what kit?

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11/05/2003 at 18:57
female runners are so shallow LOL
13/05/2003 at 12:42
Hi. Meerkat alerted me to this thread. I do NOT wear baggy shorts over lycra. Who do think I am John Banes??

No You need to wear lycra alone. The commando/not commando argument has yet to be resolved. I swing both ways.
13/05/2003 at 12:45
So its a sturdy pair of under crackers for me!
13/05/2003 at 13:25
Much is written about kit and most of it is nonsense…motion control, technical super dry lightweight and breatherable tops, wicks?, gillets, micro fiber? All a load of marketing humbug. Good pair of Dunlop green flash, empire building shorts al la Eric Morecambe, standard Y fronts (optional) and a M&S string vest is all you need to run like the wind and drive the women crazy.
13/05/2003 at 14:01
What a lovely picture you describe Mr Slazenger...

Just wanted to add a thmbs up for Ronhill's wicking stuff. Better than most, lasts well, good value.
13/05/2003 at 15:06
Nike do a pair of lycra shorts with the seams running across the body (left to right from inside of leg to opposite side rather than back to front.) No Chafing ( research by Mr Fergalk)
comfy running
13/05/2003 at 19:27
I'd be too embarrased to go into work if any of the customers saw me in lycra, it just does not leave ANYTHING to the imagination, was thinking about getting some ronhill elite baggy shorts anyone tryed them?
13/05/2003 at 19:41
That's why we love Chimp, marcus.
13/05/2003 at 19:42
so what do you wear to run in, meerkat?
13/05/2003 at 20:36
also does the pain in your bronchioles ( I hope thats how you spell it ) and lungs subside with time and practice?
04/04/2006 at 15:22
*apologies in advance for the long post*

I've not long been running myself, but for what it's worth I wouldn't worry *too* much about clothing, it's really not going to make a huge amount of difference you're just starting out! Spend most of your time choosing the right shoes, and you can build up your kitbag from there!

I often run in normal footballers shorts which normal boxers underneath though I do have a pair of lined sports shorts (comfy and come halfway down my thighs) which i prefer to use. Personally not a fan of lycra, or incredibly 'short shorts'; I don't think i'll ever wear either!

I wear various T-shirts, most just normal sports branded T-shirts, nothing special! In the cold I put a long sleave top underneath, maybe not as comfortable as some of these hi-tech jobbies you can get, but does the job. I've got one T-shirt that's like a breathable mesh which I prefer to wear as it's most comfortable (but can be bloomin' cold though!)

I usually use just normal white socks! recently bought some running specific training socks and they're VERY comfy, i don't think they help me run any faster though! lol. Normal white socks are fine really.

My current preferred running kit costs:
Shorts - £4 (on sale@JJB)
Top - £10 (at a bike show years ago)
Socks - £6 (local running shop)
Shoes - £50 (on sale@JJB)

Perfectly happy and comfortable running in it as well :)
13/02/2008 at 13:24
Please get your shoes sorted first . Sweatshop or any where that has a "footscan" can save you miles of agony . The RW "wetfoot" test is a very good guide to your foot type . Feet first . Take it easy .
13/02/2008 at 15:19
I hope he's got his shoes sorted by now, this thread is 5yrs old...! LOL
13/02/2008 at 18:15
Takes me a while to catch up with some of  `em .
09/07/2009 at 03:23
Did you get that running gear lad?
01/10/2011 at 15:42
I'm having to do my early morning runs in the dark now. What is the best kit for visual and doesn't feel heavy?
03/10/2011 at 15:47
What I want to know is how these old posts come back to life after years of absence  do people get really bored and decide to read a few years at a time  haha
05/12/2012 at 17:11


My essential running kit for winter 

05/12/2012 at 17:11

Or even here:



05/12/2012 at 21:58

I wear full length running tights in the winter, but with shorts over the top; going with just the tights feels like going out wearing underwear.

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