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18/06/2009 at 18:12

how's the oboe tootling gloing Parddu?

I do admire you for going back to it - too hard for me!

18/06/2009 at 18:14


that settles it

a continuous thread would give us more practise at totps

18/06/2009 at 18:39
Oboe is going fair to middling - am awaiting an audition date for the Access course at the College of Music and Drama but oboe is busy being temperamental (nothing new there) and needs an overhaul but I don 't want to send it to be overhauled in case I get an audition date all of a sudden.
18/06/2009 at 18:42

yeah they're pesky little blighters like that

if you don't oil their springs and tighten the screws they start popping pads in protest

good luck for the audition

18/06/2009 at 20:16
rather unfocussed and failing to pack for Aged M here
18/06/2009 at 20:22

huh?? totally lost track of this thread now (scratches head...)

supposed ro plod tonight but going out instead

18/06/2009 at 20:27

take it steady, flr

enjoy yourself Mrs W

don't worry - there are times when I haven't a scooby what's going on here

oboe maintenance is far from the most eccentric thing discussed

18/06/2009 at 20:41
why am I looking at races after 2 plods?
18/06/2009 at 22:52
g'night x
18/06/2009 at 22:58

hmm, white wine spritzer, garlic bread and lots of meringue for pudding not exactly diet food..

never mind - night all!

18/06/2009 at 23:29

I'm quite happy with a "yes" as well

Same thread tomorrow then?

19/06/2009 at 06:29


we'll carry on then if we're all agreed?

19/06/2009 at 06:30

and how come Mike's posting from jail


they get everything these days

'Dear D**ly M**l...'

19/06/2009 at 07:10

I vote yes!  Morning all.  Cross-trainer done; now drinking tea.

Sass xx

19/06/2009 at 07:17


Womble is getting plastered

but sends her love to all

19/06/2009 at 07:18

and love to her too

still going strong?

19/06/2009 at 07:31

plastered? eek

mwah Sass and Mrs Womble and boyz

19/06/2009 at 07:58
think i'm w88king with lovely former team leader today
19/06/2009 at 08:11
I'm slaving away till 7 and then going for swimming lesson. This is not a good idea as it's my turn to w**k tomorrow and I'm playing the organ on Sunday. It's all or nothing chez Parddu.
19/06/2009 at 10:12

Morning all.

Been for a brief plod and now sitting at w**K eating birthday cake

Mrs W

21 to 40 of 5,833 messages
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