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21/09/2011 at 09:24
San Miguel is now a premium lager for which a high-class establishment may charge you nearly £5 for 330ml bottle lol.  I remember buying a 1litre bottle of the stuff for the equivilent of 20p in Magaluf circa 1994.
21/09/2011 at 12:55

Afternoon all

i have to say on my part love the idea of retiring  to warmer parts for the winter  i love the weather in November when you’re just getting that crisp feel to the air but as for snow I’m afraid i am with Booey hate the stuff it severs no useful purpose other than to cause chaos

And just makes getting any were impossible if we could skip from autumn to spring that would do me the only redeeming feature for even having the winter season is Christmas and we could move that to June  

i know i am a grumpy old s*d

21/09/2011 at 19:44

Toby, Booey, I'm with you on the snow front. Fun to play in with the kids for 10 minutes, then it just gets cold,  wet and not fun. Winters somewhere warm would be nice. Shame I've got about 25 years before I retire. (Unless those six numbers come up...)

Missed my chance for a run today due to work, but will have a three miler tomorrow morning, possibly Friday too. Won't get a run on Saturday (I'm off to Dorset for the day...only a 360 mile round trip) then it's the Swansea 10k on Sunday.

*Waves and best wishes* to everyone.

21/09/2011 at 22:36

Hi all,

Had a bit of an unlucky day today, first I lost my train ticket on the way to the station.  I put it in the pocket of my shorts and it must have worked its way out and away on the cycle in.  So, had to buy a new ticket, that no one checked, so I could have got away without one.  Then on the way home, I was going the nice longer route through the villages and just thinking what a nice afternoon it was for cycling when I got a puncture.  Luckily since the last one I now carry a spare inner tube, but it took me ages to get the rear wheel off and then the tyre off.  Thankfully a nice man stopped and helped me put it all back on again else I might have been there a lot longer.  Then, I dropped the bike while getting the wheel back on and it scrapped all down the front of my shin leaving it all bloody.

Still - I did not let it defeat me and still went out once I got home and did a run intervals session - a bit shorter than usual but it was getting late.

Words - what you off to Dorset for the day for?  It is a really long way to go!

Toby - I agree, let's skip winter, after October it should be March and skip all that bit in between.

JBiT - glad you're feeling better, did you run?  How was it afterwards?

22/09/2011 at 04:42

Morning all

well just 4 miles for me yesterday will have a rest day today then the 3 on Friday had to be in work early so rode the bike in so that was another 6miles got to say i do quite like riding home at that time of the morning as there no traffic at all

Must say the split times were a lot better this time 9.07, 9.41 for the uphill out word part of the course and 9.01, 9.04 for the return trip

Weigh day to day having had a quick look now i haven’t lost anything but will see when i weigh when i get up you never know (ever the optimist)

Puffin sorry to read about your day let’s hope today is a better one

22/09/2011 at 07:52
Toby - i hope it is too! There is something very nice about being out and about early while most are still in bed. I love driving to races on Sunday mornings when it's quiet on the roads.

Gonna do a cycle at lunchtime then club swim this evening I think. I forgot to weigh in this morning so will do it tomorrow instead. Now there's an incentive to be good today!
22/09/2011 at 08:28

Morning all!

Puffin - oh dear I've had days like that it always seems to be once one disaster its always followed by another makes you feel like you want to go back home and to bed and start all over again... hopefully a better one for you today and well done on still doing your intervals after all that..

Toby - sounds like you have sussed the Garmin.. next thing you will be posting graphs  Its graphs are great..

Winter umm dont mind it too much - although I would prefer not to have to get up in the dark and then go home in the dark.. snow I dont mind looking at it provided I dont have to go out in it!! Mr NGUG normally is very good at going out with the kids and building snowmen/snow balls I am quite content to view them all out there from the warmth of the kitchen!!

Secondary school viewings for us this week and next.. all go.

Weights session for me today at the gym have fun all  

22/09/2011 at 08:28

Puffin- Did run but just a couple of miles. I can still feel a bit of pain in my side which is making me feel a bit uncomfortable. I'll rest today and hopefully be back to normal for Fridays run. Sorry you had a bad day, but you overcame it all.

22/09/2011 at 08:29

Morning, folks.

Another 5k-in-the-dark this morning, but I've absolutely no idea what sort of time I ran because I forgot my watch. Put it down to early morning brain fog. Enjoyed the run though.

Puffin: that's a nightmare of a day. really hope today is an improvement. Re Dorset: my mother's in a care home down there so I pop down every few weeks or so, normally for the day but sometimes for the weekend. Just for the day this week though.

 Toby: good luck with the scales...

22/09/2011 at 11:52
Puffin - hope your day is going better today
22/09/2011 at 12:06

Puffin - Do you have any experience with single speed MTBs?  I'm considering doing an adventure race in late November (4k Kayak, 10k Run, 30k Bike), but I have no bike.  My options are:

Borrow a bike - god knows what I would end up with

Buy a bike - I'm not spending £450+ on a decent entry level hard-tail, but am considering a good single speed option for just over £200 including helmet.

Is it insanity to consider doing 30k (broken up) mixed trail and road on a single speed MTB?

22/09/2011 at 13:06

Afternoon all

Well weighed when i got up and i came in at 11st 11lbs which is down 1lb on last week but i had to look back at last week’s post as i couldn’t honestly remember what i was with the week we’ve had at work 

Got to say that having race quite close together is a good incentive to keep the Weight off as i said i have the Cricklade H/M 2nd of October then in just under 2 months the Boscombe 10k so i hoping my resolve will hold for that race as well

then nothing then until Bath in march but in between Boscombe and Bath  dare i mention it we have the festive season which is always a bad time for me weight wise as i always seem to put on a stone and a half in weight

And I’ve got to say as the years go on taking it back off again gets harder so i think this year i will ban the Pringles as that’s what dose the main damage

22/09/2011 at 18:00

Hi all,

NGUG - hope the viewings go well and you find a suitable school, I take it this is for master NGUG.

JLB3 - sorry, no experience with MTBs at all!  I am fairly new to the whole cycling thing, hence my slow changing of a tyre.  Why not just hire a bike for the event and a few weeks before?  That way you can have a decent MTB without shelling out loads or having to compromise on a single speed.

Toby - well done on the 1lb off

Better day today, although another puncture when I went out for a cycle at lunchtime, I seem to be fated.  At least I'm getting better at dealing with them!  Off out for my swim session now, just hope no kit fails me there!

22/09/2011 at 20:55

Yup Puffin was Master NGUG - hard year this year Ms NGUG off  to uni and primary to secondary school change for young Master NGUG .. he has been appointed Head Boy in the last week or so - so proud - he is a v.good boy   Schools always a nightmare though ..

Interesting re punctures Mr NGUG more into cycling than me - I hate cycling and the other drivers and need a rear view mirror - Mr NGUG said that when he got a puncture other cyclists stopped for him and helped him .. they seem so friendly rather than the runners who totally blank you.. 

22/09/2011 at 22:09
Yes, I have found cyclists very friendly, the other day every cyclist that passed stopped and asked if I needed help.

Tough swim session tonight, and found I can't scull! Another swimming skill I need to practice. Hmmm the list seems to be getting longer.
22/09/2011 at 22:22

I hadn't even considered that Puffin, good thinking!

23/09/2011 at 06:18

Morning all

Hope everyone is keeping well good luck if your racing this weekend may all your inner piggy’s be good and stay safely locked away rode in to work again last night and have a 3 mile run to do today so i may well cycle over the gym and do them on the treadmill but will have to see how energetic i am feeling when i get up

23/09/2011 at 09:11

Puffin - Was it another fresh puncture? I've had cases as a kid where I've replaced an inner tube and it's gone again because a thorn is hidden in the tyre. It is possible to have one in there for some time, I run my hands around the inside before I replace it.

JLB- I'm not a competition cyclist (unless reading Graham Obree's autobiography counts ( btw- his hour record was possibly one of the greatest achievements in sport being not only one of the hardest physical tests on the body but it was his second attempt in 12 hrs)). I think single speed bikes are more for track and flat TT courses. Some cyclist prefer them because once there up to full bore that's all they'll be doing. If your course is anything like 'Follow the Dog' near me I think it would be a nightmare without that tiny chain and massive sprocket. How about a good second hand Jobie. Bikes don't seem to hold their new bought price and lots of people buy one and never use it.

Touch wood I haven't had a puncture for years. The tyres these days are much better plus I don't go out so much as I'd have to leave the dog but I do sometimes use it for work (somebody has bought me a dog bag for the handle bars but I haven't fixed it on yet).

Not sure how the run will pan out today. I need to pick it back up as this week I've not lost any weight and I'm stuck in the low 13's. On top of that I've a Birthday meal tonight and Birthday lunch tomorrow and to top it all I'll be celebrating West Brom's win over Fulham tomorrow evening, well 2 out of 3 possibly.

23/09/2011 at 14:00

Hi all,

JBiT - it was a fresh puncture, I found the glass and removed it each time!  I gues sometimes your luck is just not it.  Sounds like a fun weekend, if a little hard on the diet.

I didn't lose any this week either, I think my portions may have crept up a bit recently.  I made a sausage and bean hot pot last night and ate probably 1 1/2 portions and then an apple turnover.   Today has been better so far, although I have been in the office and there are no cakes etc this week, thankfully.  It's just a case of keeping the pig in for the weekend now.

I'm racing Sunday so it will just be a short run tonight, possibly with a gently swim, see if I can get to grips with sculling.

Happy Friday all.

23/09/2011 at 15:21

I think I just want a new toy:

Vitus Vee-1

I don't have a bike at all at the moment, if this won't do the job for me come the race, I can beg, borrow, or rent.  I will always get use out of this cycling to the Rugby club for squash\training\beer, or just thrashing about for fitness\fun.  It will solve some of the one-care-family issues that come up at weekends!

I've convinced myself it's a good idea lol

I probably should consider second hand, but it's so shiny.

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