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21/11/2012 at 21:21

Are you at HQ Melds?

21/11/2012 at 21:21

No I'm here but feeling sorry for myself (again!! )

DL wrote (see)

Just too many, or should I say to many to mention Ms Pedant!

DL wrote (see)

 allow the pedants amongst you a moment of smug superiroty


Oh b*ll*x - thought I'd caught them all too

I don't go looking for them but in the face of a challenge............well that's another matter.......

...........I, of course, have perfect grammar and spell beautifully.........just can't type

Ye Olde Dragon wrote (see)

 Now, like Nogs, I see myself as spiritual rather than religous. I've read around and investigated various religous doctrine, I feel that the monotheistic organisations have developed into political power struggle sectors that employ a paternalistic approach that treat the masses as if they still cannot read or think for themselves.

Good grief Dragon lady - did you swallow the dicker?

I read running, cycling and tri mags of various types and Outdoor Fitness mag which I wise I'm afraid I tend to go for modern trash rather than the classics...

I've tried so many times to read "proper literature" but it bores the pants of me and like running because I feel I should read it and I am supposed to enjoy it, I don't!

Outside the magazines I'm currently reading Chrissie's autobiography and have Clare's waiting for me (came up cheap at a book club at school so I bought it even though it would probably have come up as a chrimbo pressie - the silly thing is now that I prolly won't have time to read it until then!!)

21/11/2012 at 21:24


I see all is well in WAISTer world and DL is experiencing her own version of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I think its all just a dream because you ate too much cheese before bedtime

LOL at yer Vicar's frock thought, M..eldy

I read books but rarely remember them. I 've read Eat, Pray, Love and currently have my head in Food for the Heart by Ajahn Chah and Who ordered this truckload of dung by Ajahn Brahm. Can you tell the local second hand book shop had a half price sale at the weekend


21/11/2012 at 21:48

Evening all , a little bit p*shed from a very good meal out and lots of grape juice etc.

Family did me proud so another year ticked off the life calander should sleep well tonight , play nice and see you tomorrow.

21/11/2012 at 22:16

awww, westie - happy burfdee  That was a very sneaky thing to do!

*attempts to blow out all Westie's candles but sets light to the curtains*

I was walking Mrs DAwg tonight and I came across an elderly chap jumping up and down in his large garden wheelie bin. I couldn't help but say good evening to him - made us both chuckle

21/11/2012 at 22:25
Ahh Westie, happy birthday !!!

*puckers up for a kiss*
21/11/2012 at 22:56

awww, Spence

Mwah !

21/11/2012 at 23:33

Ooo sneaky Happy Burpday Mr Westie Senior sir

22/11/2012 at 07:14

Oh come on then Yums...

 *puckers up again*

22/11/2012 at 07:32

Happy Birthday Westie!

Morning all, feeling very tubby today so think i'll need to up my game on running and eating better.

22/11/2012 at 07:36

Morning all. Hope none of you is drownded, it looks pretty horrible---yet again---in the west and the midlands ((

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. SIR WESTIE!  That was a bit sneaky of you, but sounds like you had a great party with the family----quite right too 

Hey, Nogs, that's good news on the knee. Hopefully it was just some minor injury that you didn't notice at the time. 

Spot on, Sue! I couldn't put it that way myself, but I do agree with you. (Not sure if polytheists are actually any better, don't know enough about them.)

Being a lawyer, I adore pedantry. Make lots of mistakes myself, but still spot other peoples' and heartily approve of correcting them  'Eats Shoots and Leaves' was my kind of book. (though wouldn't make it into my top three)

Daffs, hope you found the cathedral a fitting place to remember the ex Mr Daffs. One of the things I love about the dear old C of E is that its services can be so beautiful that even if you don't believe a word of what's said, it can still help you reach out toward something beautiful and valid. 

Typical exchange here: 

Mr C: Come look, there's a big bird on the lawn.

Me: That's a heron. (There are lots around here, there's so much standing water they have a permanent food source.)

Mr C: What is it called in Dutch?

Me: No idea, I'll look it up. (one of the joys of a bilingual household is that you live with a dictionary in one hand) It's a reiger.

Mr C: Oh, a reiger. Then I know what it is. ('re LOOKING at it... 

Fascinating to hear about people's fave books. What a great spread of interests we have in here! No idea what mine would be, but will try to think. I'm toddling out with Rossie for just a couple of miles---one of those days when if I don't go now I'm not going to go at all. Happy mornings all xxxx

22/11/2012 at 07:38

Oops, morning Bricki. Really good to see you around the place again!

You prolly just need a little toddle to clear your head and the tubby feeling will disappear 

22/11/2012 at 08:29
Morning all! Visiting you from my bed, acquired my first smart phone yesterday and the novelty hasn't worn off yet...

Service was lovely. Just half an hour, couple of hymns, couple of very short readings, and a few words about the cost of alcohol (human cost, not how cheap cider is!) from the guy who runs the cathedral's alcohol project. And a lovely bit of piano music while we lit candles. It was nicely done, not overpowering, just right, and the cathedral is a beautiful place to be anyway. I started blubbering at th beginning of the first song and didn't stop til I was on the bus home...
Edited: 22/11/2012 at 08:30
22/11/2012 at 09:37

Aww Daffs, have a few ((()))), once the waterworks start they're difficult to stop as everyone is slightly more emotionally fragile than usual on these occasions.........nowt wrong with that though!

I now know that I need to be a hermit - yesterday one of the admin team was making up mentoring appt slips and at the bottom it says - "put this appointment in your phone calendar...." I felt very old for questioning the assumption that all the kids have these.............

22/11/2012 at 11:55

Can I just say "aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Don't know whether to  or  with the work idiots........................

You try and get a job done and just get slapped right stewards

22/11/2012 at 12:30
Hands Podds a brandy :0) And I won't mention knees!

Whispers: ((( Noggs knee ))) and so glad you found the earring :0)

Belated birthday greetings Sir Westie :0)

((( Amandax)))

(((( far far family ))))

((( daffy ))))

Vole one to vole two: " honestly, you try to bag a bed for the night and you get dumped in a bag and left outside to freeze"

Vole two: " I went incognito as a hamster but that didn't work either"

Final image: two small furry voles huddled together to keep warm whilst trying to avoid the damp patch :0)

XB wrote:

Today's recipe (I'm never going to remember to do this every day) is Beorijch, an Armenian dish.

Add 4oz of chopped mixed nuts - Blue and Oskar are at the Vets as I type :0)

Wow Chuggy, that's a lot of Christmas cakes! We have less trees therefore less leaves :0)

Mmmmm three books. I have so many that I love!

The Assyrian by Nicholas Guild ( and its sequel, the Blood Star)

Promises by Catherine Gaskin - read when I was 18 and still re- read it

And Nick Steel's book about training horses and being a Game Warden in South Africa is brilliant - rhino proofing a horse is not easy!

And Buster's Diaries by Roy Hattersley

And all the Harry Potter books

My Animals and other Family by Claire Balding was very enjoyable too.

Think I'd better stop!

Very quiet here without Blue and Oskar :0( Should get them back in an hour or two :0)

Edited: 22/11/2012 at 12:32
22/11/2012 at 12:47
Top three has got to include The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Riuz Zafon
And River God by Wilbur Smith
the Stand - Stephen King ( and the Green Mile)
And most of Tess Gerritssens books

Blue and Oskar are both fine, vet nurse has just rung. Picking them up at half 3 :0)

Until then I might just read a book :0)
22/11/2012 at 12:49
The Forgotten Voices books are wonderful too. Very poignant.

Right. Definitely going this time :0)
22/11/2012 at 13:25

Hooray for "successful" outcomes for Blue and Oskar

Guttie had his lopped off on April Fool's Day and tripped out on the anaesthetic and howled the place down for almost 2 hours until they could bring him out of it

Those who were working there at the time still remember the day...............

22/11/2012 at 13:40

Now these are from my probably all time faves series - still go back and read them sometimes..................

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