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26/06/2013 at 17:25

Started my diet/fitness regime 1st November 2012, was 22 Stone and got knackered running a bath...

Today weighing in at 16 stone 11 pounds and running 6km 3 times a week (and down from 7:13 per km to 6:33 per km). Really proud of myself.

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27/06/2013 at 00:31

I bet you are Beaty. That's superb.

27/06/2013 at 04:31

Beaty well done you that's a cracking weight loss

27/06/2013 at 14:21

Thanks all, all the hard work is paying off, and now addicted to running


27/06/2013 at 15:51

Well done Beaty, great going there. Same here really, I'm bit addicted to running these days after losing quite a bit of weight myself, something I still struggle to get my head around is real. All good stuff, keep it up

27/06/2013 at 16:11

one thing I've found as the weight came off  my race times got quicker

28/06/2013 at 18:10

evening all

16 miles for me today splits weren't to bad  as i set out to keep the pace down ranging from 8:21 to  10:10 but the good thin is i managed to run all of it today with out hitting the wall

30/06/2013 at 14:41


A mixed day today. Stood on the scales for the first time in yonks and nearly had heart failure. The diet starts again in earnest tomorrow, with a 2 month window to reach my target weight. I know I've been exercising less and eating more, but even so I was a little shocked...

On the plus side, I ran the Llanelli 10k today in 52:39 - one sodding second away from a PB. ONE SECOND! (Hoping the official times will snaffle me a PB when they're published tomorrow...) Given the lack of regular running and the lingering niggling foot injury, I'm chuffed.

Beaty, Simon - hello! Sounds like you've got the bug! It's great to see the lbs slide away as your times come down too, isn't it?

Hope all's well with everyone.

01/07/2013 at 09:42

Hello Wordslinger, yes you are right that I have got the bug!

I'm a bit sorry I didnt know about the John Hartson 10k until it was too late (first heard of it on Friday) but I will be doing it next year I am sure.  Unlucky with that 1 second PB miss but as you say the official time may go in your favour today... and good luck for the next two months then!  I will be weighing tonight after work.

01/07/2013 at 13:38

Afternoon all

10 miles for me today must say i was glad it wasn’t as hot as it has been better splits to all in the 8 range went out with the O/H on Saturday for what should have been 9 miles but we ended up only doing 6 as the wife was still hurting after Thursday when she went with her firm to an activity centre which involved a 3 army type assault course

Just let’s say muscles she never knew she had were still hurting

Went to my weigh in this morning and I’m the same as last week 10st 06lbs which is good

Word bad luck on miss the PB but i know your nail it next time especially if you lose the weight

02/07/2013 at 10:18

Well done Toby.

Not really sure why but I had put on 1lb when I weighed last night. The week before I had lost 5 lbs in 7 days. (week to week was near identical diet and exercise, slightly better this week if anything). Balances out to 2lbs per week though over the last 2 weeks I suppose. Not going to panic and change anything as generally my weight is still dropping at a very tidy pace now, first time I've seen my weight increase though which sort of surprised me (as in first time in the last 7 weeks or so since I started weighing... seen it go up quite a lot before now! ).  I have already noticed that my weight loss can vary quite a bit week to week, for example one week a loss of 4 lbs, then 1 lb the next, with no real difference in calories in and out.  All the best

02/07/2013 at 13:04

Simon There doesn’t seem to any rhyme or reason too this weight loss thing or that’s what i found when i was trying to lose weight by myself i would lose consistently then for no apparent reason put weight on

It wasn't until after went to weight watchers that i lost weight consistently and there was only 1 week when i put weight on but that’s because I’d lost so much weight so quickly going from 13st 07lbs when i joined at the end of October to 11st 6lbs by the end of December that i got complacent

i finally got to where i wanted to be by 3rd week in February and that was 10st 7lbs now I’m just trying to maintain it and bounce between 10st 05lbs and 10st 7.5lbs

02/07/2013 at 13:10

So what did you do differently at weight watchers toby? Count calories in a more structured way? Just interested if you don't mind sharing.

I am steadily losing weight, but I find it quite hard to get the last stone off. Half a stone would be ok, a stone better- I am 10 stone 6 at the moment, have lost 5 pounds over 6 weeks, but I know from previous experience it gets hard from here. Not really inclined to go to ww, but really good to hear what works for other people.

02/07/2013 at 14:08

Cheers Toby.  Thats good going to get there and well done on maintaining your weight so well.
Since last August I've lost 10 stone so I know the weight has been coming off me well but now I get that it will be a lot slower rate than before. The thing is I only started regularly weighing in the middle of May this year and so far since its been an average of 2 lbs off per week, so still going the right direction at what I believe to be about the right speed of loss (though this I dont know for sure, but sounds right to me?).  I've never fancied weight loss groups to be honest but I can also say that I have not got complacent as yet... maybe at some point if I do need that extra bit of motivation then perhaps it could be an idea, though I really dont fancy it at all!

I am 6'6" and currently 18 stone 8 lbs (260 lbs) so obviously still overweight, but quite a bit better than this time last year, to say the least.  The upper end of my ideal weight for my height seems to be around 235 lbs, so about 25 lbs to go I suppose?  There is quite a bit of conflicting info out there depending on who or what you want to listen to so my ideal weight is a bit unclear really, but will probably be about right when around 220 to 230 lbs.

02/07/2013 at 16:20

Basically with weight watchers you’re given a daily pro points allowance mine was 35 when i started you can eat anything you like as long as you work out the point value for it

the idea is to stay within your daily points allowance but you also get 49 weekly points to be used as a backup if for any reason you go over one day or have a party or are going out for a meal and on top of that and this is where the running come in handy you can earn activity points

i do have to say we’ve tired quite a few of the weight watchers recipes and i have to admit there really nice were eating better now that we were before

I found that this help me limit the amount of food i was eating and the size of the meal itself plus i wasn’t going to pay out good money just to go on doing what i had been plus i found being in a group help as you’re not doing it on your own a bit like joining a running club it all right to run by yourself but it nice if you have people with the same goals and interests around you sometimes

Simon what a great weight loss

03/07/2013 at 03:26

morning all

well just a little 3 miles for me yesterday as i ran out of time took me 24:11 pleased with the splits as they were all in the 7's only just but good enough for what I'm aiming for at Brighton next year just need to build on it now and be able to keep it going for longer

07/07/2013 at 08:08

well a good week for weight loss my daughter text me to say shed just been to her weight watchers meeting to weigh and had lost another 4lbs so that's a 1st 3lbs in 6 weeks and me and my wife went to her meeting to weigh she had lost 0.5lbs and I'd lost another 3ls although we went to a harvester yesterday for a meal and i have the feeling I've put it all back on again

running wise

went out Saturday morning with my wife we ran down to her weight watchers meeting which was 2 miles and weighed before heading off to do a 6 i have a feeling my training with my wife going to be a lot tougher next year for Brighton as she now run most if not all of her runs now instead of run walking like she use to

by the time we got home we had just enough time to have a bit to eat before heading out the door as my wife was doing the race for life with her sister they had opted to do the 10k race this year but were walking it it was so hot i decided to take small bottles of water in a cool bag with ice packs in them to keep them cool

just as well i did as my wifes sister was struggling in the heat just before half way when i saw them for the second time and one of the cool pack ended up keeping her cool instead of the water after i had moved again and meet them for the third time i walked with them acting as a mobile water station glad to report that they both made it around safely although i have to say my wife although her legs were a little stiff never really had a problem

Hence another reason i get the feeling my training with her for Brighton’s going to be a lot tougher next year


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10/07/2013 at 05:31

Well so much for keeping to short runs in the garage i had to get a new bit valve for my Camelbak that’s the bit you shove in your mouth i was only going to run to the shops and back only a couple of miles but the run felt so easy i ended up doing 13 instead

Did make the mistake of not putting sun cream on though so although i thought I’d got away with it just got home from work and i am nice and red and have nice outline of a running vest

11/07/2013 at 00:23

Hi Toby n everyone.


so 125m in the last calendar month. 27m in the last week, now I'm over 25m per week constantly I do find I'm eating more. All my weightwatchers weekly points are eaten now but I'm maintaining my weight I stayed the same this week 9st 11.5 lbs


from the diet point of view it's good as although the weight is the same I'm starting to get a bit of muscle definition in my legs, and the dreaded tummy which still has a tyre is slowly going. my arms are a gear example started at 42cm around my upper left arm at the beginning of the diet now down to 29/29.5cm around the same area

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12/07/2013 at 04:31

Morning all

well i haven't run now for 2 days just been to tierd after a busy night at work but must get out today for some from of run

booktrunk sounds like your toning up nicly

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