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29/08/2012 at 20:11

Stayed the same this week. Had a restaurant meal and a take away curry, but ran 49km and hiked 17km. So good week overall.

Still shrinking. In the last two weeks I've lost 2cm around my upper arms and thighs in the last two weeks.
30/08/2012 at 03:10

morning all

well just 3 miles for me on Monday and 4 yesterday as i have started the taper for the GNR will try a gym session today if not another 3 mile run all of which have been done on the treadmill as i am currently breaking in a new pair of running shoes

30/08/2012 at 07:50
Good luck Toby. When is it?
30/08/2012 at 08:45

Morning all, and welcome to guv001 (45-50m a week? Good going! I reckon as long as you keep the pig outs to a minimum you'll be fine - we all need something to look forward to!)

Booktrunk - congrats on the weight loss! Keep going!

Toby - slightly envious of you doing the GNR. Not just because it looks like a fantastic occasion (I hope to do it next year) but because you'll be lining up "alongside" Mo Farah and Haile Gebreselassi. There won't be many occasions you can say that!

Today, I got up (always a bonus). Looked out of the window. Nearly got back into bed.

Let's face it, the weather hasn't exactly been great lately, and the rain was lashing down first thing this morning. But, just as I was about to give up and return to the comfort of my nice, warm bed, it stopped raining.

OK, so it wasn't all bursts of sunlight, clouds parting and choirs of angels singing, but it was a start so I duly set off for an 8k run along Swansea Bay. That's my last run in August (tomorrow's a rest day), and it brings my total for the month to 246.74km (154 miles), and 1,387.20km (861 miles) since the start of the year.

30/08/2012 at 08:54
guv001 wrote (see)
Hello all, thought I'd join the thread as I like the motivation it provides. Currently running 45 - 50 miles a week, I had lost 27lb since 30 May 12 but have been away in France for 2 weeks. Still suffer with the pig outs from time to time which I would definitely like to stop. Any ideas?

I find that it's quite good just to have a bit of a pig out from time to time as it stops me from longing for certain foods or amounts if i try to deny myself. What i have found though is doing the trick of drinking a pint of water about 10 mins before eating as this fills me up so i eat less. The hardest part for me is leaving food on a plate if i'm full, however, i have managed to reduce portion size to help overloading my plate in the first place.

Youve lost just under two stone so thats pretty good going. Don't deny yourself a binge but maybe look at what foods you crave or what triggers the 'need' to pig out.

30/08/2012 at 08:56
booktrunk wrote (see)

Stayed the same this week. Had a restaurant meal and a take away curry, but ran 49km and hiked 17km. So good week overall.

Still shrinking. In the last two weeks I've lost 2cm around my upper arms and thighs in the last two weeks.

Good work Booktrunk. I should have taken measurements when i started as it's not always good to just go by the scales. My weigh in is tomorrow so we'll see what the week has been like. Maybe i'll take some measurements too.

30/08/2012 at 09:04

Go for it Paul

I do the standard WeightWatcher ones, I guess unless your moobs are an issue you don't need to do around there   but it's tummy, boobs, hips, one of your thighs and one of your arms.  Doesn't matter which thigh or arm, just always use the same one, as one is probably slightly bigger then the other So i've tracked them whenever I feel like it since I started my diet in March.  It's fun because running has made a huge difference to these. -25/26 cm around my waist for instance.

30/08/2012 at 11:50

booktunk the GNR on the 16th of September it's going to be a once only thing as it rather expensive I've taken a charity place this time normally i get my own place and then run for a charity that way there’s no pressure to raise money but as i always run at least 1 one race a year for charity and i don't seem to have much luck with ballots decided to take the plunge i did shop around though to fine one with a minimum sponsorship i knew i could raise

Word i don’t know about lining up with Mo and Hile i think by the time i finish their be on there way home

guv001 welcome to our happy band of losers well done on the weigh loss

31/08/2012 at 08:29

Well, another three lbs gone so 13 in total. Still a long way to go but i'm moving in the right direction.

Hope everyone else has pleasing results.

31/08/2012 at 16:43

Afternoon all

Well 7 miles done today bit happy with the pace the whole run took 1:06:14 with an Avg pace of 9:00 m/m pace

31/08/2012 at 17:25

Hi all...again sorry for the lack of posts and contributions...just been too busy with life getting in the way of everything...

Just too many back posts to comment on...but everyone looks like they are really pushing the boat out....so well done all you losers!!!

Augusts run down:

28 runs, 155.14 miles (146.18 road/8.96 trail) total run time 23:41'57, avg pace 9'10/mi, 17797 cal burned running...have put 122miles on my new Merrell Road Glove shoes...great shoes....

Weight 29th April 2012 76.1kg  - Today 66.9kg

Spare tyre was 100cm now 83.5 another 3.5cms and I'll be happy.

Until whenever....keep up the good work chaps and chapess's 



Nike + and the associated website is very flakey indeed...now have a 10k with a time of 5'13...wow!

Now moved to ismoothrun app for the iphone...even lets you create yoour own intervals...and exports to Nike+....it'll even support a decent HRM ON iphone 4s.....so far so good.




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31/08/2012 at 21:13
First weigh in for two weeks this morning. Only up .6 of a pound after 2 weeks away I'm happy with that.
01/09/2012 at 10:18

Happy weekend!

It's the first of September, which means that the Berlin Marathon is this month.


In fact, it's just four weeks tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. On the one hand I'm looking forward to the occasion and to being part of a crowd of 40,000 being cheered on by a million spectators. On the other, I can't get past the realisation that I'm going to have to run 26.2 miles / 42km. It's going to be an incredible experience, that much I do know!

Back to more mundane runs: enjoyed a sunny 10k before breakfast this morning. That's my first run of September done. Just need to focus on the last run of September now...

Congrats to everyone who's been getting out there running and losing!

01/09/2012 at 15:40

Afternoon all

went out with the O/H again to day to keep her company on her LSR we did 12 miles today also  stop on the way around to have my name printed on my charity running vest for the GNR

02/09/2012 at 14:40

Completed my fastest half marathon distance to date this morning, coming in at 1 hr 58 minutes. Not bad considering I was battling wind and rain for the whole run. Seem to have gained a pound during the week, though, so it's not all good news!

03/09/2012 at 03:26

Words well done to you

03/09/2012 at 11:39

Happy Monday All!

The thread is busy busy these days, everyone seems to be doing really well.

I was 155lbs this morning, which I am pretty sure is the lowest weight I have been as an adult, could be fluids though as I had a hard, hot race yesterday.  I'm taking it though!

Laganside 10K yesterday and I had set myself a target of 47:30, I wasn't feeling positive at all, felt really bad at Parkrun on Saturday, and felt the same after jogging a couple of miles to the start line.  Once I got going though, I felt pretty good until the last mile, ended up with a big PB 47:28, 1:40 off my previouse best, and 18 minutes faster than the same race last year.  Relieved that all the miles I am doing is paying off.

Words - Well done on your time, almost nervous for you RE marathon lol, I'll be in the same boat in October!

Dave - In my experience the weakness of the running apps is mainly the phones GPS, they just don't use the same amount of satellites, or update as often as the dedicated running gps watches.


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03/09/2012 at 13:01

Any body heard about the 5:2 Diet? I was watching a Horizon programme about it and it seemed quite astounding if the claims are true. From my perspective the benifits of preventing brain deterioration in old age and longevity are the point but weight loss seems to be a bonus as well.

03/09/2012 at 16:27

Afternoon all

Well should have been just 3 for me today but as i was passing pop into the car rental place to confirm that the booking we had made online last night had gone through

We decided to rent a car to drive to Newcastle as ours is only small and getting two suite cases my running gear and a box of food in the boot may prove difficult and it saves ware and tear on ours

trouble was i thought i turn my Garmin back on it was only when i looked at it i realized i hadn’t so i turn it back on and kept going till it read 3 miles when i got home a edited the map and it turn out to be 5.3 miles so that’s my long run done for this

Can’t believe the GNR is 2 weeks this Sunday just gone when i entered it in December last year

JBL3 well done on the PB

JBiT no sorry never heared of that one

04/09/2012 at 09:50

Hi everyone

Great reading from you lot and loads of good running

I actually managed to get my LSR in Fri morning and did 10.17 miles, tapering now ready for Lake Vyrnwy HM on Sunday  feel good and looking forward to it

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