What do you all wear when i rains?

Quite appropriate i think

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24/04/2003 at 15:18
I want to be dry but not too hot
cougie    pirate
24/04/2003 at 15:33
v lightweight water resistant running jacket if it's heavy. Legs get wet, but don't really notice.

Anyone lend me a brolly for the walk home tonight ? Please ??
24/04/2003 at 15:54
Shorts and t-shirt. Skin's waterproof.

Is it raining dahn Sarf then?
24/04/2003 at 15:56
yeah tonight was meant ot be my second run after coming back into training from injury trust it to bloody rain, can you catch a chill if you run in a tshirt inthe rain?

how much is a cheap lightweight running jacket?
24/04/2003 at 16:09
Was rainy this morning down here, but now has brightened up even dare i say it "sunny". Wait 1-2-3, wow it's still sunny. The famous last words didn't work this time.
24/04/2003 at 16:14
You can only catch a cold from being in contact with the virus.

You would only get chilled if you allowed yourself to get cold (i.e. stopped running and sat down and waited) and even then a hot shower would have you right as rain (pardon the pun) in no time.

Unless you live in the Arctic or at the top of a mountain or something, you don't need a waterproof in summer. You won't get hypothermia running in the UK in "summer", no matter how hard it's raining.

Be tough.
24/04/2003 at 16:15
Wearing anything vaguely waterproof while running makes me ... how shall I put this delicately? ... sweat like a racehorse, so I just wear a teeshirt and tracksters. Getting wet from rain is preferable to stewing in my own juice and I just do a quick change to dry clothes when I get back to the house/car.
24/04/2003 at 16:29
I have been only running since last autumn so summer rain running will be a bit of a new experience. However, I suspect that, even with a Gortex jacket in rain at 15 deg you will be wetter inside the jacket than if you had just worn the T shirt.

I read somewhere that running is equivalent of 12 degree increase in air temp so even running in spring temperatures will feel like high summer when warmed up. However if you run/walk I expect the walking bits might get chilly
24/04/2003 at 16:29
Id have to agree with you there
24/04/2003 at 16:33
Goretex thong.
24/04/2003 at 16:47
I'd agree with Jill Neill - just get too hot wearing a waterproof.

Best not to wear cotton though, cos it'll just soak up the water and feel cold and heavy.

Splish splash SPLOSH!!!!!
24/04/2003 at 16:53
a shower proof gilet is good over a wicking t shirt...keeps the trucnk dry and arms being of a smaller surface area dont pick up to much rain anyway. (its been threatening rain up here all day...thought I was going to get wet this lunch time but it held off )

fergal k
24/04/2003 at 16:53
Proper wicking T-shirt and shorts. Rain is your friend. But have something warm to put on to cool down in.

Having just come back from an 8-miler coated in salt and insects, a downpour would have been just the ticket!
24/04/2003 at 16:58
Well it started raining early which made me post this but it appears to have cleared up tho, im in the city at the mo so it could be a different story back home
24/04/2003 at 18:00
eek ---gortex thong?? we just so don't want to know

am relieved to see all this advice as am in stratford half marathon on sunda and weather looks crap. i have no gortex (nor gilet) and tshirt and trackters sound good; but have big bust and don't want to be wet T shirt comp entrant. any suggestions? is it worth buying gilet? hate thought of being hot.

by the way, as a race virgin, ought I to put my number on my front or my back? and how do I stop my number getting wet?
ta, you lot
24/04/2003 at 18:54
Number on the front and they are usually waterproof.
24/04/2003 at 20:55
Red calf length boots, blue Lycra shorts and a red boob tube!

Here to fight the force of evil!

24/04/2003 at 21:36
I work for Nikwax Waterproofing in the testing lab so I've tested lots of waterproof stuff.

Gore-Tex is nowhere near breathable enough to run in, especially in summer, in fact, nothing with a plastic membrane will breathe enough (Sympatex, Triple Point, PU coatings etc etc). You'd be better off with a showerproof top. Most windproofs these days are showerproof.

If it gets dirty and starts to wet out then you can clean and reproof it (with Nikwax stuff of course - which you can get hold of at any good outdoor store) so it's as good as new. To keep waterproofs breathable the outer has got to be water repellent otherwise you sweat buckets.

The other option is 'Soft Shell', it's a relatively new technology that has started to take off in the outdoor market this year. It's a category of garments that is made up of a number of different fabric types which are (mostly) non-membrane based water repellent clothes for outdoor sports. They sell as 'shower-proof' usually. A good brand is Paramo although they can be rather warm at this time of year. Great for hill walking and mountain sports though. Paramo have sponsored a couple of adventure racing teams and the feedback was excellent.

As noted above in summer rain you're probably better off in something wicking. Make sure you dry off at the end of your run before ou start to get too cold, otherwise you can cramp up.

24/04/2003 at 21:44
Cardif Staggerer,

Also, screw your number up before you pin it on.

It makes it more comfortable to wear!


25/04/2003 at 07:17
I do hope it rains tonight!
I LOVE running in the rain.
(maybe a just a young child at heart?)

Just get wet and enjoy!
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