horses for courses, at least it's free so it hasn't cost you anything finding out!  Maybe after a month or two you'll feel like trying again.  I've started to recognise people after a few runs, and say hello, it's nice.



18/06/2013 at 15:11

Hi ladies! Can i join in? I used to run a couple of years ago then had an injury plus a new relationship and two stone heavier later I am starting again. I started the C25k plan with a friend at the end of April, had to take two weeks out after getting hip bursitis (major ouch) but graduated the plan last week and and have a couple of 3 milers since then. I have registered to run the Edinburgh half marathon next May and would like to do the Glasgow MoRun 10k in November. Also contemplating my local Parkrun this Saturday before I go off on my hols for a week (fear not, I am taking my running kit with me) but not sure I'm brave enough yet!

18/06/2013 at 21:22

Hello MissDreamer!  Slip off your runners and pull up a chair!

I went out again today after not running at all since Thursday.  After some advice from another thread I've decided not to focus on getting to 10k at the moment - I was really failing at it so I'm quite relieved! - but to try and consolidate my current 5k distance and times before I do anything else.  And so that's what I did today and I did much better, actually ran for 25 minutes, walked for 15 and did 4.5k.

20/06/2013 at 13:31

Goodness, I was tired this morning!  I think I was restless in the night and I've got a shoulder problem, but I went for a short-ish run anyway, did 3.75k, and it was all done by 9.30, so I feel nice and virtuous!  

No opportunity to do anything tomorrow as I'm going to a conference/workshop thingy but there's always the weekend!

21/06/2013 at 21:28

oh poo..sommat amis as not had notifications of posts so just thought you were being as crap as me & not doing much/not posting lol!!!

My running has been ZERO the last month. May do park run tom but lie in may win!! Training starting in earnest next week as 10k not that far away & there is a tad panic!!!

Welcome Miss Dreamer...welcome any time

re Park run some do take it VERY seriously (as with running clubs) but just go at your own pace, follow you & noone else and try better your own time rather than worrying what others are doing. In all sports there will always be people who take it very seriously but try be secure in your ability to plod...

So new rules apply in the ecclectic wine on week days; training at LEAST 3 nights a week while also accepting that its going to be a struggle

22/06/2013 at 20:10

I got a PB in the park run this morning, probably because I was rushing to get home for the bloke was supposed to be coming to quote for a new bathroom.  And as it turned out he had got the time wrong (HE had got it wrong, I insist, why would I make an appointment for when I'm half an hour away running round the park??).

But the park was looking lovely and I annoyed my fellow runners by going "ooh, look everyone, common spotted orchids!"

It's my big race next Sunday (all 2.5 miles of it) so that was my last "fast" run til then!

23/06/2013 at 11:35

Yay well done morris! Which race are you doing next week?

I did 1.5 miles walk run yesterday Not bad after a month off. Meeting a colleague after work tomorrow for a run straight from work. There are a few of us doing the 1/2 now so will all help each other along the way!


23/06/2013 at 15:52

Anyone who has Nike Plus and wants some extra motivation, add me ! 

24/06/2013 at 14:43

I managed to get out again today and knocked out 4.5k, which I am pleased with.  I've had so much going on in the last couple of weeks it's been hard to find the time - and I can't go in the evenings as the husb often works late shifts so there's no-one to child-care for me.

But I have my plans for the week and should be able to get out 3 times which will be good and hopefully can get a gym session or two in as well...

I don't mind running in the rain, it's the heat I can't cope with!

19/07/2013 at 07:44

Hello ..anyone still there?? Had a busy month with little running... Too hot apart felse anything else. My mums also been in hospital but thankfully had a lively week off the week before so coped ok. How are people doing? Better than me I hope?!! Time to get to it!

20/07/2013 at 17:18

I am the 13th fastest woman in the village (over 2.5 miles anyway) and proud of it, had a bit of a rest now trying to work up to 10k but difficult when it's so hot.  Did 7k a couple of nights ago and boy did my legs feel funny when I slowed to a walk to cool down!  There is a 10k race at the end of September near here I am hankering after but it's very hilly!


20/07/2013 at 17:27

Wow sounds like youre going great guns there! Well done. Could it be you are running out of fuel? Try those gel packs and see if that makes a difference....Go to run tomorrow and start a proper routine...10k is 10 August and its going to be a mega struggle! My own fault for being totally crap but hey ho...mine you if its really hot Im not doing it and am debating treatmill at aircon gym...

21/07/2013 at 18:57

No, I used to come staggering in the house after running quarter of a mile round the block and there's no way that was "running out of fuel and need a gel pack", it's just a matter of getting used to it!  Gel packs, pfah.  Might stretch to a spoonful of extract of malt.

You just have to get out there and do it, then you'll know you can and make yourself carry on when the race comes.

13/08/2013 at 21:12

whoop whoop...done a 10k...could barely walk after and came in last but I did it!! yay! 1 he 47...


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