week six

There seems to suddenly be a lot more running in this week..

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24/08/2009 at 23:13
Like your style! Let me know how you get on!
26/08/2009 at 18:49
Hello Peeps its great to hear how other people get on.  I have been running a while so its hard to remember what starting out is like so its great to be able to see how everyone is progressing, my mum has just started to have a go at running.  We are up to run number 5 now taking a day rest between runs and she has progressed from 8 - 45second jogs with about 2mins walk to 12 - 1min 25sec jogs with 2mins walk recovery.  She has never run before and is enjoying the challenge and we are just taking each run as it comes.  I am really pleased for her and enjoying our runs together alot.  Keep up the good work will let you know how we get on.     
14/09/2009 at 23:25
I did this one and oh my gosh I can run 25 minutes without wanting to keel over. 5 minutes of stretching has helped me to run further for longer. I just completed the 5K Women's Challenge recently and ran for 33 minutes before I slowed down and power walked the rest. I finished 4 minutes faster than I did last year. It did, however, take me a whole week to recover. I did a run today and ran 25 minutes straight and feel so motivated to keep going until I can comfortably run 30 minutes three times a week. The ultimate aim for me is to run for 45 minutes and complete a 10K. I think this training programme is brilliant because I wasn't really a runner and didn't enjoy it until I came across this. I've been running for a year now and I feel great.
15/09/2009 at 13:03
I just did this, well 6 weeks of it, and then jumped into a 5km and did it in under 26 mins, I hadn't run for 4 years and it was really achieveable so I didnt get demotivated at any stage
15/09/2009 at 15:26
Well done for doing it under 26 minutes, that is excellent. Keep up the good work. How far do you run when you are training?
15/09/2009 at 15:44
Thankyou, well done to yourself too!!
I've only managed 4km in training so far, but I don't really have any interest in any longer distances than 5km, as I'm more built for speed than long distance. Its more about getting fit though than times and distance for me

good luck on completing a 10k
25/10/2009 at 22:31
I'm going to try starting this program from next week though may have to add an extra week at the beginning due to being really unfit.
26/10/2009 at 00:30
You will do it Ruth. You may find that you can still do it in 8 weeks. and when you run for 10 mins straight for the first time you will punch the air. Good luck with it.
13/11/2009 at 16:33
For what it's worth, I've just finished this 8 week program and decided to change week 6 to 2x12 mins, instead of 3. Don't think I could have managed to go from 3x8 to 3x12, but by doing two sets I was actually running for the same time as the week before, just in longer sets. After this the move to week 7 (2x15 mins) was pretty easy, and finally 30 mins straight.

It worked for me anyway.
14/11/2009 at 18:02
As the ad says "Impossible is Nothing". Well done Ian.
28/12/2009 at 11:43

I'm not completely sure of where I should start with this. I have a healthy weight and am reasonably fit (usually do aerobics, but starting to get bored of the same DVD) and am starting running, I can run for about 4-5 minutes straight, so should I start on Week 3 or 4? 

02/01/2010 at 04:50

Thanks a lot for this. The comments also motivated me to do the running. Will start next Sunday and I hope I can make it til the 8th week.

14/03/2010 at 10:00
Hi all,
         Just found your site while looking on the nett for a running program, and yours seems the easiest I can find, but at 49 years young and 97kg's never done any exercise since I left school, I can not even do yours,
         But having just gone through major surgery for prostate cancer in January this year I am determined to do the great north run and raise funds for the prostate charity,
        I have started walking 50 paces and jogging 50 paces, I can do this for 0.4 of a mile only, at the moment, and I am doing it every other day, I have up until September to get fit and up to speed. I will be at Newcastle for the run in September, may see you their.
Edited: 14/03/2010 at 10:17
05/04/2010 at 21:51

Hey Mick,

Good for you!  Hope you're feeling ok and taking it nice and easy!  I've been away from running for about 3 years now and am just starting to ease back into it very slowly by walking loads.  I have a knee injury (which pales into insignificance after what you've been through!) which means I'm going to have to take it very carefully (my osteopath blanches every time I mention running) and extremely slowly, so I'll be thinking of you while I'm out walking. I remember when I first started running (some fool entered me for the Race for Life) three years ago, I could manage about 30 seconds of running before I thought I'd have a heart attack, but after 6 weeks I was running for 30 minutes without a problem! Amazing!  I expect to be much slower this time round, but hopefully I'll get there and so will you.  You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best!

07/05/2010 at 23:08

Going to start this on Monday! Signed up for a Half-Marathon on the 34th October and have done no training what-so-ever. I'm not really unfit though, so I'm going to start at week 3 and see how I go from there. Then I'm using the following guide to get into shape for October once I can run 30 minutes continuously.


08/05/2010 at 08:54
34th October?  Lol is that on Venus?
16/05/2010 at 13:50

Woops, 24th October

Going well so far, about to pop out for my first 'run 5, walk 2' session.

22/08/2010 at 08:10

I am really enjoying this programme. I started training in march after seeing some people doing the Reading Half that I thought to myself "If they can do it...I could do that." I was however 23 1/2 stone so a bit of a hurdle lol.

I have a rowing machine so 10 mins on level 1 and being knackered built up to 10k in 40 mins on level 7 of 8 and weight dropping to 20 stone. I started the 8 week plan at 19st 7 at the start of July and thought I was going to die in the first week but plodded on and built up the mins following the routine. I found a park where hardly anyone goes and is on grass so my joints can get used to the workout...more effort required but less impact.

I'm starting the 30 min runs next and after that will be roadwork of 2x 20min/2x23min...up to 2x 45 min whenevr that is lol.

If you are doing this programme then keep it up. You will have good days and bad, but some will be excellent!

I'm now 18st 6 and dropping 2-3lbs a week healthily and feel more alive than ever....it is soooooooo worth it (",) 

25/08/2010 at 10:06
Well done Hypermonkey, congratulations on the weigtloss and running.  I started a beginners programme in April and can now run 4 miles continuosly (albeit very slowly), and have lost 2 stone.  I want to do the Reading Half next year too - might see you there!
26/08/2010 at 10:36

Well done to you to...it's a great feeling isn't it (",)

I've still got a long way to go until the half...but still going lol.

I'm doing the Run 10k at Blenhiem on the 26th Sept and the 30 min run and increases recommended  wouldn't get me to the level I needed so am continuing to increase my mins, 18 run with a minute recovery (x2) this week, 21 (x2) next, 24 (x2). 27 (x2), and 30 (x2) on the week of the run. This hopefully will be enough to get me round.

From then I think I can look at 45, 55, 1hour runs and increase. I run at 6mph solidly atm so will look at the more advanced plans later.

Keep it up...it's well worth the pain (",) 

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