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17/11/2012 at 07:43
Morning. Tea Nogs please
No running or anything here. Been at FIL flat each morning trying to sort it. By afternoon I'm shattered, not helped by poor sleep
Family visiting from Wales today, staying at my parents so will see them later then visit FIL this evening.

Marshalling marathon tomorrow, can I count that as cross training?
17/11/2012 at 08:02

Definitley count that as cross training Amanda!

Congratulations XB! Very well done indeed sir - you are a model for us all, and a constant inspiration to me to persist (even though I actually manage not to quite often)

((((((((((amanda, Jenni, Snaily, XB and the rest of you going through tough times)))))))))

Today is our 7 year anniversary 7 years!! So today I shall mostly be ignoring the parkrun, and spending all my time reminiscing and doing cheery things with Mr Daffs

17/11/2012 at 08:21


Defo cross training Amandax

Happy anniversary Daffs and Mr Daffs have a cheery day

My Scout is taking part in this today     (Why doesn't the linky thing work anymore!?)     anyway what fun!

I really must run at some point,. but I'm waiting for him to go and then I shall go back to bed with tea and a toasted bagal

17/11/2012 at 08:36


Happy anniversary Daffers - hope you don't get the itch!

((((((((((((((((((((((((JFF, Amandax, Snaily))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Scouting looks fun these days, am I too old to be one?

Went out to 'Beaujolais night' at a local hostelry last night - the staff dressed in berets and there was a three course French themed meal for £14.95 - Vive La France! I was driving so drank l'eau.

Happy weekends one and all


17/11/2012 at 08:51
Much more fun than Guides DL which is quite frankly pathetic!!
Although daught still enjoys it and is staying on to do her Queens Guide or Baden Powell whatever the top badge is called!!

Wish I hadn't brought my tea back to bed managed to spill it everywhere!!
17/11/2012 at 11:01

We're off to Leeds on the train Don't say I don't know how to show a boy a good time


M...eldy    pirate
17/11/2012 at 11:02
Pikey cat was watching his nemesis out of the lounge window as he sauntered up the road, pikey launched himself off the chair, down the stairs, out the catflap, duffed him up and then wandered back in dusting himself off

aaaand it's back to work for me !
17/11/2012 at 12:14
Happy anniversary to the Daffseses.
Melds, that cat needs an asbo.

I'm on GD duty and I really need my lunch - now.
17/11/2012 at 12:48

Was about to say the same Noggs...about the cat that is although i too need my lunch

8 miles done  I've realised my mileage is down on last year, 'My Mate J' is very close to her target of a 1000 miles, after today I have 120 to do!

Southern Electric owe us £236.39  from the gas bill and from the electric £98.94 surprisingly I'm about to ring them and tell them I don't want to "carry it forward" thank you very much and I'd also like to reduce my monthly dd

The log burner is well on his way to paying for his brother who is sitting in his box until the time Mr Spence has finished the extension !!

M...eldy    pirate
17/11/2012 at 13:14

Thats ma boy  

Those old boilers sound like they are good value Spence .... and the log burners too 

I appear to be back at work

17/11/2012 at 13:28

I just sat down with my sarni put the telly on and there's highlights of the cycling on I would never have watched it before meeting you lot and once again I'm in tears Fab stuff

17/11/2012 at 15:05

AFternoon all

Glad to hear the GPO is keeping everyone in check   If I hadn't seen the photo of the owner of the ASBO cat in the paper last week I might well have believed the story ws about him!!

I am having an afternoon of bike registering filling out the forms for the local fuzz   It is quite disgraceful how many bikes we have for a 2 person house

17/11/2012 at 16:43

Podds, you can never have enough bikes.  The ideal number is actually the number you have plus one.

HL doesn't understand.

BTW, I've found a computer at the dance studio, this is much easier than using my phone.


17/11/2012 at 17:08
XB wrote (see)

One step.

9 years ago today I took my last step as a smoker and my first step as a runner.

I'm celebrating 9,274 miles of smiles. A few tears. Some cake. Oh, and a smattering of swear words.


17/11/2012 at 17:15

Doh - RW being a bit stoopid! There should be a comment to say "and what about all the lovely new friends you now have?"

17/11/2012 at 17:24

 he has hasn't he !

17/11/2012 at 17:31

 For sure. The best benefit; it woiuldn't have been half as much fun if I hadn't shared it with you lot.

17/11/2012 at 19:13


Posting while watching SCD - so there . MS has gone to bowls and left me in charge of the TV (and the bacardi).

XB, that is an anniversary that is really worth celebrating.

I too heard about the ASBO cat and thought of the GPO, it seems that he is keeping in practice.

Such a shame that kids are so starved of parental attention when that is what they need the most . I was far from supermum and lost my temper far more than  should have , but SB says he always knew that he was loved so I guess I must have done something right.

Anyhoo, time for me to go,


WAIST well xxxx

(((Amandax family and FarFarFamily)))

(((Noggy))) I bet the doghouse is chilly.

That scouting day sounds great fun. I do wish that I had found that kind of stuff much soner than I did.


M...eldy    pirate
17/11/2012 at 19:37

My mother sent me the cutting out of the paper for the ASBO cat !!

Tis Saturday and its a tad bizzy

Out on the bike tomorrow and a night shift so I hope to be back at some stage 

17/11/2012 at 20:05
Sluggie, I've always thought if you worry about bring a good parent then you probably are!!
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