Too fat for proper sports gear!

A plea to sports gear makers !

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10/11/2009 at 16:42

Sigh ... yes .. I am too big for sports gear .. it's not that I am truly humungous .. just that in general sports clothes never seem to come in a size bigger than ladies 14-16 .. !! A range of disabilities mean I am rather (very) sedentary for much of the time .. I'd love to get a bit more energetic when I can .. but I'm well aware I should use a proper sports bra to get the right support .. and I have big problems with controlling my body temperature on a daily basis  .. I'd love to get some clothes that 'wick away' moisture and thus help keep you cooler ... and so that I don't look like a cooked lobster after 1-2 minutes gentle exercise .. !

We are constantly told to get mobile and exercise more .. obesity levels are almost at crisis point .. but exercise in what clothes .. my boobs assume a life of their own in 'ordinary' bras if I try and jiggle myself about in a vain attempt at jogging on the spot  .. apart from which it's very painful to have a larger than normal bustline and move about quickly .. and unless I stand right in front of a cooling fan, cheeks rippling, and hair scourging my back like a demented cat-o-nine-tails in the 50 mph wind, my blood pressure soon soars sky high from over heating as well as the unexpected exertion.

And I am sure we've all seen those poor unfortunate 'newbie' overweight runners doing their very best to begin a new life style by pounding up and down the pavements in their grey 'once white' baggy t-shirts and 'speedo fit' tennis shorts (well they fitted once, didn't they?) .. but that's all you can find to exercise in when you are overweight.

Because it seems sports gear is only made for already lithe and well toned athletes .. they have a huge choice of sports gear yet have no spare flesh to flop about in need of vital support ... 'fatties' get zilch help in the sports wear ranges but we are the ones most in need of proper control for our out of control bodies .... please will someone. somewhere start a market in proper sports gear for the 'obese athlete' .. if I could just get a proper control sports bra ... a t-shirt that helps keep me cooler .. I really think I wouldn't need to give up my exercise efforts so soon and surely even an extra minute of moving myself about would make a difference eventually  .. I know it would ..

10/11/2009 at 16:59

Don't know what to suggest with the bra hon but try men's tops - you should find they are made with a looser fit - I'm not that big but I'm much more comfy running in my OH's big baggy tops as they hide my bum!

I agree that a lot of sports gear is made for those who already  look sporty rather than those who aspire to be so! 

10/11/2009 at 17:15

I'm with Screamapillar. Get an XXL men's top - they fit me and I'm a size 22 (ish). Try boobydoo for bigger sports bras. I wear Nike XL running tights too (ladies - they're good and stretchy and give support).

It's hugely frustrating, I agree. There is US on the net to buy, if you can be bothered with the p&p.

There is definitely a gap in the market!

10/11/2009 at 17:22 sell sports bras up to 52HH in size, if that helps.
10/11/2009 at 17:42

Thank you every one ... clearly I have not looked in the right places ... thanks for the advice and sites to visit .. looking at those bras I almost feel petite ... there is hope for me yet ... I'll pop back and say how I got on .... !!

 And check for more ideas ... thanks all ..

cougie    pirate
10/11/2009 at 18:03
52HH !!!!
10/11/2009 at 18:06
Yes, the mind does boggle rather.
Rc.    pirate
10/11/2009 at 18:08
10/11/2009 at 18:14

Hi patootie

Have you tried Les Bounce for a bra?  I do know that Plodding Hippo use to wear mens wicking sport tops.

10/11/2009 at 18:31

Well, well .... now I can see how these sports ladies do sports and have immovable chests ... as a 'larger' busted lady I thought I knew a lot about bras ... but I've learned more in the last hour than I have in the last 15 years !

Compression ... that seems to be the secret ... got my eye on several really supportive looking bra's ... and now I am turning my thoughts towards some snazzy running tights .. my legs need help too .. and maybe with better support my leg muscles will carry me further ... !

It's all rather 'odd' really ... I'd never really given too much thought to clothing in conjunction with exercise or even general daily movement .. until I got a bit more active during this last year .. never too old to learn though .. and better late than never

And 52HH .. I agree ... wow ... that's a very 'healthy' size ... makes me feel somewhat 'petite' in comparison.

10/11/2009 at 21:10

I've tried buying size 20 gear (e.g. capri pants) for my wife to go cycling.

 The choice is very limited.

Yet you can get loads of men's XXL gear?

10/11/2009 at 22:30

Once upon a time womens small .. medium .. large etc sizing had at least 4 inches between the sizes .. now it's just 2 inches .. it's ridiculous .. because these days it means an XL size is just the equivalent of a size 16, and I have even seen a size 14 marked as XL recently.

I simply cannot understand the ludicrous sizing that womens clothes are given .. I once went into C&A to buy t-shirts .. on a rack all marked with the same size 16 (as I was then) .. I found t-shirts that had 10 inches difference in actual chest measurement from smallest to largest... right now in my wardrobe I have clothes in at least 4 different sizes yet they all measure the same .. that's stupid.

If they just gave the actual garment measurement in inches or cms .. we'd all know where we stand .. I know my measurements just as most women do .. if I buy a t-shirt I know exactly what I want .. if you want it tight fit you get 2" less than your actual size .. slim fit your size, loose fit 2" bigger and a baggy t-shirt 4" bigger .. it's that easy ..  no worries about how the designer has styled the garment .. no worries about how scrimped the makers have made the garment .. just think of how many less returns there would be .. sigh .. been campaigning for 'real' measurements for years... all the manufacturers agree .. they just won't flippin' do it .. !

And now the sizings seem to be getting just smaller and smaller .. yet in real terms many folks are just getting bigger and bigger .. manufacturers say they are still providing 'big' sizes .. well they might say XL XXL XXXL or whatever on the labels .. but they ain't BIG when you try them on !!

Last week I bought a pair of 'stretchy undies' .. you know those ones that lift, shape and slim all in one go .. actually they work briliantly .. but this pair was soooooooo tiny ... they looked like dolly clothes .. I've had this kind of garment before and I do know they have to be warmed and stretched prior to putting on ... but a pair of nix marked as size XXL wouldn't even go above my friends size 12 knees ..

But mens clothes ... well that's another story .. they haven't been messed about for years like us women .. although why shirts need to be bought just on your neck size has always puzzled me ..

10/11/2009 at 22:40
Running Kev wrote (see)

I've tried buying size 20 gear (e.g. capri pants) for my wife to go cycling.

 The choice is very limited.

Yet you can get loads of men's XXL gear?

I wanted a winter coat/jacket for when I go on my disability scooter ... I'd sent off for 3 womens jackets/coats but when they turned up they were really poor quality material, badly made and not really fit for purpose .. yet a mans jacket at half the price has turned out to be a real winner .. extremely well made with all seams double stitched .. really warm with a generously thick cosy lining .. much more stylish, it fits correctly and has loads of extra pockets and neat touches like velcro on the sleeve cuffs to stop the draft  ..

Come on girls .. it's time we got cross with ladies clothes manufatcurers and demanded better treatment ..

And yes .. my legging things will be mens .. mainly because they actually work out to be cheaper .. as well as having much more choice in my size !!

PS .. and now I have clambered down from my soapbox ... you will be glad to know

Edited: 10/11/2009 at 22:41
11/11/2009 at 12:26

Had the weirdest of dreams last night ... I was in a fantastic athletics stadium .. a proper running track .. floodlights .. loads of equipment to use .. and I was resplendent in all the flashiest of running gear ...

And even more amazingly I was doing a training session with the one and only Daley Thompson .. boy can that man run ...

But ... and I know it was only a dream ... when I woke up .. I just felt .. well ... fitter somehow .. and 'eager' to move myself about a bit more .. so maybe clothes are an important part of the 'mental' desire to get fitter .. as well being important part of trying to avoid getting muscle injuries etc .. the more I learn, the more I realise I need to learn more and more ..

Still .. at least my brain gets a full work out evey day .. thinking things through and trying to understand life and ail it's quirks and odd turns ...

11/11/2009 at 12:34

Hi Patootie, glad to hear you are feeling energetic ooh I used to love watching Daley Thompson at the Olympics..

I do find that new running clothes are motivational - I am planning on getting a new winter running jacket to encourage me to get out of the door now the weather is colder...

11/11/2009 at 12:37
New gear is definitely motivating (for me anyway). Wish it was cheaper, though.
11/11/2009 at 16:28
Ooh - nice dream
13/11/2009 at 19:06

I'm so pleased to have found this thread - as a larger lady myself it is so frustrating to try to go shopping and come away feeling like a fraud, demoralised and, sometimes, humiliated.  I went shopping for a jacket last winter that would be lightweight, windproof and showerproof.  I had been running for 2 and a half years, ahd belonged to a club for six months and lost over a stone.  When I told the man in the shop what I wanted he looked me up and down and asked: "Is it for walking?"  If I had wanted walking why would I have gone to a RUNNING shop?!!!  I then decided not to give that store my service so went to look online.  I emailed two branches of a well known running store and aksed them to order a particular jacket in my size (which was the incredibly large size 18!) and would I be obliged to have the jacket if they had ordered it even if I didn't want it? One of the two responded that they would order it for me but on condition that I would buy becauise they couldn't guarantee being able to sell that size if I didn't want it.  Apparently only small women shop at that store.  Like I say this can be humiliating, and I'm not really that big, nicle proportioned, some would call me curvy, not especially fat.  But, boy, those attitudes can make you feel so small.

 So, like I say, it's brilliant to have found this thread and find I am not alone in my frustratio and anguish (and that it's okay to buy to mens' clothes and not feel bad about it!)

13/11/2009 at 20:07

I'm finding the jacket thing a trial too. No stretch, y'see... I'm managing with my VLM red jacket of rejection but really fancied a Ron Hill flouro pink jacket, but alas, not in my size.

It is OK to buy men's gear, though be careful with full leg running tights - apparently if you are an XXL man, you also need to be at least 7ft! They bunched up round my ankles in most amusing fashion...

14/11/2009 at 18:26
Patootie {I hope you find stuff that is comfortable and fits and don't let it get you down (though your dream sounds great!). I am lucky to have asian genes and be small but I am actually an L and XL in Nike, Adidas, and Craft stuff! It's pretty outrageous. I met someone from Adidas once who told me that it's supposed to be tight. There is a difference between tight fitting and circulation restricting or simply not being able to get something above your knees. If anyone has any ideas on how we can make the manufacturers a little more realistic, then lets hear it. I feel a prolific lobbying campaign coming on.
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