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08/03/2013 at 17:18

i didn't measn to sound that park run isn't an achievement, that came across a bit rude! i love park run, i use it as my own test against myself, where as an 'event' is more of a race and challenge against others (to me) 

parkruns have been hard in this cold,it was minus 1 the last one i did  not fun early !!

i try to go most weeks but sometimes it clashes with my youngests netball league  - she comes first  on hobbies so i sacrifice mine  - they keep changing training times  - she was 10:30 -12 on sat , now she is in dividion team she trains 9- 10 - great ! no parkrun this season 


08/03/2013 at 18:28

Hi All,

As often or as little as you want maisie XcurlytwigX.

I don't have the confidence to the park runs, amy be in time I will.

I had a lousy nights sleep last night, and didn't do my 14 mile, losy weather again worse tommorrow. But I'm determined to get out and do that 14 miles even if cold and raining.

XcurlytwigX you are fine with the way it came across. Sounds like you have a busy lifestyle.

Have a pleasent evenning all.


08/03/2013 at 20:40
Hello all, I'm on the iPad so I have to firstly apologise for not being able to remember everyone's news, and secondly apologise for the inevitable typos.

I'm so impressed with us all. 10ks? 14ms? Wow!

I hope everyone is getting over the general sickness that is going around. My advice is to keep the running gear somewhere where you can see it but if you feel really ill, don't go out.

I'm so pleased I dropped back. I did a couple of week 6 runs again and just did a week 7 25 minute run which I really enjoyed. Just hard enough to be a challenge but I'm genuinelybfeelingblike it's something I can do.

It was however absolutely pouring down. I ran along the seafront again and it was relentless rain. I'm pleased I now run in a cap which keeps the rain from my face but I was soaked and I know the bus driver that drove through the huge puddle next to me did it on purpose.

2 weeks ago, a 30 minute run seemed like a painful thing that I would struggle with. Now, though it feels totally do-able.

Next one is Sunday. Watch this space !
08/03/2013 at 20:59

Hi all!

So, I'm a bit...'unfit'. Bit overweight (literally about 1/4st), but mainly just have no stamina whatsoever. Buuuut, I'm a bit fundraising mad (shaving my head on March 30th, 12 days after my 16th in aide of a local charity), and want to run 5k for charity...this year!
That's the other thing, I'm in Northern Ireland, any folks know of a 5k, preferably during the drizzly season we refer to as 'Summer'? 

Thanking youuuu!
M x

09/03/2013 at 07:52
Mooly !! Wow shaved head is brave , your young enough to get away with it and look trendy, my work wouldn't be impressed if I did it as an option lol my daughter shaved half her head when shecwas 14 (2 yrs ago) her school complained, silly school ! It looked very unique.
Charity work keeps you going and motivated , stamna comes with determination and practice
do they have parkruns on Saturday mornings near you ? They are 5k. Try the events tab above, I browsed the half marathons that way , to get a rough idea when/ where they are. Depends how far you can travel , or get someone to drive you?

Bella: I wish I had the sea for scenery, how lovely , cycle paths and lakes are okay , I'm 2 hrs from a sea front in any direction lol
09/03/2013 at 08:02
Sinbad, you can run 14 miles but not parkrun ? The most I have run is 13k which is about 8 miles.
Is it the crowds you don't like? There's usually 300 + at our parkruns , or is it the time element? I only race myself , well and the lads at work , but they beat me by 10 mins , but a girl can try lol
our course stats are between 17 mins and an hour each week , I can just scrape sub 30 with my PB of 28,
I am not going this morn as doing 10k tomorrow (how many times can I mention this lol)
the little one has netball training in a bit then cross country finals at 13:30, although I won't be suprised if it's cancelled again as it's rained non stop

and yes I am too busy , I work full time , I think I make a huge effort to cram in stuff on my days off and between shifts so my girls don't miss out , I could work part time but not afford their activities , or a lottery win would be good ,
tbh I'd get bored if wasn't busy
09/03/2013 at 08:17
Mooly, welcome. You will be fine with a 5k challenge by the summer. I wish I has started getting fit at your ages, as I wouldn't be 4stone over weight 20years later.

No idea on 5k races but the events list on this site is pretty comprehensive.

I'm in awe of the head shaving. That's quite something for someone of your age to do, for someone else. Well done.

I recommend downloading one of the many couch to 5km programmes (if you have an iPhone the zen labs app is pretty good) that are available. They take you from zero to hero in 8 weeks. Don't be afraid to repeat weeks now and again, I repeated weeks 6and 7 after taking a week off sick and I'm better than I ever was.

Look forward to reading about your success!
09/03/2013 at 09:57
I have found that the stamina comes very quickly. Was a size 20 last year and would have been a struggle to walk what I can now jog. Gym plus a sensible diet and now down to a 14 and after just a few weeks (and quitting the cigs) of running I feel much better. Was an excercisephobe before but now it's one of my fave things
09/03/2013 at 14:20

Hi All,

Runningbella I had that but with a car a few weeks back, its not nice. But well done for finishing your run, and that your starting to feel stronger.

Mooly I'm afraid I don't know of any off hand. There is a way on this site your suupposed to be able to find one, but I found it difficult to use. Try typing it in your search bar and see what happens. I'm impressed with your charity fund raising. Is it just one you  raise for or more?

XcurlytwigX I'm not very good in getting to know peoplle, its hard enough just getting to know people here. I'm glad you like being kept busy, but don't forget about your down time to.

Manx-Saskia I'm impressed, that's some going. I'm really pleased that being so determined for yoursef is paying off.

I managed 15 miles today wlking mainly in 5 hours. Its not fast but was my first time at that distance, and I struggled with the hills. XcurlytwigX sorry if I confused you, I was determined to do the distance for  the first time today. It was raining too runningbella, so I know how you feel today.

I will be honest. Ihave Post Traumatic Stress PTS from childhood trauma (I must stress not military). I struggle with groups, and forming long term routines, and with getting to know people. I'm also worried about slow times at Parkruns lol.

Enjoy your Saturday people.

09/03/2013 at 14:29

Evening all!   Welcome Stinky....  not the best name, but I will go with it!  Well done on getting out there!  33 minutes for your first effort is amazing and to cover that distance is impressive.  Well done.  I'm on Endomondo too and I love it!  If you PM me your name we can link up and cheer one another on!

Well done on entering the 10k Curley - respect!  Sub 60 sounds like a flippin dream!

Terpski - well done you!  4.25 in 30 mins sounds pretty good to me so well done.  Sounds like you are doing really well, but beware of the pain.  I did find I was getting really tight calves when I first started, but they eased after a few weeks. Take it easy and dont let yourself get injured, but be aware that it might be something which may ease after a few weeks.

maisie - it is hard when you are in a strange place and harder when you are sick.  I am away next weekend and want to keep my running schedule up, but the last time I was there I had that hellish run uphill which nearly killed me!  I have to see if there is another route I can do. But 34 is a great time.  I just did 5k in 34 something and I am bouncing off walls!  Actually, I am full of very rare roast beef and sprouts, so I stopped bouncing and am now lounging, but you know what I mean!

Right.  Early night for me. Happy running!

09/03/2013 at 17:12

Hi All,

I'm not sure of I'm getting everyones posts?

I just looked outside, its trying tosnow in West Yorkshire


09/03/2013 at 20:59
Warning !! This post contains serious parental bragging rights lol
my daughter was 4th in the X- country finals not sure of exact race amount entry , over a 100 girls - senior race (year 6) the primary schools in our city anyway
she loved it , only top 3 get medals, the sweet thing is she said age didn't mind not having a medal , she just loved being out the front
09/03/2013 at 21:02

Sinbad, the forum seems to be doing odd things.  My post from earlier in the week - last week even - has just appeared here..... !  Thats the second time its happened so no idea what caused it!

09/03/2013 at 21:03

Nice one curly!  

10/03/2013 at 14:02

boom 10k in the snow  - awesome fun , samshed my wish of sub 60, clock time was 55:03 , awaiting for chip time, its gotta be sub 55 with a clock time of that

OMG i am over the moon  - killer hill at the 9k mark too  - happy mothers day mums xxx 

10/03/2013 at 14:27

Hi all, 

Footling around putting off going out today ... watching terrible telly. Lurking round to forums as reading about running is the same as doing it, right?

Well done Curly. What's your next goal then?

Sinbad - I love the fact that you can be as sociable as you want or as, oh, what's the opposite? You can spend good time on your own while running. It gives what you want from it. I know I'm going to be pretty nervous my first race/parkrun, not because of time but just generally because it'll be a completely new situation. 

Just had my lunch now so that's another two hours or so of procrastinating about going out to come

10/03/2013 at 14:41

I'm not in school any more (long story!!!) so I don't need to worry about the head shaving- phew!!!  I raise for several charities but my main one is the local ex battery hen rescue- love it!
I've looked about for a local park run but there aren't any close enough Can't travel very far and relying on my mum for transport too. If there was one in Moira, it'd be ideal!!! Silly me, I was intending on doing the Lisburn 5k...until I realised that there was no Lisburn 5k at all, it was a figment of my imagination!!!  Oops! I'm a bit ditsy!

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace so if anyone knows of any good apps (free please, I'm skint!!!) I'd be huuuugelyyyyy grateful! 

Thanking you all
M x

10/03/2013 at 15:06

Hi Mooly, 

i don't have the same phone so no idea about the apps I'm afriad ... but can you dowload podcasts on to your phone? I used the NHS c25k podcasts which were absolutely fantastic. And free! Only drawback is that you can't play your own music but I preferred that as I didn't get distracted (the music on the podcasts is quite bland!

10/03/2013 at 15:08

I don't think I can get podcasts Thanks though!!!

10/03/2013 at 15:30

Ah, sorry. I know there's some apps but not sure for your phone or about cost ...

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