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24/07/2006 at 14:29
Hi all - I'm hoping you can give me some advice, as I really am starting from complete scratch and I desperately need some help...

I'm overweight, and under-exercised. I haven't ran since school (89'), and not been to a gym for a couple of years, and even then just paid it lip service to be honest. A few things happened to me this past week and I've just thought "enough is enough". I need to get fit and sort my lifestyle out, as its shocking. Tales of takeaways and beer that I wont go into...clothes don't fit, "friends" have sly digs, I cant seem to do anything that requires the remotest of effort without feeling out of breath, can't get my arse out of bed in the mornings, get tired walking up stairs, the list is endless. I need to get into shape...

So I guess the first thing is admiting I have a problem - well there you have it - typing open-forum is just about as public as you get. OK I hid my name, but I'm ashamed - need to sort myself out before I'm that brave!! But I do admit I have a problem.

I dont really know where to start, and I like running, but I want to build up to that first - so I've been out and bought myself some exercise gear. Bought a magnetic bike, bought a rowing machine, and bought some weights. I figured no takeaways/beer for a few weeks and that'll pay for them anyway...trouble is, I'm clueless as to what to do really. I guess I'd like to build up to decent enjoyable running, but I should work on some of the flab first maybe?

My stats are <shudders>;

Male (yes its a crap name I chose!)
20st 7Lbs
46" waist
(do you need anything else?)

Thanks for listening...any/all advice very welcome!

24/07/2006 at 14:41
Hi Tank Girl (?)

You don't have to slim down before you start running. Try one of the run walk schedules on here - click on the 'training' tab at the top and have a look at the 30 minutes in 8 weeks schedule.

And don't worry - it may take more or less than 8 weeks - tailor it to you! If a week is difficult, repeat it until you feel ready to move on. And slowly is the key - I ran (actually, I still do...) just above walking pace, and this is the way to build it up.

This worked for me, and I'm about the same age as you, and was more overweight than I am now, and I completed a half marathon a year after I started running. (Okay, so it was twice as slow as the winners, but I never thought I'd be able to run that far, so i don't really care!)

Good luck - you'll be fine. Let us know how you get on.
24/07/2006 at 14:45
Hi there Tank girl (that did confuse me!)

Well done for making a start and admitting you need to do something - thats more than most people do:-)
Running is TOUGH if you're overweight - not that you need to be skinny to do it (I'm on the chunky side of more or less OK!), but it does put more strain on your joints and cardiovascular system if you're carrying excess weight.

Why not try just walking to start with, together with your bike and other things. It gets you from A to B so is easy to fit in, and will get you used to being on your feet. When you can walk comfortably and reasonably quickly for say 45 mins, start adding little jogs into the walk, for 30 secs at a time.
Then you can progress on to the beginners programmes on here which will really get you up and running:-)

Make sure you have some good shoes from a proper running shop (not JJB or any other high street store) before you start running though - will save you money and problems in the long run:-)

Finally - you'll find loads of support on here - just come in and chat, and don't worry about asking daft questions - we've all been there:-)

24/07/2006 at 14:57
Oops - bit of conflicting advice there from Loz and me.
It is fine to start running straightaway if you have no problems at the mo with walking - the weight isn't an issue...its just if you are really unfit and have difficulty walking for more than 15 mins or so (which sounds like is possible from your first post? - sorry if I've underestimated you:-)) then jumping straight in with the running is maybe too much to soon.

Hope that clears it up!
24/07/2006 at 15:02
Hi TG well your post is the first step in the right direction!

Both above have given good advice - do a mixture of both! Do one of the run/walk schedules (i'm doing one due to dodgy knees) then get out walking and cycling too!

Just do be careful to take your time and not overdo it - I hurt my knees by trying to do too much too soon.

Good luck!

25/07/2006 at 10:17
Hi all,

Thanks for your advice - its good to know I'm not alone...

Walking shouldn't be a problem - I have a dog, so I can take her out for nice long walks which isn't a problem. What I was thinking was getting in from work, having something to eat, exercising on the kit I've got, resting for a short while, then taking the dog out. Someone told me though that eating before exercise is bad? Which way would you guys do it?

While I'm at it, are there any training guides around for things like a rower or exercise bike? At the moment I'm just jumping on until I feel I've done enough, but I should probably try to follow a plan of some sort I guess?

25/07/2006 at 13:21
Hey Tank Girl

When I left Uni I weighed 21 stone and was really unfit and joint a gym for the first time. I started by not having a clue and was in and out within 1/2 an hour. I realised I wasn't working hard enough so I went out and bought a heart rate monitor. It really helped and the weight started to fall off. Machines I thought I was working hard on were hardly moving my BPM.

I used it in conjunction with the rowing machine and got up to some good times. The concept 2 website has training plans but they are a little hard to understand. I used the log they have and took great satisfaction in logging how many metres I'd done and moving up the rankings in the time trials.

My main tip is little and often. Get into an excercise mind set and eventully you miss it and feel guilty when you dont go.

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