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Oh Plod-e oh Plod-r life plods on.....

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18/05/2003 at 14:17
Welsh Poppy that's a fantastic time for your first 5k - well done :-)
18/05/2003 at 14:21
Hello hello! Well done Welsh Poppy.

I survived Hook - it was very nice actually, better than I thought. Really good organisation, and I met Gavo there too (who unfortunately was number 666!)

OI Reindeer!!! What are you doing over here?
18/05/2003 at 14:22
So how did you do Smitch?
18/05/2003 at 15:23
Hi there and blinking well done Welsh Poppy!! :-o

I've posted this already on another thread but hope you'll forgive me for repeating myself 'cos I'm a bit EXCITED!!! Ran my R4L this morning (Belfast) in 31m 25s which is about 3 minutes faster than ever managed before. Was big long hill on this route too, but meant there was an equally long downhill bit afterwards and really took advantage of that to make up time. Glad I finished when I did 'cos the heavens opened about 15 minutes later and we got absolutely (more) soaked sprinting back to the car. stop 10k in about 4 weeks then!

Oh...have to go to tkd class in about 45 mins too though - wonder if instructor will take pity on me if tell him I've just run race...
18/05/2003 at 17:32
I have a literal pain in the bottom. Just where the bone ends (is it the coxic or something?) ouch.
18/05/2003 at 17:52
Ouch - poor you Smitch :(

It's the coccyx.

I've never heard of this as a running injury - if it were a bit to the side then it might be a piriformis type thing.
18/05/2003 at 18:09
Welsh Poppy Way to g, 22 mins fantastic time. I just found out that I run about a 12 minute mile :-( so you run approximatly twice as fast as me!

Fiona G well done you, brilliant

18/05/2003 at 18:44
Back from hols. Didn't get any running in but did do some walking (mainly carrying Alexander on my shoulders) will get plodding tommorrow as I need to loosten up after 7 1/2 hours in the Car.

A week without running would have been hell if we hadn't been so busy. I'm sure 3 miles along cliff paths carrying a two year old must have been reasonable training.
18/05/2003 at 20:35
Welsh Poppy and Fiona G - well done in your races.

I did Chester halfmarathon today in yet another personal worst of 2:21.

Once upon a time I would have been "gutted". I would have sulked for Britain. I would have communicated with my long-suffering and infinitely supportive husband by hissing and spitting at him all week - but things have changed -

Since I began talking with other plodders on this thread I seem to have become a better human being - I was mildly disappointed, I congratulated myself on taking part and finishing (only got a cr@p Tshirt though - where's mi medal?) and I told my better half how much I appreciated him driving 40 miles to see me puffing home around Chester racecourse.

Thanks guys, you've changed my outlook on running, and made life easier for a runner's husband as a side-effect.

18/05/2003 at 21:10
Evening all,
Sounds as if you all had a productive day! I made it to the Hyde Park - sorry I didn't find you; I was with a friend who was a bit nervous so we didn't strike out to look for anyone.
But the good news is that I have a new pb for 10k (6.2miles as it apparently was) of 53 mins - I'M SO HAPPEEEE! And my friend did it in 60 mins, for which she is vvvv happy too coz she's not a runner and was expecting to take quite some time over it.
Sorry to hear you didn't make it 3TL, but well done everyone, racers or plodders.
18/05/2003 at 21:57
EP, we'll have to see!! I am still fighting you for it, I have a 10 mile race but not til July..... oh no, just checked & it's June! perhaps we'll see at Windsor....

Welsh Poppy, wow that was fast! also Twist, Fiona and Lynne, well done.

3TL hope you enjoyed your day off or did you get to the gym? I have no room to talk, great BBQ etc

Smitch, are you ok? Hope you are sitting on a cushion....

18/05/2003 at 22:19
Evening everyone, well done to all you racers.. I did my R4l today in Harlow and the weather was a bit poor, rain during race. the worst part was all the hills and my legs just didnt seem to have any go in them. I also got a stitch and felt sick...I think its because i ate croissants before running, will stick to porridge for next weeks 10k. I took 33 mins which i was a bit disapointed in as I took 35 last year and had hardly run then.

Im blaming the moonwalk last weekend and the fact that Ive not really run much for a while.

But at least i beat nearly all the teachers at my sons school...oh dear thats not the point is it?

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