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19/09/2011 at 10:47

Morning all.

SPEN: well done on the PB!

Booey: well done on the 2lbs!

JBit: well done on the 60m 10k!

In fact, well done to everyone on the thread for keeping going.

Spent a good chunk of the wedding anniversary at A&E - Mrs Wordshad an asthma attack. Not my coooking, honest! She hasn't had an attack in over 9 years, and doesn't have a pump - reckons she might have overdone her hill run yesterday. Docs said she's OK to carry on running, but advised using a pump before each run. 

Probably the shock of realising she's been saddled with me for 12 years now...

19/09/2011 at 10:49

Weekly weigh-in 186.5lb, 1.5 down from last week and feel back on track regarding weight-loss.  I haven't done any running since Tuesday, just a bit of squash and a beast of a trek (20 miles) through the Mournes for the NSPCC on Saturday, over 8 hours of trudging through the mud!.  I was a bit bad yesterday food-wise as I felt I'd earned it, but I'm going to try and behave today.

It's hard to keep track of everyone on here, but well done to those who have lost weight and/or had successful runs.  Anyone whose had a set-back, get back on the horse, you'll have your rewards in time.

I'll do some burpees and sprints tonight and try a 5 mile run before squash tomorrow, I hope my body can take it, I'm still feeling a little stiff today.

19/09/2011 at 11:44

Morning all

well must get out for my run in a minute i am going to put in one more long run before i start tapering down for Cricklade though i try a 10 mile run today but will see how i go

Weekend was ok piggy never got out too much had the munches on Saturday but was really hungry so just put it down to the body needing refuelling after last weekend’s effort

JBL3 well done on the weight loss and well done on the 20 mile hike were you being sponsored?

Word sorry to hear about Mrs. word i hope she ok now you can always have a do over and celebrate your anniversary another day

Booey well don on your first 10k great time and good luck on the second that’s the same day as Cricklade

Spen with that time i think it’s me that will need the speed work to keep up with you at Brighton

Puffin hope the work out goes well

JBiT  an extra big congratulations to your for getting to the 6 miles mark and 10 min mile pace is a good speed good luck with the long run

19/09/2011 at 11:47
Toby3 - it surprised me the time, everything just seemed right on the day, my legs hurt abit today though. Good luck on your 10 mile run.
19/09/2011 at 15:18

Words - sorry to hear about Mrs W, hope she's feeling better.

Booey - good luck on getting the PB, it's good to mix up distances, and a 5k will seem really short after the 10k race.

JLB3 - well done on your weight loss this week , and on the long hike, no wonder your legs are tired today!

Toby - hope the 10 miles today is okay, not long to Cricklade now.... and well done for keeping the pig under lock and key!

19/09/2011 at 17:22
19/09/2011 at 22:33
I well and truly christened my new trail shoes today, we foud plenty of mud and hills to tackle and they seem to be working out okay.  My overall pace was slow, but given how muddy it was in places that seem reasonable.
20/09/2011 at 05:28

Morning all

Well did the 10 miles yesterday got to say struggled really badly at the end that was the last long run i had planned before Cricklade so will be keeping the rest of the runs short with nothing over 4 miles now i only have 2 runs planed next week so hopefully by the time the race comes around my legs would have recovered

i have now worked out how to get the split time working though i did have to ask so here goes there not very even 8.59.9, 8:38.3, 8:48.6, 9:15.9, 9:58.7, 9:46.2,10:12.4, 11:25.0, 10:59.9, 10:30.2

Waves to everyone keep up the good work

Edited: 20/09/2011 at 05:29
20/09/2011 at 08:47

Morning all!!

Bad week for me seem to be trying to eat my weight in chocolate..  definitely seem to have "hungry" weeks when I just want to eat and eat.  Gained 1.5lbs on my weigh in this week  Will have to refocus and start again this week...

Hard 20km for me this weekend - was after the usual half hours spin and hours PT session the day before and I think that my legs hadnt recovered properly.  Speed session for me this afternoon at lunchtime so hopefully will burn off some calories..

Word - sorry to  hear about your Mrs that must have been scary.  Hope she is feeling better now and you have a chance to redo your anniversary celebration..

Booey - well done on your 10km Puffin is quite right 5km will be easy peasy in comparison!

JLB - well done on your loss...  

Toby - have you mastered the Garmin yet?

20/09/2011 at 09:19

Morning all,

NGUG: step away from the chocolate. Move along - nothing to see. Impressed with your 20k though.

Toby: your 10-miler looks pretty good from where I'm sitting - I'd be chuffed if I could run at that sort of average speed.

Puffin: have fun getting the mud off your trainers...

 Got up at 6.15 to run my 5k this morning, then looked out of the window and wished I hadn't. South Wales is sitting under a big band of rain at the moment. Still, I put my jacket on and braved the elements. It's quite a hilly route and I managed it in 30.04 - slower than planned, but I was still waking up...

Have a good day!

20/09/2011 at 09:31

Morning all,

Toby - this is where the Garmin shows it's use I guess, while you know you struggled towards the end of the run, it's only when you see the splits that you see just how much your pace changed over the course of it.  It's good that you can use this to inform your training up to the race and as you say, hopefully with fully recovered legs you'll do really well.

NGUG - I know exactly what you mean, I often have days where I think I could eat my body weight in just about anything!  But, it's Tuesday and Tuesday is a day for health and no chocolates!!  Well done on the 20k run, after a spin and PT session I'm not surprised you're hungry!  Maybe try upping your portions at meals just a little bit to see if that keeps the chocolate demons  at bay.

Words - respect for getting up at 6am and running in the dark and rain.

I will be braving the rain this evening for the last club cycling time trial of the season (getting too dark now).  The last one we did was in very calm conditions so I'm not expecting to beat that time but will try my best.

20/09/2011 at 09:37

Good Morning Everyone 

Toby, My friend and I raised just over £100 for NSPCC, I'm ashamed to say we didn't fundraise very hard, we just fancied the walk.  Besides we had both done recent charity events and didn't want to seem like we had our hands constantly out.

I hope Mrs Words is fully recovered, good work getting out despite the weather!

We all have those weeks I think NGUG, don't beat yourself up, you definitely seem to be working hard enough to start going in the right direction again soon.

Puffin, are you're trail runners gor-tex? is their any special way to clean them? My walking boots are absolutely caked in mud for the first time in their lives and I'm not sure how to correctly deal with them.  I must say they did a good job, I was black up to my knees but feet were dry as a bone, could have been a complete nightmare.

My squah partner has just pulled out for tonight, so I think I'll warm-up with the rugby squad and play a little touch, then do an easy 5 miles afterwards.

20/09/2011 at 11:41

Muddy shoes- I think your supposed to brush the mud off in warm water. It apparently ruins running shoes if you put them in the washing machine. Despite that my machine has a little trainer icon.

My garmin 110 with HRM came last night. It is there stripped down model but has a quick satellite finder and doesn't lose it under tree cover according to the blurb. I'll try it out tomorrow when I attempt 6 mile again. The charge/USB connection seems a bit weak to me and the strap could do with beefing up a bit.

My 3 mile run yesterday didn't get done. I've bruised or broken my side when I tripped over Friday lunch. It didn't stop me Fri or Sun but last night I felt to run down and tired from the previous day and it just felt too uncomfortable when I was breathing hard. I hope another rest day will sort it out.

Words- I'm to lazy to get up that early but I love those cold dark damp winter days. There is something moody and exciting about the atmosphere. It's an adventure overcoming the conditions and I love getting back in a warm bright house, lighting a fire and having a steaming coffee with something to warm you up in it.

20/09/2011 at 12:45
Thanks JBit, boots have been drying out in the shed, will get working on the tonight.  Maybe.
20/09/2011 at 16:13

JLB3 - the advice is definitely not in the washing machine, either wait for it to dry and knock the mud off (good for muddy soles) or turn the hose on them and then let them dry naturally.  Mine weren't Goretex or anything similar, just normal uppers, I find the waterproof type make my feet sweat.  I didn't hose them down after the muddy race which I guess I should have as you jsut don't know what is in it.

JBiT - hope your side is better soon, I broke a couple of ribs a few years ago and it was painful for quite a long time, I could scarcely walk with much effort let alone run!

I hate winter, and get in a real gloom once the nights start drawing in and it gets cold.  I would always much rather a house flooded with light and all the doors and windows open than all that miserable cold.  And I really hate having to wear coats and socks!  Mind you it is nice sometimes to curl up in front of a log fire and not feel that you ought to be out doing stuff.

20/09/2011 at 16:34

I agree Puffin, the dark winter nights are very depressing  I think alot of people suffer with this lack of light syndrome through the gloomy months and it really gets to you

We also have an open fire which is great on those cold days to just get cozy infront off, one of the perks I guess  

I just really hate the cold and I wouldn't mind if I never saw snow again.  Hubby and I have already discussed we will prob move abroad when we retire or spend our winter away

20/09/2011 at 22:38

Booey - I'd love to live somewhere with a climate like a good English summer all year, or perhaps even hotter.  I can totally see the appeal of retiring to Spain or Malta or somewhere like that - other than the little england thing.

The time trial this evening was a personal worst for me!  Wet, windy and my legs just didn't seem to have any power in them, I was a full 4 minutes slower than last time I did the route.  I think it's one best put down to experience.  Then cycling home it started to lash with rain to the extent where I had to pretty much take all my kit off in the kitchen to avoid leaving a wet trail throughout the house.  Thankfully the forecast for tomorrow is better as I have to cycle to the station at 7am!

21/09/2011 at 05:52

Morning all

Just a quick post as again it’s been a long night and bed is calling

Well just 3 for me yesterday have 4 today which will leave a nice little 3 miler on Friday  then just 2 runs left next week

21/09/2011 at 08:19

Just getting out and doing it when the weather is against you is probably good training for psychological toughness Puffin.

Ran some intervals after playing a little touch rugby with the squad and doing their warm-up, intended to do 8 interval runs but felt a bit tight in the hamstring so stopped after 5.

I complain about the weather as much as anyone, but when I've been away to some foreign land, I love to touch down in the rain in Belfast.  It is home afterall.

21/09/2011 at 09:13

How could you retire to Spain when West Brom play all there home games in the West Midlands and all they have in the way of beer is San Miguel????

I love the Autumn and winter. Walking in the park as the leaves fall, cosy little country pubs with open fires and strong winter ales, hearty winter stews bubbling away in the oven and snow (it would have been nice to see a whole lot more last Feb in La Plagne).

I'm lucky that I can go out on a long flexi lunch break so I never have to run under street lamps. There is something wonderful about going out on a lunchtime run in the winter sun, I'm a world away from the office when I do.

My side feels a bit better today, I can cough now without curling up in a ball with pain (OK slight exaggeration). Not sure whether to run tonight or leave it until Friday though. The latter is probably wise but I really want to continue with another 10K.

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