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27/10/2010 at 09:10

Yeah - I have lost 1lb!!  Not much I know but at least it's something!!

Noel - welcome and well done on then weight loss you have achieved so far.

There's been several articles in the mag about the benefits of aquajogging, especially to allow you to continue training while injuries are healing.  You don't go fast but the water resistance mimics the effects of running so you can maintain fitness with no impact on joints.  You can buy special belts to keep you in an upright position and not drowning!

I'm having a rest from running today and will go for a swim after work.

27/10/2010 at 09:44

Well done losers, swimmers,aquajoggers, cyclists, half-marathoners, runners, and avoiders of temptations sundry and fiendish.

Weekly weigh in today at 82.4kg - apparently 1.9kg down on the week, though I suspect that quite a bit of that is water. I'd like to be about 80kg before I start running, to limit the strain on my joints.

That's the good news. The bad is that I had to skive swimming yesterday because the cold has made my skin so sore and dry and red that I can't bear the thought of the sting of chlorine. It's a bit better today, but I still think I might avoid my planned cycle ride to give it a chance to calm down a bit more.

27/10/2010 at 11:10

Morning all,

Reading back I can see there is much more exotic wildlife out there waiting to be seen ..

Jess - any news on the cooker/boiler front? Are you eating hot meals in the warm yet?

Gaza - had a at your 'low fat = eat double' comment. Well done re your 6ml LSR - sounds like you need to use a baseball cap to keep the rain off your face like I do. Stuff the running shoes with newspaper - they will soon dry out.

Stu - welcome along to this happy bunch of losers.

Len - reading about bloating/water probs reminds me why I like to be a bloke. That and not having to shave or wax my legs!

Groder - way to go! Brilliant weight loss!

Corrah - I don't deal in 1/4 pounds and neither should you. You can put on more than that by drinking some glasses of water. And as Len suggested you can lose it again as quickly a bit later!

JT - happy 4th anniversary .. enjoy the meal and don't worry too much if you indulge. I managed to work out recently when Mrs Wm and I first met .. 2nd Dec 2002. We're having some friends round on the 3rd Dec to help celebrate our 8 years together.

Toby - well done on the swimming and the resistance training (running in the pool). Was just thinking - aquajogging around a jacuzzi would bring a whole new meaning to circuit training.

Zara - glad to hear knee is okay. I treated myself to a 'proper' running jacket last year - bright flourescent yellow, waterproof and windproof - and it made my training runs over the Winter much easier to deal with when it was cold. Pssst .. I create my ramblings in Notepad before I copy & paste them here!

Andrew - mmmm .. Pringles .. I'll pretend I didn't hear you

Puffin - enjoy Paris and hope you find somewhere to go running. If you believe the stories you read, you'll need to keep an eye on the pavements though and watch where you tread. Well done re the reps and lunchtime swim. I see you've lost 1lb - yay! Every little helps.

Noel - welcome along. As you say, no magic to this weight loss lark so well done re the 4 stone loss over the last few years and completing the Birmingham HM.

Yersinia - well done re the 2Kg loss. See - I rounded it up for you and it sounds much better! Hope your skin recovers so you can get swimming again soon.

I'm doing okay on the temptation front this week - hope it has the desired effect come Sunday. I resisted some biscuits yesterday and today someone has brought in a sponge cake with orange icing which I'm ignoring. It wasn't difficult - its supposed to be a mutant pumpkin but it didn't look that appetizing tbh. I did some cross-training last night - I went Ceroc dancing (modern jive) so should have burnt off a few calories on the dance floor. Hoping to get out this evening for a quick 3-4 mile run when I get in from work.

Edited: 27/10/2010 at 11:11
27/10/2010 at 12:03
Puffin - well done on the 1lb! It's another one gone - that's all that matters

Zara - really pleased to hear that your knee still works! How far into your beginners program are you? It was a while before I learned how to stretch after a run properly and stuff - take it easy.

Waterproof people (lol!) - I've only ever worn a vaariety of tops/t shirts in the rain or winter - I have a waterproof jacket but I get sooo hot and sweaty, it feels like running in a bin bag! Although I'm quite tempted by the really thin fluorescent-type jackets, especially as I run in the dark so much. Hmm.. are they less bin-bag-ish?!

Welcome Noel it's fab to have a target - your wedding weight is a fab one! I'm only a few lbs over my wedding weight (but I was to chunky then, too!).

Yersinia - do you have eczema? I always get a few tiny patches that flare up in the cold wet weather - this time of year is a pain! Keep slapping the creams on!!

I have been for my run this morning in the dark - just a couple of miles. I need to start building up some mileage, and doing longer runs at the weekend, But I'm still finding hills SO difficult - they wipe me out! Shame I live somewhere so hilly - I reckon if I lived in Lincoln, I'd be a brilliant runner lol.
27/10/2010 at 13:13

Len - the jackets are not at all bin-bag-ish and I don't find myself getting any hotter or sweatier than usual. Mine was a Hilly jacket (I expect there's loads of other makes out there) and this is the laydees version ..


27/10/2010 at 13:17

Puffin - congrats on shedding that lb.  One less to carry around with you!

Zara - knees are funny things but glad you are okay.

Len - I have a thin hi vis jacket and it does tend to make me sweat more than normal.  They are really good though as there is certainly no missing me when I wear it.  I know what you mean about hills.  I really don't like them

Been fairly good this week and not been tempted which is good, but got another outing this weekend which involves a beer festival!  Think I will be drinking very, very slowly.

Before I forget < waves to everyone else > as I'm not keeping up with the thread very well!

C xx

27/10/2010 at 14:14

Aaah I like that jacket! I wonder what the sizing is like on these things? Is it one of those items where a XXXL is a size 14? . I'm tall (5'10") so I often look at the mens stuff too - otherwise I find that sleeves can be too short. Interesting! I may have to do some research here, and ask Father Christmas for one

 A beer festival definintely needs some sort of plan - diet coke every other drink or something?? Eeek! 

27/10/2010 at 15:17

Re the waterproof jackets, I have a windproof reflective and flourescent gillet by Sauconcy which is brilliant, it avoids being too hot as there are no arms and the back is made from like a string vest type fabric (but not really like that if you know what I mean - it's technical fabric but with bigger holes than normal) so you stay cool and can be easily seen.

Corrah - eek at the beer festival, that one will take some will power!  Good luck!

Len - i tried running near Lincoln when I was working there recently, there might not be hills but the wind is viscious!!

27/10/2010 at 16:08

i too have a reflective jacket i bought it when JJB sports were selling them of cheap but  it only shower proof i also have a waist coat type one as well

27/10/2010 at 22:46

Len - re waterproof jacket, I have a ladies running jacket from Craft in powder blue - I think its important to go for a running jacket vs a normal windproof jacket - the running jackets are made with ventilation panels underneath the arms and at the back. I used to sweat in my regular windproof jacket (I get hot easily), but have been feeling much more comfortable with this jacket. I don't mind not running without a jacket, but start to freeze as soon as I stop running (because I don't run very fast), so for me having a jacket is essential

I think you are safer going one size up in running jackets, the new ones are desinged for a "snug" fit. I use XL for a size 16 and its more a less a snug fit (though its meant to be 16-18).

On week 6 of my c5K beginners running program, but dropped back to week 3 because of knee. I have decided that the tortoise was right after all

Re Hills - Hills get a big thumbs up from me! ...I used to be able to walk for miles and miles on the flat but my fitness level was near zero, as soon as I started throwing 10 mins of uphill walking into my normal routine, my fitness level accelerated tremedously...but that could be just because I was really unfit, hahaha. Am glad I live in Bristol, where there are plenty of hills for me to pratice on(still can not cycle up them though!). On my non-running days, my favourite hobby is to explore new hills I have not yet conquered (sad, I know!)

Hello to everyone and hope you all had a nice evening.

27/10/2010 at 23:03

Hi all,

Swim for me this evening, I felt very tored to start with but it seemed to get better as I went on so I think it was just one of those days when it takes a while to warm up!  Only 1 problem though is that I keep getting cramp when I swim in the evenings - it doesn't seem to happen when I go at lunchtime.  It's mostly in my toes but today also affected my calf to the extent I had to stop and stretch it.  Does anyone have any experience of dealing with cramps and what I can do to stop them?

28/10/2010 at 04:50

Morning all

Went over the gym again yesterday and repeated what i did on Tuesday i my venture in to the gym today but avoid the treadmill

I will be getting on the scales tomorrow for my official weigh in but have been i a bit naughty and have been weighing every day disputed saying i was going to try not to

puffin have alook at this it an articel i bookmarked some time a go hope it helpshttp://www.runnersworld.co.uk/staying-healthy/cut-the-cramp/4364.html

Zara i to am luck i live in Bristol we are blessed with more than are fair share of hill

28/10/2010 at 07:10

Morning all

 I did some hill running yesterday.  Coming down with a cold so not sure how long I can carry on  with the gym and running before I have to take a rest so not optimistic about losing any weight this week.

28/10/2010 at 11:19

I've felt a bit flat the last couple of days (not my stomach unfortunately). For some reason I just felt drained Tuesday evening despite eating a much healthier diet. I felt walking in to work yesterday a bit of a struggle so I was a little trepidatious going for a run on the lunchtime. Although it was a bit of an effort I made it round.

Weight is coming down as well, looking forward to my next goal losing another 4lb to get to 14' 2.25" (being under 90kg) and then the big one 13' 9.25", exactly half way from my starting weight to my goal of a healthy BMI. It is also by coincidence just fractionally under a BMI of 30 (the crossover point from worry to the medical profession to being just very fat). I think I'll treat myself to new trainers at that one.

Not contemplating hills at the minute. Before the end of the year I'd like to be back up to 6 miles on the flat and then a gradual increase on Sundays distance. Hopefully in the spring I'll be happy with my distance and I'll start thinking about speed and intensity. Hopefully...

Hope everyone is looking forward to a saintly weekend and not even considering drinking and eating just lots of exercise!!! If you see me in the Kings Arms with a pint and a bag of itchy pig the pint is re hydration fluid and the dog insists on the snack.

28/10/2010 at 11:28

Well done losers.

@Puffin - I've heard that tonic water can also be good for cramps, due to the quinine.

@Toby - I also weigh daily (unless I'm away), but only declare on Wednesdays. I'm used to the daily fluctuations and don't get anxious about them. But I like to plot it all out on my graph.

@Len - I don't think I have eczema, but my skin is extremely sensitive to cold, and gets dry, red and stingy - sometimes bad enough to really stop me doing outdoors exercise. I haven't found anything that completely cures it, though I use moisturisers, lip balms and eight hour cream. It seems to be worse when I'm dieting. I'm getting masses of fruit, veg and water, so I can only conclude it's the reduction of fat in the diet that does the damage.

As for jackets, I'm another tall woman, and end up buying men's jackets because of the sleeve problem, and also because my shoulders are quite broad, even when my torso is slim.

It's also ridiculous that the largest size in sportswear can often be 14. One thing I've found - cycling jackets sometimes have slightly longer sleeves and more ease at the shoulder, as they're designed to be worn with your arms stretched forwards. Some of them would be perfectly wearable as running jackets, and should have some ventilation.

28/10/2010 at 19:36

toby 3 - thanks for the link, its been filed under the running bookmark.

yersinia - re jackets - you are right, I had a hard time finding a jacket in size 16-18- have browsed through a lot of website and rarely find anything beyond a size 14 (not in the £20-£30 budget range anyway). I wonder if they have so few sales above size 14 that they decided not to take the effort to make the larger sizes, or if the paucity is based on the assumption that larger people do not really indulge in a bit of running?grrrrr 

try taking a spoonful of linseed/flaxseed or hemp oil with your meals - my friend had exactly the same problem as you and her skin really improved after taking the oil regularly for two weeks. These oils are meant to be rich in omega3& 6, so I think the benefits outweigh the bad effects of adding oil to your diet. I think most supermarkets sell a version of flaxseed oil now-a-days.

28/10/2010 at 20:27

Yersinia - loving 'hello losers'.  That's the first time I've been called that and it feels good!!!

I, like Toby, weigh myself every day as it helps me keep track.  I know if I've had a heavy day that I'll have probably put on a pound, so to be extra good the next day so it will go back down (not always the case though)!

Hi wtnmel - hope you're good.  Still no boiler / heating / hot water / cooker.  The good thing about it is that I can't wait to get in the gym everyday as it means I'll get to have a shower (Roy Cropper from Corrie was in the gym today - what a really lovely man).  It's doing my fitness regime wonders.  Hopefully the guy is coming to install new boiler on Monday, and the cooker guy coming on Wednesday.  When it's all done,  I'm going to treat myself to a hot bath, put the heating on full blast, and cook everything I own.

Hope everyone is well and keeping on track xx

28/10/2010 at 21:14
  up 1kg 
29/10/2010 at 09:02

Morning losers

A 'heavy' weekend in prospect for me as I am off to see my grand-daughter on Saturday (lunch out somewhere) and then I'm having lunch with friends at a pub on Sunday. So I weighed myself this morning instead. The good news was I am down to 95.9 (211lb) so another pound lost!

Corrah - losing weight vs. beer festival does not compute so good luck with that at the weekend.

Len - glad you liked the jacket - better get writing that note to father xmas.

Zara - glad its not just me needs a running jacket to stop myself cooling down to much if I have to stop & walk. Mine's a snug fit but I'm obviously hoping that's going to change. I think you're right that the sports companies assume all runners are built along gazelle-like or whippet-like proportions  <sigh>

Puffin - I used to get cramp in my feet (toes, arch) when changing after a swim. Glad to see Toby has posted a link on how to deal with cramp.

JBiT - well done for getting round your run despite not feeling 100%. Enjoy your re-hydrating (in moderation). Shame on you blaming the dog for the snack consumption!

Jess - sorry to hear you've still no boiler/cooker - like the positive aspect of you going to the gym more often.

Decamp - sorry to hear you've gained .. better luck next week.

29/10/2010 at 10:24

Morning losers!

@Zara - Thanks for the tip.  I never feel one should need supplements, but I suppose that when we're dieting, we have reduced intake of certain nutrients, and I'll try anything within reason to sort my skin out at the moment. I'll look out for linseed capsules - I'll probably find that simpler than liquid form.

@Jess - hopefully your boiler-less period will have instilled gym keenness as a habit, plus of course you've had to expend calories to stay warm. Nice bit of celeb-spotting as a bonus, too.

Bad luck on the gain, Decamp, but weight loss is seldom in a straight line.

Well done on the loss, mel.

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