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19/11/2004 at 10:09
I take the point, but I think the risks must be quite low. First, you're clearly not carrying a handbag or heavy wallet, so the risks of mugging almost disappear. If you're running past, any sexual attacker first has to catch you! You probably wouldn't attract opportunist attention bundled up, with a headtorch. If it were a bright one, it might be hard just to see what sex you are. Someone who saw you on a regular route might plan, but you would not be an easy target, which might be preferred. On balance I would be inclined to not take a run only if there was a warning specific to time and place. It might be more risky on a lifetime basis NOT running. But that's only MHO and I respect others.
19/11/2004 at 10:49
Hi folks

Sorry to butt in on unrelated question but SteveC got me thinking.

I much prefer trail running as it means the dog can be off the lead and we both get a good session. Unfortunately now it's too dark to set off at 6am through the local woods but I hadn't thought of a head torch! Aren't they a bit big and cumbersome (and wobbly?).

Where did you get yours SteveC?

19/11/2004 at 12:48

Yeah, that's true and I do agree benefits (of running) outweigh the risks. I haven't found Birmingham to FEEL that unsafe all the time I've been here (5 years).
However, when you can still run but not alone in the dark, around some city park, then that's what's preferable! Some of them have a lot of youths hanging about, and I hate getting comments shouted (which is what happened specifically every time I went to one of them, in the autumn). I prefer to run along well lit main roads with plenty of cars around and students (although statistically, I don't know how the risk compares). Having said that, the one girl I do know who was raped whilst running was running in the day time.

As far as headtorches go, I've seen one advertised in Bournesports (mail order). You can probably get lightweight ones so I wouldn't have thought they were cumbersome.
19/11/2004 at 13:08
listening to radio combats boredom.
I like the radio anyway, and don't get much time to listen, so 2 or 3 hours listening on a Sunday whilst running is a treat for me!
19/11/2004 at 14:15
Good point SteveC about the headtorch - perhaps I was just looking for excuses not to go too far and perhaps the one or two dark spots will make me run faster.
19/11/2004 at 14:21
Bootlegger - you asked about headtorches. I actually live in Norway so it wouldn't be much use telling you where I got mine :)

Field and Trek stock the Petzl brand that I use.

The Petzl Zoom I feel is (barely) adequate for unlit and totally shaded trails, but that's what I use, for about £20. The one I have has a spare low watt bulb built in. I think it lasts about 90 mins - I'm not sure - I use rechargeable NiMH batteries, three off. They sit in a battery pack at the back of the head, which balances the lamp nicely. The lamp can also be angled vertically as well as the zoom.

I ran out of light once and it was very difficult picking my way home in total darkness, so I also carry an LED light as backup - Petzk Tikka.

There are much more expensive and powerful lights used by orienteers. Silva are good but F&T don't seem to have them. The battery packs are heavier and tend to be carried in a pouch, harness or pocket rather than the head.

Given unlimited money I'd get a more powerful one with a flood - say 20W - I'd like to have more light in the periphery because I get a strange feeling of running into a tunnel with a narrower beam.

I also use the same light skating and skiing. It is handy on a bike too - in addition to the normal light you can swing your beam at cars on junctions if you think they haven't seen you and are going to come out.
19/11/2004 at 14:32
I once heard that statistically it was safer to run at night than during the day (in terms of numbers, and incidents - does anyone know if this is true because I really want verification!), so if the dark spots actually don't bother you then I'd go for it. I guess some of it actually depends on where you live.

I like driving and listening to music/to the radio, so presumably running for that length of time whilst doing the same shouldn't be boring. Longest I've ever run, I'm actually not sure - but am retrieving my old training diaries from the 1990s when I next go to visit my mum, so will know then!

I think a torch would be a good idea anyway, as you're less likely to trip over things or step into a hole/mess.

19/11/2004 at 15:15
I found this thread on another forum:
19/11/2004 at 15:25
Thanks SteveC.... didn't realise you're from Norway! Must be some nice trail running there.

Headtorch will go on my Christmas list.

Now that I have a dog to run with I'm not too worried about running in the dark, just falling over and looking like a prat. It would be a brave wouldbe mugger/rapist who took on Bootie but I wouldn't wear headphones... I like to hear what's going on around me.

I do have a small (but powerful) handheld torch but when I tried running with that it didn't feel right... got in the way somehow.

Have a good w/e all.
19/11/2004 at 15:49
Thanks for the link. I agree with most of what was said on there, but unfortunately those are *reported* incidents - I think the actual amount is likely to be significantly higher (how many people report incidents?).

On the torch issue - funnily enough, my sister bought me a bizarre little fish you squeezed which then gave out light for xmas once! lol

08/05/2006 at 17:23
With reference to tread mill running a good tip I had recently was to put a 1.5+ incline on the machine which should give a similar resistance to running on the road.
It worked for me

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