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25/11/2012 at 20:34

I've had to maintain radio silence all afternoon.

Mrs XB and I went orf to see James Bond. I didn't fall asleep; that means it's good.

I taped the F1 and so didn't want to inadvertently hear the result. I'm so glad - what a great race. Hurrah for Vettel.

25/11/2012 at 21:08

A likes Podds company ?  Nah, who are you kidding, M...eldy

I always imagine you look like James Bond in your Tuxedo, XB

M...eldy    pirate
25/11/2012 at 21:35

I loved Bond  

25/11/2012 at 22:03

He said he loved you too. You were one of his toughest villains, he said.

25/11/2012 at 22:58
Don't think I've ever seen a Bond film all the way through !
26/11/2012 at 06:57

lol XB

I'm currently having a love affair with Sherlock Holmes. Don't think Bond is going to do it somehow

Yawn yawnity Yawn. If someone could teleport me to York I'd be ever so grateful.

26/11/2012 at 07:07

*magically transports Daffy to York*

Wouldn't it have been better to ask to be transported to paradise ?

Wet here

26/11/2012 at 07:14


Did you spill your wine Yums!?

26/11/2012 at 07:44

Morning all

Did read back some time ago but it all seems to have been rained away - so ((((((())))))), wooo hooooo , ewwwwwww, awwwwwwww, ooooooooh and ahhhhhhhhhhhh as appropriate. I know Noggs had spare ribs for dinner, we should worry about MS as he wants to cruising again, Westie got even older, Mr P is back under the patio and Yums is growing a tache - is that about it??


We were due to go to Bath for the weekend and catch up with some old chums. However OH has the lurgy so we didn't go. I had a weekend of cleaning and ministering.I'm trying to ignore he scatchy throat feeling I have.

Happy new week one and all

26/11/2012 at 08:21

Yep, I think you've got all the important news there, DL  What a shame about the weekend----and poor OH. Hope you manage to overcome any threatened lurgy, but if it should strike, don't be a hero, give in and be sick and let OH pay back your TLC 

Pippi, yet another fab photo there on the beach. I love your photographs because they make the world so interesting: in this case a great subject well caught, but quite often something quite ordinary, like pencils or a lemon or something, that you show in an unexpected way. Brilliant.

Sluggie, budge over. I'm coming on that cruise with you (just so you know). The idea of spending the holidays being waited upon was attractive enough, but sounds like you are going to see some wonderful places and really get away from it all! (I might not be envying you the crossing of the Bay of Biscay in December, but it will be worth it.)

Yums, get the lads to make their own beds. Made ours learn to strip their own beds, wash and dry the bedclothes and re-make the beds when they were about the age of yours (the boys, not the beds!). It was presented as a very adult thing to do and they were quite proud of themselves (still are!). 

Podds, Melds has got it in one. Your friend likes you how you are: not everyone goes for overt sympathy, sometimes just being there is all that's needed. And it's hard for nearly everyone to do: I usually want to bunk it too. Give yourself a gold star, woman, you are a good friend whether you know it or not!

Ooooh yes. I can deffo see XB as Bond! (Only I doubt if James is nearly as good a cook  And from your enthusiastic review I guess we will make a push to see Skyfall over the hols. Generally snooze through them myself too, but the family like them. 

Much rolling up of sleeves here as we are shampooing carpets today. (Those of you with cats, dogs and children will know why!!!) Moved most of the furniture out of C3's room into the hall, moved all my stitching stuff (a shamefully large bagfull!) from the coffee table so we can move it out, about to roll up carpets, you get the picture. Will pop in later for light relief...

Happy Mondays, all xxxx


26/11/2012 at 09:59

Morning All

I can't see Pippi's photo as they've upped the blocking on IT at work and now Flickr is also blocked........   

Am loving the idea of Meldy being Bond's most difficult villain  

I thought I was in Maidstone for another course this morning - turns out it's this afternoon instead..........luckily I did think to check Friday afternoon just before I left work otherwise I'd have looked a right pillock!!!!

Will pop in again before I depart

(((((lurgified or other Mondayfied WAISTers)))

26/11/2012 at 10:10

morning all

haven't been posting much but lurking trying to keep up

all OK in the Far Far household, Mr FF is a bit low - struggling with his mother etc, and my parents are causing some concern - bliddy hard being a grown-up! thanks for all WAISter hugs and kind thoughts - you guys are the best

26/11/2012 at 10:17

Morning each,

I can't see piccies either, I rather suspect that it's my own stupidity and not techie issues.

It's stopped raining at last. It was still falling up to an hour ago.  My fave customer has a few problems with the water levels, I've been there over the weekend to make sure that the pumps are working (they shift water from one place to another with no discernable effect, but it keeps her quiet)  The village is on a flood plain and has standing water a lot of the time.

Looks like Exeter has had it tough - like much of the south west and Wales.

A day shuffling papers for me.  I'll go and check customer later and pop into town for some more Iboprofen.

Chuggs, Skyfall is worth a look.  I'm not a Bond fan particularly but it's a good action/spy film in its own right, if a little lengthy and meandering in the middle.

I think the Jason Bourne films were better but this one plays catch up quite well.

26/11/2012 at 12:02

Right I'm offski - piddling down here to not going to rush the motorway driving

Laters all


26/11/2012 at 13:11

Lots of water on the way here this morning!

I've got a meeting in town this afternoon, and trying to decide whether it's worth bothering to come back to the office. Probably finish about 3ish, I'll get a lift back so probably back here by 3.20/3.30? Have to leave again 4.45 for a 45 min trek to the train (which is 10 mins walk from where I was previously)

That all sounds rather pointless, especially when I'm full of cold Might find myself sneaking onto an earlier train home. We'll see.

26/11/2012 at 14:10
(((Far fars)))

((( lurgified and injured waisters )))

I've never been to the Canaries Sluggy but had a week in Madeira a few years ago. Loved it apart from everywhere being very very steep - I'm terrified of heights and the memory of the only Levada walk we did still brings me out in a cold sweat! Food, hotel and weather was lovely, and we went out into the bay to watch dolphins :0)

Not been away this year as we couldn't leave April :0( Might head somewhere warm and sunny in February, but can't work up any enthusiasm at the moment.

Blue is doing well, he's been a bit subdued, think he's missing April too.

I think XB would make an excellent Bond - resplendent in a Tux with an apron on the top brandishing a pan of culinary splendour - shaken, not stirred :0)
Edited: 26/11/2012 at 14:11
26/11/2012 at 15:33

ahh poor Blue

26/11/2012 at 17:19

Cripes, fave customer is within an inch or two of being flooded out.  i think it's the Evironment Agency's management that gives the village its problems.  Her recently installed duck sculpture is in need of water wings.

Some paper work and shopping here today.

I understand it was nip and tuck between Daniel Craig and XB for the role.  00XB - licenced to audit.  It's a natural development of the character.

Chins up Tubs, I reckon you need some sunshine - go for it.

26/11/2012 at 18:30

Oh yes, XB IS Bond: the 'shake-fry' meal would become a hit overnight! 

BTW, XB, I was really interested in the BBC food website you posted, because I often use the BBC food website myself----but it's a DIFFERENT one:

No idea what the difference is, but they both have great recipes. 

Eeeyew, Nogs, nasty for your customer. The photos of the west country are just horrible. A friend there says half her colleagues couldn't get to work today. And yes, I am suspicious that  environmental management goofs have made things a lot worse

Daffs, hope you were sensible and did take an earlier train rather than waste an hour and a half just trudging back and forth across town!


Good to see you, but these are hard and tiring times. Thinking of you all, especially Mr FF.

See how you feel after the hols, Tubs. Nice to think that you have a holiday IOU in your pocket if you want it. In the meantime, a special cuddle for Blue. xxx

Carpets MUCH better----didn't realise a) how much filth was in them  or b) how much of it we would be able to get out  Have to dash out to pick up C2, back later xx

M...eldy    pirate
26/11/2012 at 18:47

Chuggs, I use the BBC food apps on my phone, there are 3 or 4 of them, nice and easy to use as well!

Bit bizzy here again today, me and the GPO had a bit of a lie in this morning and I shoehorned a swim in before work.  More of the same tomorrow except I am on a night for the next 3 and then down to Bristol for a Pirate Christmas party  .... I have no idea what to wear   

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