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27/10/2012 at 10:31

JBL good luck


27/10/2012 at 22:48
Good luck JLB
28/10/2012 at 13:29

Well off to my first weight watchers meeting tomorrow to see what it's like managed to find one at are local church starting at 12.30pm which is dead handy

28/10/2012 at 14:16

Toby3 - Perhaps being around linkminded people will be a welcome boost...good luck.



29/10/2012 at 03:39

Morning all

Sat down yesterday and work out my training plan for the Boscombe 10k and then my training plan for Brighton which will be starting the second week in December will use the same one as the last 3 years as it has stood me in good stead

 off to a weight watchers meeting later today to see what it all about then if it’s not too late will do a 3mile run

Dave that’s what i hoping for you guys and gals have put me to shame with the weight loss and have kept me going over the last couple of months when thing have got me down or just felt like packing it all in




Edited: 29/10/2012 at 03:40
29/10/2012 at 06:14

Toby3 ... Hope it all goes well today...


Off to see the surgeon now to see if all is well with the hack job he did on my hernia...update 20 days after the hernia op...doc says 'listen to your body' but as far as he is concerned I'm hot to trot!

Edited: 29/10/2012 at 16:17
29/10/2012 at 16:20
4:28:45 for Dublin, felt like failure, but I'm coming round to the idea that I've just done something I didn't ever think I'd do. Full report on my trials and tribulations mid-week
29/10/2012 at 17:22

JLB3...Come on...don't put yourself down...thats our job...failure is binning all the hours and miles of training you put in and just turning up and knackering out at 5 miles...you on the other hand have worked hard put in the effort and come out the other end with a very respectable time.

Be proud that you you did all that...running a marathon is a very hard task (I will never do one)


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29/10/2012 at 19:37

Hi All,

Just doing a marathon is like Dave A|nderson says is a greatachievement. I sit with people who talk about what they want to do and never do anythig about it. the running of a marathon is only achieved by only a small percentage of people.

As for my weight its gone back up to 13st5lb, I spent weekend at my mum's and she fed me up  will take me a week or more to get it back down to 23st13lb.

Hope weight watchers does go well for you toby3.

Over the past couple of years I have slowly got to grip with the weight watchers meals, I don't go to meetings, but I do have the meals 3 may be 4  times a week. I have lost nearly 3st and managed to keep the weight off. So hope it works for you to toby3, it takes time but it can be done.

What is it that you do Dave Anderson 5? I'm sure you have mentioned it, but I have a brain like a sive.



30/10/2012 at 03:59

Morning all

well went to the first meeting yesterday got a terrible shock weighed in at 13st 7lbs don’t know where that came from as i am only 13st 1lb by mine which is still bad enough  using their Pro point tracker is going to take some getting used to but have signed up now so have to give ago

Went for a 3 mile run afterward took me just under 28 minutes so not to bad

30/10/2012 at 20:40

JLB - you've run a marathon! Huge congratulations! Don't be down on yourself re the time - only 7 mins behind my first marathon time, so if you put yourself down, you're dissing me! Especially given the run of illness and reduced training beforehand.

You're still above the average finishing time. And, in case you need reminding, you've run a damn marathon! Enjoy it, and look forward to smashing your time at the next attempt.

Toby - good luck with the weight watchers.

Dave - hope all's sorted now!

Another lunchtime run today - 8km along Swansea Bay. I averaged 5mins 27secs per kilometre, so a tad slower than I'm capable of. My current 10k PB is 52mins 41secs, and my aim is to get below 50 minutes by the end of the year.

I've got to say I really enjoy running at lunchtime; it wakes me up after a morning in the office and clears my head for the afternoon.

Keep going everyone!


30/10/2012 at 20:52

Hi Everyone,

Is this open to anyone? I've been running a couple of years and have kind of been burying my head in the sand with regards my weight... i run right so i can eat and drink what i like? Well having lost 4.5 stone previously (my weight was 19stone 5lb) it's now creeping back on and I hit 16 stone at the weekend!


30/10/2012 at 21:37

Welcome aboard, Smileybob, and make yourself at home. What are your running/weight loss goals for the next few months?

30/10/2012 at 21:54

Hey Words, thanks *pulls up a chair*

So weight on Saturday was 224lb so would like to hit 214 by year end. As for running going for a 10km PB in a couple of weeks and building up to a sub2 h/m attempt early Jan (missed out by 1:24min at Preston)

30/10/2012 at 22:07

Welcome Smileybob!

30/10/2012 at 22:11

Dublin 2012 Report

I arrived in Dublin with my wife on Saturday to spend a couple of days enjoying the city; it’s just a 2 hour train ride from Belfast.  I lived in Dublin in 1999 for a period, and have always loved the city, but it was strange staying out of the pubs and avoiding the black stuff (alright I did allow myself 1 pint!)  It was absolutely freezing on Saturday, and I was worried I didn’t have the appropriate kit for the run, but thankfully it warmed up over the next couple of days, and I considered conditions to be perfect on Monday for the race. 

Race day:  The hotel started breakfast early in consideration for Marathoners, I ate like a champion, Porridge, bacon, eggs, toast, croissant, marmalade.  I also lifted a banana for closer to start time (and a packet of jelly sweets!)  I got to the start area for may wave around 40 minutes before the gun, and jumped into line for the toilet; 5 toilets for what must have been 4000+ in my wave!  I had to wait for over 35 minutes and by the time I got to the start area, my wave had been moved forward, and I actually ended up starting beside the 5:00 pacers, rather than the 4:00 as I had intended.  Thus my first couple of miles were slower than what I had aimed for (9:50, and 9:20, I think), but I didn’t panic, making my way slowly through the crowds until I got amongst runners who were going more my pace.  I put started putting away 8:50 miles, and moving through the field steadily.  There had been really great support all the way to Phoenix Park where the crowd thinned a little, but it was a pleasure to run through the park.  When I passed 10 miles I was averaging 9:00 minute miles on the button, and hit the halfway mark at 1:58:24, I was starting to feel it more than I thought I should at this point, but still going OK.  I came across a friend from my rugby club at about this point and we ran together for 5 miles or so.  At 15 my Garmin’s memory ran out (schoolboy error) and began beeping incessantly, so I switched it off, not knowing my pace started playing on my mind a little.  Another little gripe was when I needed some Vaseline for underarms, and inner thighs, I didn’t see anyone at the medical stations\water stations with Vaseline on offer so I had to stop and go up to an ambulance to get some.  I wasn’t really sure of my pace anymore, but still felt pretty strong, then shortly after 19 I just stopped and walked, I can’t even remember an internal debate about it, it was almost as if my body made the decision without consulting my brain.  I was hugely disappointed in myself, and I have to tell you, walking is much more painful than running, but I couldn’t get going again without cramping in my calfs\thighs\hip.  It’s difficult to convey how despondent I felt (I’m sure a few of you have been in the same boat though), I was cold, ashamed of myself, I felt like throwing in the towel, shouts of support felt like slaps in the face.  I struggled, mostly walking for about 5k, then as we got closer to the city centre, the crowds built up and closed in, I managed to get into an awkward shuffle and keep up with the 4:30 pacers, even going past them with about 500m to go.  My main emotion crossing the finishing line was relief.

It took me a while, but I’ve got some perspective on my first marathon. In July 2011, running 5k without stopping felt like an achievement, and as recently as March this year I would have though you mad to suggest I would have completed the Dublin marathon.  The support was second to none, Dublin is a great city, and I would recommend the race to anyone, I'll most likely do it again myself, unfinished business and all that.  I’m just going to have to do an

30/10/2012 at 22:12

I’m just going to have to do another one, I want to RUN a marathon, not just survive.

30/10/2012 at 22:31

Completely get that I've 'survived' 3 marathons now and not got under 5 hours... I so want to RUN a marathon. Looking at Manchester next year. When's your next one?
31/10/2012 at 04:26

Smileybob welcome to our happy band of losers

JBL 3 well done to you don't knock yourself to hard you finished and OK you had to walk a bit but there no shame in that and 4:28:45 is a dam good time

31/10/2012 at 05:42

Love this forum

4 years ago I was 12stone 8lbs, old (now 63 - cant do anything about that!!)  got back into running and completed the Snowdonia Marathon last Saturday - my first - in 4hrs 45:52.  Well chuffed.  I now weigh 9st 5lbs and would like to lose another 5.5 lbs, but my hubby says he doesnt like seeing my ribs!  I found an ap for my phone called MyFitnessPal on to which yoiu log absolutely everything is very motivating.  My downfall is WINE and when I drink wine I have to eat cheese!  Smaller portions work, smaller fork, smaller plate.  More exercise.


LLB3 and Smileybob - Well done to do marathons doenst matter about the time - you are way ahead of those who never move at all.


Come midnight NYE I will be ready to register for Snowdon again.

Happy running days one and all


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