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18/07/2006 at 08:57
Hi there Em.

Sounds like a good group of INSPIRE runners at the GNR!
18/07/2006 at 08:58
Morning all and well done to all the runners! Fab in this heat.

I got up this am and my back is really sore. Got an appointment with the physio this afternoon so hopefully he will be able to sort me out.

Got a new mountain bike on Saturday and spent most of the weekend plodding around on that (probably overdid it). Its really fun though.

Circuit training tonight, I need to go for the core strength work.

Y'all have a good day :-)
18/07/2006 at 08:58
I'm off now- for real! Have a great day everyone
18/07/2006 at 09:01
Oooh, forgot to say. My target races are Wedding Day 7k on 28th July and <whispers> the New York Marathon in November <gulp>
18/07/2006 at 09:01
thanks for the comments, yes allie thats what i get its only on the last hill 5 mins from home!, this morning i resorted to shouting at myself! bit crazy i know, i may have to take up talking to mr running head!

hello and welcome happychap!
18/07/2006 at 09:03
i meant UKY in that post about the crazyness! lol. happychap a mara in novemeber wow! hows the training?
18/07/2006 at 09:03
You have some good targets there Happy...OTH will put them on the list. (boy, is she gonna be busy!)
18/07/2006 at 09:39
Happychap - Welcome.

Hope all goes well with the physio this afternoon. Good luck with the training for your runs.

What's the wedding day run? Ooh, that's next week isn't it. Good luck for that!
18/07/2006 at 09:55
Hi folks,

Well, my training didnt materialise last night. Had to go and buy tiles for decorating kitchen straight after work, and after that we ended up buying a new car!

Can I have OTH's crown for impulse buying?????

To be honest, we had talked about it for ages as the Fiesta isnt big enough for our growing family (and its falling to bits), so its no great surprise that we snapped up a Picasso considering the deal they gave us.

Deffo off out tonight though.

Good running peeps. Big shout to Allie for racing in this heat.
18/07/2006 at 09:56
Well done Jules, good running, keep going.
UKY _ You are fairly the early bird !!
That was a good run, feeling good ?
Allie - i agree with EM sentiments, bloomin fantastic !!
Dan - wow mate you are coming on leaps and bounds !! watch you don't over do it !!
Happy Chap - Glad you've joined us, good luck in training for the big one.
i did one last month, it was hard, worth it !!

Allie - we're staying in the Premier Travel inn Airport. We travel down on Friday.
18/07/2006 at 09:56
Wow - fattyonadiet your time for 5K with the run 15m walk 1m is REALLY GOOD!! I was doing the run walk program until I did my first 5K race in June then I managed to run the whole way - was so chuffed with myself. Actually its not really running more a slow jog but definitely not walking!! Have managed to keep with the running and have now built up to 35mins!! Know what you mean about the hills - definitely mind over matter. I keep telling myself how good I will feel on the way down - sometimes works! I also tend to feel awful for the first 5 mins until my body accepts that I want to run - then I seem to get into a rhythm (is that the right spelling?). Anyone else get the same thing?
18/07/2006 at 09:58
Beaker - i had a silmilar run on Sun night..toiled for the first few miles, then got my rhythm. You're doing well Beaker !
18/07/2006 at 09:58
I was thinking...

Sorry if this sounds a bit overkill, but for those people doing mass participation events (read GNR), how about getting plain white t-shirts and some fabric pens, and making your own club shirt. Perhaps just the word INSPIRE across the front, and maybe the URL of this thread across the back.

If anyone is remotely arty, they might be able to come up with something that looks nice too though.
18/07/2006 at 10:03
I used to get that all the time Beaker! Every time I went out I would think...'hell, why am I doing this?' for the first two or three mins, I would say to myself, 'no-one will know if I just have a nice walk instead...just me and my dog in the woods...'
This bloomin lot kept me going through that, every time! (thanks ya!) Plus Mart (hubby) told me I was going off too fast. I always start with my very best slowest snails pace these days, and that feeling of wanting to stop has long gone.
18/07/2006 at 10:03
So we already have some new entries on the race list ... excellent. Will bring forward shortly.

Morgs - do you want me to add your GNR ??

Great run this morning UKY ... mornings really do suit you don't they. I can barely raise my eyes to see my clock at that time of the morning!! Well done.

Hotfeet - Excellent news about the knee today ... do rest up today though, you need to make sure it has time to continue 'repairing'.

Happy - Wow ... NY Mara! What a buzz. Hmmmm, might have to come over to support you (how about it Em .. there's also a couple of little shops there I believe!). In the meantime be careful not to overdo it whilst back is sore - better to rest up more now than have bigger problems later :-)

Allie - you really did well last night, especially with such a short time between the two races. You're going great guns :-)

Dan - 5mins off PB in 2 weeks? That's amazing. I can't see you not keeping this up back at Uni ... you've come too far now :-)

Hi Beaker - I've heard a lot of people say te first 5min running is the hardest. I guess I'll be having problems for a very long time then seeing's as I can't even run 5mins yet!! From this I gather I should be tellig myself it is definitely going to get easier as soon as I break that barrier .. it might spur me on.
18/07/2006 at 10:05
LOL Mykey...good idea. I think there is an some kind of runners world forumite t-shirt in existance so we can see fellow forumites at events? I might be wrong...Hecks? David?
18/07/2006 at 10:05
Hello everyone,

I’ve been posting on this site for over 18months and you’ll usually find me in the 'film review' thread or Cannycrack the Geordie language society thread.

I’d really like to become a regular poster on a running related thread but have always been unwilling to join in on a thread where everyone seems know each other really well, as I didn’t wish to seem intrusive. I’ve decided to introduce myself on this thread as I’m up against a bit of a challenge and I’d like some space to talk about my eventual victory over this challenge and hopefully it will inspire others(more about this later)

A little bit about me.

I’m 46 year old male and live in Northumberland. I’ve done many different jobs but at this time of my life I’m working as a lecturer FE/HE.

I’m not a novice runner and have been involved in physical fitness since my early teens, been a forces PT instructor and have worked in the industry as a personal trainer. I was running marathons until 2002 when I lapsed into domesticity and debauchery (or was it the other way around?) and did no exercise for at least 18 months and trebled my alcohol intake. The result I put on five stone in weight (12 stone to 17stone).

I’ve been putting this right for the past 12 months and am running up to 30-40 miles per week and am slowly (very slowly) getting back to the old me.

My Challenge

About four years ago my heart went into an irregular rhythm beating very quickly and then slowing, this went on for about an hour. It happened again three months later and then again. After a shoulder replacement op two years ago it happened whilst I was under the knife and in recovery and it was diagnosed as AF (atrial fibrillation). Since then the attacks have become more frequent and longer (I’m having one now) lasting up to 20 hours sometimes three or four times a week RHR from 45-190bpm. I’m being treated with drugs and hopefully I’ll be having an op shortly to try and put this right (catheter ablation).

I’m going to beat this condition into submission, (with the help of my friends in medicine) I’m going to run the Great North Run in October and a marathon in Spring 2007 and I’m going to tell you how I did it and trying not to sound presumptuous and pompous, hopefully it will inspire one or two people.

One day something is going to ‘get’ me, but it won’t be today and it won’t be AF.

Finally, I’ve been here before. As a child I was hospitalised with asthma on more than one occasion. At the age of 12 My GP a Polish doctor and very dear family friend took me to one side at a family Xmas party and told me to ‘never ever give in to this illness, play football with the other boys, go swimming and run RUN…’ I took his advice and at the age of 16 I was school cross country 1500 meters and 800 meters champion and was symptom free from 17 until I was in my mid 30’s (well controlled)

I apologise for the length of this post (my others won’t be this long honestly!) and I look forward to swapping inspiration with you.

18/07/2006 at 10:06
Might have to rethink my target of running the Dunnerdale Fell Race. I have just looked at the appropriate OS map, and it looks like although the race is a reasonable 5 miles long, those 5 miles manage to cram in nearly 2,000 feet of ascent!!!

Got the date wrong too, turns out its not such a good weekend for me (our baby is due the week after). Might look at doing the Coniston leg of the Puma Trailfox Lakeland Series instead. Just as scenic, but hopefully a bit easier. Longer though.
18/07/2006 at 10:06
Thanks guys nice to get some feedback. Talking of morning runs - just can't do it! I am definitely an evening girl. My friend at work runs in the mornings but when I try I just feel crap all the way round! Well more crap than normal anyway. Think I definitely need food for energy a couple of hours before I run and there is NO WAY I am getting up even earlier than 6.30 just to have something to eat. AAAGH! OTH do you want to put my 5K Chicks Chase in MK on your list for next Thursday night? July 27th 7.30pm
18/07/2006 at 10:07
oohh...ofiicial supporters club...breakfast at Tiffany's?????

Put me down for that OTH!!!

Well I am also supporting in Newcastle and Cardiff...would be rude to miss out others just because they are a little further afield!!!
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