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Irreverant chat and daily training

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09/09/2011 at 10:47
OK, a rubbish TOTP be mot step worthy, given its subject matter
09/09/2011 at 11:27

Funnily enough, her feet turn in slightly, like her mum.

Do ASICS do newborn shoes?

Hope so, coz we have entered her in the Robin Hood Half on Sunday!

12/09/2011 at 09:35
Now dan dan, you are an experienced runner you know that a half as a first race is a bad idea. Start her with the 5K or she'll get shin splints.
12/09/2011 at 11:38

Cant help but be ambitious for her!

She did her first 10k instead yesterday.






 She was very good at it!

12/09/2011 at 13:04
adorable - did dan dan really refer to himself in the 3rd person as daddy?
12/09/2011 at 13:05
I suppose new parent pride allows such things
12/09/2011 at 13:53
Daddy did indeed say that!
12/09/2011 at 16:05

is the B&W pic really you as a baby?

13/09/2011 at 23:34
Aren't we due some new piccies of the blonde bombshell?
14/09/2011 at 07:44
yes she may have GROWN - actually take them ages to regain their birthweight?
14/09/2011 at 13:15
ah no wonder I didn't recall posting that - cos it was DULL
14/09/2011 at 20:59

HIya. Yeah, that was me as a baby.

New pics...just sorting some out, Wimbley Wombley!

14/09/2011 at 23:50
She's not bad for a baby, really
16/09/2011 at 08:21

Morning Plodpals

Being a mum is just amazing


16/09/2011 at 11:39

Off to physio in a bit. Katie seems to have inherited my wappy ankles

18/09/2011 at 09:48
Nope! Just positional talipes. My wappy ankles remain uniquie.
18/09/2011 at 17:42

good good

I am throwing my toys out of the pram - Manling A is stropping about going back to uni, Aged M had a nasty (and veyr smelly) divirticulitis attack and is here still, and I am worn out and not coping

19/09/2011 at 08:40

((((flr)))) sounds stressful

Why doesn't Manling A want to go back? How's Aged M today?

Katie fast asleep at the mo. dan dan has gone back to work today  although my parents are visiting and will be here shortly

19/09/2011 at 16:52
Enjoyed Water Works this afternoon but no session next week - our lovely instructor and her colleagues are on an update course. Couldn't they have held it on another day?
19/09/2011 at 20:38
we missed out on a big one there
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