What is to much running ?????

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05/09/2004 at 10:11
Can any one help, I have read a lot of the threads, and a lot to the novice like me is confusing. What is to much do you have to listen to the body ? I am in Training for the Great Souh Run my first serious go at 10 Miles.

I am running 6 miles 5 x a week, planning to move up to 8 next week.

Is 2 days enough rest per week??

Should I run, rest, run, rest??

I use a HRM and run at between 75-82% any thing less than that seems and feels slow !!

Any thoughts ??? Would be appreciated........

Andy F

05/09/2004 at 10:40
Hi Andy, I'm certainly not claiming to be an expert but I would suggest you don't need to run 8 miles every session. Most people seem to run a smaller distance 3/4 times during the week and then extend their weekend run.

Also it's advised to alternate between easy runs and hard runs, so you might do

Run 1 4-6 miles easy
Run 2 4-6 miles tempo (e.g. working up towards your hoped for race pace - you might want to start by doing 1-2 miles warm up then 1-2 miles tempo, then 1-2 miles cool down rather than launching straight into 6 miles fast)
Run 3 4-6 miles easy
Run 4 4-6 miles with some fartlek (i.e. occasionally speed up or slow down for a couple of hundred metres just to practice for your sprint finishes and to improve your speed overall)
Run 5 Long Run - add 10% or 1 mile each week

If you try to increase all your runs to 8 miles you may risk over training at this stage.

75-82% sounds sensible, if you're keen on working with the HRM it's not worth changing your programme close to the race, but you might want to pick up a copy of John Parkers Compleat Idiots Guide on that theme and maybe set aside a month or two for base training after the Great South Run. Hope that makes sense and I'm sure more experienced peeps will pop on here later and give you more accurate info.
05/09/2004 at 10:41
if you dont feel too tired, and there are no growing discomforts anywhere (eg shins, ankles, knees or inside muscles), then its fine
05/09/2004 at 11:22
I am a beginner also but I have heard that it is sensible not to increase your overall mileage by more than 10% a week. So if you are running 30miles overall at the moment then you should look to increase to 33miles max next week, maybe by increasing your long run from 6 to 8 and another couple by 1/2 mile each? The last thing you want is to injure yourself by trying to increase too fast.
05/09/2004 at 12:00
It sounds as if you're doing really well. If you're enjoying the running, it's probably not too much.

It's a good idea not to have all your runs the same speed and distance. Maybe just increase the length of ONE of your weekly runs?
05/09/2004 at 12:59

Cheers for the advice all, it sounds like you are all saying much the same thing !!! Yes I do enjoy the running once I am out doing it I find it hard sometimes to motivate myself into starting ( only sometimes mind ) i take it that is normal??

Now Red Haired Girl, it is not that i am keen on the HRM but it does help to keep me at a sensible speed at the start ?? Am I right to use the HRM.

What about rest days what is best for recovery blocks of running and then blocks of rest or split the running ??
05/09/2004 at 13:06
Andy there is a good book called HRM for idiots, it explains how by going slow occsionaly helps increase your fitness. It helps you keep an eye on your actual effot too so you dont overdo things. rest days are important too. good luck and dont increase too much too soon.
05/09/2004 at 13:21
Ph0enix, If that is the John Parker book I am off to buy it I have read loads of threads where it is mentioned. Cheers for the advice !!
05/09/2004 at 16:22
To all I have found the John Parker book can i confirm Edition 2 is the one I want ????????

05/09/2004 at 17:12
Hi Andy

I have the 2nd edition (1998)
and it seems to have all the info needed
05/09/2004 at 18:06
Hi Pammie

Cheers for that its on the way to me! I am looking forward to reading it !

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