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27/07/2012 at 08:14

Just been out for a 4.78km jog/walk with the g/f...nice to be out just enjoying the woods and nature...no nike app/iphone/pace etc, etc...this is only her 3rd run in as many decades...and she did this distance, well proud of her....

Have a great weekend everyone....



27/07/2012 at 09:21
Thanks Toby.

My big thing is completely cutting out sweets I eat tons of sweets if I want a nibble it's fresh fruit or hard luck if I am stupid and don't have any in the house or office.
27/07/2012 at 09:49

I've put my money where my mouth is an finally enterd the Dublin marathon...afraid now. lol

29/07/2012 at 07:31

JLB3 Well thats is then...Good luck with the rest of your training.

booktrunk well done on your efforts... especially the sweets!


Weekly - Run Down: fewer miles this week.

17.10 miles, total time 2:44:41, Avg pace 9'38/mi, 13.38mi road/3.72mi trail.

Broke my 1km & 1mile pb...still finding sub 50' 10k very elusive...think the heat is having a real effect on my times (as well as my legs getting tired). Could also have something to do with me wearing a gasmask for all these runs!!!

Total 0f 102.62/mi this month...Thats a record for me..chuffed

Weight +/- 70kg, spare tyre down 15cm's...some more to go...but feeling alot better within myself and my shirts feel and look better without the spare tyre bulge.

The snack monster does get out but not as much as he used to.

No run this morning, picked up a niggle in one of my ankles so going to listen to my body and not run today...will do some strenght training.

Hope your all enjoying your training....good luck to all you fellow losers

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29/07/2012 at 14:40

have to stay i was a lazy sod today never woke up till 2.20pm

JLB3 good for you on entering your first marathon i heard great things about Dublin

30/07/2012 at 00:05

Well...been thunkng..and I have entered the Strongman Run 2012 18km's (Netherlands)..


Give's me something to train for and it looks a bit of a giggle...and to be honest all you guys entering 'fings' just made me jealous.. have a great week everyone.

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30/07/2012 at 03:40

Dave good luck with the training for that looks like a lot of fun or you just have to be plain mad

30/07/2012 at 07:47

  Cheers Toby...it'll be a blast I'm sure.

Just been out for a 6km without the gasmask...was trying to see if I could hit my 5k pb but like the ham fisted, sausage fingered telly tubby I am...managed to pause the run on the nike app and it stayed that way...so the run looks like 0.96km...now wheres the bloody cake!!!


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30/07/2012 at 08:42

Morning, all

Congrats on taking the plunge JLB and Dave! And congrats on the weight loss too, Dave, and Booktrunk. Good work!

Ran 8 miles Saturday and 13.1 (in 2hrs 3mins) on Sunday - struggled with cramp in my right thigh and I can still feel it a bit today. Enjoyed the run though, as I took in 13 miles of coastal path.

Weight-wise, not much to report: had a week off so wasn't particularly good... Will weigh at the weekend so I don't scare the scales...

*waves* to all.

30/07/2012 at 13:54

32 miles last week, which is possibly why I ate like a horse yesterday.  162.5lbs this morning, 2.5 lbs up.  I would like a good bit more off before the marathon, need to behave myself!  My old friend chronic back pain is back just as I'm trying to up my mileage for Marathon.  Annoying.

hope everyone has a good week.

30/07/2012 at 14:29

Afternoon all

Well first run done in a week only 3 miles but felt good to be out running again took it nice and steady no watch no iPod just went out to enjoy will stick t 3 milers this week maybe something longer on Friday just want to ease back into it

weight wise back up to 12st 8lbs today but not really surprised as no running hopping it will drop away again now am back

31/07/2012 at 09:19

Hi guys  I had a nice few days off sitting in the garden and fence painting.  Ran thurs and fri morning before it got to hot but not run since, I shall club run tonight

Like winter here now  better for running though

6 weeks until my HM, I must pull ones finger out

31/07/2012 at 13:42

Wordslinger Cheers for the 'bigup' and

JLB3 Thats some milage and good luck with the back issues...have those myself from time to time

Booey Good luck with your HM training.

Toby3 nice to run without having to worry about times etc... lets face it this running lark doesn't always have to be about setting world records every time your out does it! ...but whilst I have just said that...read no further if gloating offends you!

Just been out and smashed my 10k Gasmask run by 2min and 43 seconds....now in the sub 50min club!!!...also beat my 1k, 1mile and 5k pb's...chuffed is not the word!!...so to celebrate the g/f has just gone out to get me some donuts!!



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31/07/2012 at 16:23

Afternoon all

well 3 miles done again went out without the Garmin and iPod i was a little wetter today still went out in shorts but had to put my water proof jacket on as was taking no chances on a relapse as i seem to be finally shifting this cold to my shame i have had to have a nap both days after my run Oh well old age gets us all in the end

Dave feel free to gloat away


01/08/2012 at 13:15

Afternoon all

 3 miles done a lot earlier than i intended got home from work about normal time 3.30am wound down for an hour went to bed head hit the pillow my brain what there is of it went into over drive could not get off led there till 5am and gave up and went out for my run just 3 again today

Oh well at least i can sit here now this afternoon and watch the Olympics

Nessie kids can’t live with them can’t live without them what do you do with them

01/08/2012 at 20:21

I see that last time I posted on here I was 10st 13lb - now I'm 12st 4lb, waaaaaaaaaah! About a stone of that will go when I stop breastfeeding but I need to try and shift a good 20-30lb on top of that really. My mother has Type 2 diabetes, my sister is starting to suffer because of her weight and I don't want to go the same way...I'm not following a diet but trying to eat plenty of protein and cut back on bread.

01/08/2012 at 20:49

Evening all! Completely inspired by the rowers, Wiggo and that silver in the pool. Especially when I heard one of the rowers was a PE teacher who took up rowing in 2008, watched the last Olympics and thought she'd have a go for London. That's some career change!

Anyway, I had my own Olympic (sort of) moment this evening - I did 14k after work at a teeny fraction slower than 10k pace, finishing in 1hr 15m overall - I could have carried on at the same pace too, so a 1.25 10 miler and 1.54 half marathon could have been on the cards (I've never gone under 2 hours for the half). So I'm pretty pumped and looking forward to another run tomorrow morning.

Gasmask Dave - I have to confess to being a little jealous of your times though...

Booey - get that finger out! The half won't run itself you know.

Toby - glad you're getting the runs in and making the most of the Olympics too!

MissPiggy - hello! Firstly, congrats on your new arrival; hope the littl'un isn't keeping you awake too much. Like you say, you'll lose a big chunk once you stop breastfeeding, and the rest should come off once you get back into the running. Good luck with it all.

Oh, and as today is 1st August, and as I'm a Yorkshireman, here's a big "Happy Yorkshire Day" to all friends of the White Rose!


01/08/2012 at 21:00

I'm not Yorkshire born but have lived here since I was a child and definitely consider meself a Yorkshirewoman. God's own county indeed, even the unlovely industrial bit where I am

Baby is a lovely placid thing so far, it's the toddler wearing me out!

02/08/2012 at 04:09

misspiggy 11 as Word has already said congratulation on the new arrival it seems an enternity ago now when mine were both that small son 18 and the daughters 24 god i now made myself feel old again

02/08/2012 at 09:41

Well done Dave and Words, great running.  I don't know how you run with a gasmask on Dave, it brings me close to a panic attack just thinking about it! 

Words - that sub 2h half is within your grasp!

Misspiggy - congratulations, and good luck.  I don't envy the sleepless nights!

Track evening with the club last night; 3 x Mile repeats with 4min rest.  My times were:




It was a bit of a struggle!

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