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24/10/2010 at 09:54

Tiger Bread? Swiss Roll? Cake? Have I accidently stumbled on a culinary forum thread!!!

Only kidding, better the devil you know- 'So Mister Flaming Hot Pizza we meet again, and you've bought Speckled Hen as well'.

Not a good weekend for me so far. It started to unravel on Friday with a very poor run, I just couldn't breath and had to walk a few times. I cooked a healthy fish pie but without really going off the rails I have put a couple of pounds back on. Hopefully today's run will see a return to form.

Zara, hope the knee is OK now. My big worry is to have to stop running again. I don't seem able to keep it together without running to focus me. 

24/10/2010 at 17:01

I managed to keep the rendez-vous with the old flame to a liquid lunch, so not doing too badly on the potentially dangerous weekend.

But I am taking nephews out on two days this half-term, so more eating out on the way, but probably balanced by frantic activity. Might try to swimble too.

24/10/2010 at 17:46

Hi to everyone, hope you're all enjoying your weekends. 

Thanksfully today has been much better for me, I did a good 11 mile run this afternoon incorporating some steep muddy hills in preparation for my next race and have resisted the lure of any naughty foods - it does help that OH finished off the ice cream while I was out this morning.

Yersinia - double well done on avoiding the tiger and keeping on track at social events.

JBiT - some runs do just go like that don't they?  And mostly for no apparent reason.  Hope that you've managed to get out there today.

I think it's time for me to start dressing for winter, I went out today in t-shirt and 3/4 tights, the last 3 miles of my run were into a cold north wind - I hadn't really noticed it before then - and my hands were freezing!!  maybe I'm just a wimp but it's time to dig the gloves out again.  Alos after congratuating myself on nothaving fallen over lately I slipped on a particularly muddy section and skidded sideways landing on my bum.  Thankfully the mud meant it wasn't painful but my legs ended up in a patch of nettles and are still stinging now!  When I said I had got over my clumsiness the other day, perhaps I was wrong.....

24/10/2010 at 17:52
Really good 8 mile run this afternoon.   Weigh in not so good - no change,   In fact first time I weighed myself I'd put 1lb on but after a bath I was back to where I was last week - 13st 1lb.  Not to worry I am happier with my running.  I did had 3 pints of guinness on thurs and have had cake a few nights - must try harder this week. 
24/10/2010 at 18:36

Hi everyone

Well done Puffin 1 and AndrewB10 on your runs.  That's great.   I know what you mean about the cold weather - my boiler has just packed up, and then using my cooker to heat my kitchen - that blew up - so it's actually motiviation for me to run about the house and outside - just to keep warm.

Saving my weigh in for tomorrow morning - so not sure how I've done.  Was doing OK food wise until today (with the loss of the cooker) which consequently means I've snacked on cheese & crackers (I love cheese - like Gromit)

Was supposed to do a long run today - but my knee is still very tender - so decided to so a short easy run on the treadmill in the gym (that has support) so I could still get a bit of a run in without hopefully doing any damage.  I did 3.5 miles, but my leg feels fine - may have even helped a bit loosen muscles a bit.  Fingers crossed my weight ill be going in the right direction tomorrow

Big Mexican wave to Toby3 and Julie, and everyone else


24/10/2010 at 19:39

JBiT - I know what you mean, it is my biggest worry as well, especially having waited 30+ years to take up running and then finding out that is has such a huge positive impact on my life. I have been walking gentle uphill walks this weekend and the knee is holding up fine. I will try going back to 3 min run/walks tomorrow, even if I am not doing the 8 min, at least I am out there and running. Trying to eat well and take multivitamins to encourage the healing process I hope you have  a better run today & enjoyed it

Yersinia - well done on avoiding the tiger bread. There is nothing worse than an active imagination sometimes - I have the same problem with cheese 

Puffin 1 - Hope you have calamine lotion on hand, ouch!

Andrew - well done on the run - I just worked out yesterday using google pedometer that my current run/walk route is about a mile - I was quiet pleased to have got around it once with run/walk, but having to get around it 3 times (for a 5K run) seems a difficult feat to achieve by easter!

24/10/2010 at 20:37

Mmmm. Crispbread.

Diet wise I've had a good day and I forced my poor children out for a ten mile bike ride but I'm craving something stodgy and sweet now. 

Puffin: I'm always slipping and falling over. I have discovered since beginning running that wet cow dung is the slippiest substance known to man. Fortunately there is usually a handy patch of nettles to break my fall.

Day off running/cycling/working tomorrow. Might even have a lie in!


24/10/2010 at 22:35

Jess - poor you, hope you managed to get the boiler fixed soon, I am no good in the cold, I get all cross and unhappy so I really feel for you.   Also hope the knee is better soon.

Zara - hope you're back to running again soon too.  Injury is the worst thing and soo frustrating.

Gazagirl - lol!  There's never just a patch of nice clean grass to fall into!  My worst was being surprised by my own shadow coming up behind me, jumping and falling over on flat concrete - thankfully no one was about but I did feel a total fool for a long time afterwards. I'm very envious about the day off tomorro, I'll be up at 6.30am as usual.....

24/10/2010 at 23:32

Back to form today, run wise. I might even move up to week 6 on the beginners prog tomorrow.

A good weekend generally though, couple of pounds on but I think that was a bit unfair so hopefully it will even out in the next few days.

I am really desperate for some tiger bread though. It's not that bad is it???

24/10/2010 at 23:43


Ahh great news on the run - glad you're back to form

All this talk of tiger bread is making me hungry  xxx

25/10/2010 at 00:29

Now I feel guilty for introducing the subject!

 I suppose it's only bad in so far as I can scarf down multiple doorsteps of it laden with butter, if it's fresh and warm, and I'm in a tigerish mood.

25/10/2010 at 03:39

Morning all

Will try to get over the gym today for a swim if time allows as i have a dentist appoint meant at 3pm oh joy  had a bad weekend food wise eat too much again so not expecting to lose anything this week

Well done to everyone some good runs being done

 Jess hope the boiler gets fixed soon

25/10/2010 at 07:51
Zara, you will be fine, you will probably have a breakthrough and you will be able to increase yr distance by more than a little Bit at a time. Stick with it.
25/10/2010 at 09:00

Morning all, well it's Monday so the day to be good and strong to set a good start for the week.  My plan is to do 6 miles easy this evening after yesterdays long run.  what are other people's aims?

What has happened to autumn this year?  We seem to have gone straight from summer to winter!!  Was minus 1 this morning when I got up.

25/10/2010 at 10:29
Hi everyone

Happy today as weighed myself and managed to lose 3lbs. I had been more careful about what I eat, just more fruit and tried to cut down on my bread (I could eat a loaf of toast in one sitting).

Was supposed to do my long run yesterday, but with my knee still a bit tender, I just did a 3.5 mile easy run. Feels a bit better. Think I'll try to do quite a bit of swimming this week, and do short runs in the week, and hopefully by Sunday I'll be good for a long run. Looking forward to running out in the cold - got my new 'cold' running gear to try

Hope everyone is well xxx
25/10/2010 at 12:59

Afternoon all

Well I forgot to weigh myself again.  Don't think I'm going to be very good at this, but I'll try to remember in the morning.  Been doing quite a bit of exercise and much less snacking, so I'm hoping that will have paid off.

Will let you all know when I've braved the scales!

C xx

25/10/2010 at 13:44
Jess - well done on the 3lbs
25/10/2010 at 14:10
Ditto! Well done Jess

The most embarrassing fall i had was by a bus stop of people. The cable tv snake (most paths have them, they are great to run on in the ice but not at any other time) rose up from the ground, wrapped itself around my ankle and over i went

hole in favourite tights too
25/10/2010 at 14:15

Congrats on the 3lb Jess. Didn't you say you were plateauing??

I've been a bit up and down but mostly down and even though I had a horrendous run Friday I've moved up a notch on my run this lunchtime. I'm now on week 6 (RW Beginner Prog). It was tough but thrilling especially as the was still some shaded frosty areas to give the path a fairytale look. I keep looking at my schedule and thinking about getting back to 6 mile runs.

I'll walk home tonight as well for a bit of extra exercise. I'll light a fire and stay in with the papers, a good book and no snacking. Maybe a glass of spirit, I'm not a monk!!

Looking to lose a bit more before tomorrows weigh in. I'm determined to beat my sister on our weekly bet.

25/10/2010 at 16:46

Afternoon all,

Just been playing catch-up .. only two days away and I had several pages of postings to read!

JT - re Friday's suggestion, yes I think a bit of pink lippy might be a nice treat for me - not! The nutritional charts are why we only have an Indian occasionally.

JBiT - it's not a culinary forum as such - but some threads seem to include a lot of disccussion of cake etc.

Puffin - sorry to hear about your tumble on the mud into the nettles.

Jess - hope you get the boiler and cooker sorted soon. Well done re the 3lb loss.

Gazagirl - thanks for working out for me that cow dung is slippier then mud - saves me having to do the comparison myself.

*Waves* to everyone else (including the newbies) ..

It was a lovely day for a run yesterday. I managed 5.25 miles without stopping to walk at any point - a first in terms of mileage and none of that walking nonsense!  And as I ran through some trees in the park some deer crossed the path ahead of me - brilliant!

I've decided to work in Kg for a bit. I couldn't bear the suspense of what I weighed so I jumped on the scales on Thursday evening and I was 96.6Kg. When I weighed myself on Sunday I was 96.3 (or a loss of 1lb in old money).

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