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29/12/2012 at 08:40
Outside in this weather jenni?? Rather you than me!

Dragon, quite clearly you need to drop a couple of days of work a week... the only solution!

I love a good yearly plan, me usually on holiday this time of year so spend hours with a notebook planning exciting things. I've already got a spreadsheet for next year breaking everything down into little bits saying what time of year everything will happen... Only really detailed for first 3 months, but I love to know what vague direction I'm heading in

Mind you, I always end up with far too much on it! At least there's no bloody marathons on it this year! (although actually I don't think I planned the last one this early...)

Best get up, got a wedding party and night of debauchery in hull to get ready for!
29/12/2012 at 08:52

Hats off to you, Sue (and to Noggy, and Daffs, and all the others capable of planning!). I hugely admire the way you are able to keep training with so many other responsibilitiesto cover as well. Like Daffs says, once you've retired you should have more time: but take it from me, you won't!  You will find SOOOO many things you want to do, you'll be busier (and happier) than ever!

Well chugged, XB and Jenni! Pouring rain gives you double gold stars. But XB, 'time off if you make up the time' is NOT time off!!!! That's really pretty shabby. 

Cringing apologies for letting down WAISterbabes, but endless explosions just bore me and I can always use a little nap 

Alas, C1 leaves today but we've had a brilliant time and I think she feels 'grounded' here again, which is really important when you're constantly on the move. She's already talking about coming for Christmas 2013, and moving back this direction mid-2014 

Obviously the choice of great and good is as perverse as ever, better go see the worst... (toddles off to inspect honours list)

29/12/2012 at 08:53

I got my best Christmas present yesterday.

The new remote for my Virgin+ box arrived.

Best telly?  Didn't watch much, but liked 'Restless' over the past two nights - I'm a sucker for anything spy related - my all time fave TV drama is Tinker, Taylor (the original Alec Guinness version).

The Royle Family was very good.  I like Miranda but didn't watch it as that character seems to be a one trick pony.

Time to get ar53 into gear.

29/12/2012 at 08:59

Ok, looked at the honours list on the BBC website. I am speechless. 

29/12/2012 at 09:03
I've not even heard of Miranda and don't intend to be seeking her out now!

Morning chuggs

Must get started on the old running again - I've only been twice since the marathon in early October! Think I can make it to the park run that starts in 2 minutes?? Nope, me neither...

Planning to go out with running group this year, although I'll be in the beginners group for a while and they only meet once a fortnight and I'm going to miss the first one... Need something to aim for I think... Want a 5I under 30 mins - got about 3 mins to knock off I think... Doing port sunlight 10k with sister in may - under an hour would be nice but current 10k pb is 1hr 45 so some way to go... Suppose is best invent some kind of training plan or summat...
29/12/2012 at 09:13

Had friends round last night only had 2 glasses of wine but seem to have a bit if a head!

I need to plan something :-/ I've got half a stone to get rid of...
And Dragon I'm still chasing the allusive sub 5.....

I need to get into routine...

Family trip to see The Hobbit is on the cards!

Far far you didn't read back else you'da seen I'd left a slap for you!!!
You know why
29/12/2012 at 09:18
Hey all

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I need to get right back into this running malarkey, but have no idea of an event to do! Need a target or I'm likely to just not get out the house.

I'm pretty sure I've ate my body weight in Christmas dinners and trifle this year
29/12/2012 at 09:31

kit on going out now..........

Hi Claire!

yes thanks Spence- I felt that slap  - heres one in return **slap**

29/12/2012 at 09:47

Clare, hangaround long enough and I'm sure M..eldy will find you a target

Awww, XB, that sounds like a bad arrangement - shall I fire up the WAISter bus is Sue's fab idea doesn't work ?

Daffy, a training plan that you stick to would see your 10k time shrivel big time

I've not seen the NY honours list - They give them at our place - my favourite one was the chairman who did a short stint, was given a knighthood despite the friend he bought in to help him and insisted there were no proper security checks - said friend was uncerimoniously removed by the Poliss investigating the nationwide/international credit card child porn scandal.

Pantomime Dame Margaret Becket Are her and Miranda related ?

I dont have any resolutions or plans to make for next year as I reckon I did quite well this year. I dont mean that in a big headeded way. I think I need to fine tune of course but I think I'm finally heading in the right direction

Life of Pi tomorrow, anyone ?

29/12/2012 at 10:03

We were Far-Far away yesterday - visiting b-in-law down the road from the Far-Fars.Remind me to put a jumper on next time we visit! We don't have a particularly over-heated house, but I'd put it on if I was expecting visitors! (edited to clarify - I'd put the heating on, not just my jumper)

Rainy here - putting off the run till tomorrow.

Sue you might be organised but you're a week too early taking the decs down. It is still Christmas!

Yes, New Year seems to be early with honours. Yesterday they were discussing the newly released cabinet papers (MUCH more interesting than vague celebs getting a medal in a box). I thought it might be to do with the weekend, but they could still do it on Monday, surely?

I'm sort of vaguely resolving to make it to some Park Runs in 2013, and to do 365 photos (1 a day). I started off well this year, then lack of computer etc in March got me discouraged and it fizzled out! I'm also inteding to have a big clear out.We accumulate junk and lots of stuff that is too good to throw out and "might come in useful" - we don't really need that many sets of crockery! If ever the whole family turns up, I'll buy paper plates!!!!

Edited: 29/12/2012 at 10:06
29/12/2012 at 13:13
I must admit I find Miranda a bit much except in Call the Midwife :0) Loved Mrs Browns Boys :0)

Glad you enjoyed your cruise Sluggy :0)

(((( Meldynan and Podds back)))))

Mr Tubs very kindly put the horses out this morning unfortunately they were still in their Jim jams! Fling who always rolls in the muddiest part of the field as soon as he's out for some amazing reason didn't this morning - my very own Christmas miracle - trying to sort out a drenched, mud plastered heavy weight quilted rug would not have been fun!

Great fun with Mini Tubs and his as good as brother plus Jnr's partner's mum's Jack Russell yesterday. Oskar was very jealous, how dare I cuddle something else! After Mr Tubs had taken the boys swimming we and the dogs piled in front of the log burner and watched Ice Age 4 :0). We're off to the boy's birthday party later, Mini was 6 on the 20th and D will be 8 tomorrow :0) I shall be wearing one of my SS presents :0)

I made the huge mistake of watching the Snowman and the Snowdog - cried buckets :0(

Edited: 29/12/2012 at 13:15
29/12/2012 at 16:03

Oh Tubs, what a nice day! A miraculously non-rolling Fling, and two happy little chaps   And not surprised you cried at the Snowdog, but then, you knew you would, didn't you??

Pippi, we need a clearout too, but I may not get around to it this year ..  I did love it when you did a photo every day, though, it was always wonderful looking at your web album, so do do that again!

Welcome back, Clare, good to see you! And there are indeed some inspiring people here who will get you going again, for sure! However....

Yums wrote (see)

Clare, hangaround long enough and I'm sure M..eldy will find you a target

Funny, Yums, I never thought of you as actually evil before....   But it's VERY good to hear you giving yourself some credit for a change!  You DEFINITELY did well this year, and you should give yourself a big gold star as you carry on down your road that is indeed heading in the right direction! 

Spence, let me know what you think of the Hobbit. Someone (was it Jenni?) said it was good, once you realised they were using part of it as a backstory for LOTR. I'd quite like to see it, if only for Gandalf!

Daffs, if you want to do 5 k in under 30 minutes, then for sure you will! 

Just saw that this year there were 'only' 414 murders in New York, down 20% from last year. NYC has about 8 million people. Amsterdam has about 2 million people. They had a fall in murders too: from 13 last year to 11 this year. Do you think gun laws might have anything to do with it???


29/12/2012 at 16:31


ah, Tubbs, what a fabulous sounding family time you're having   Thanks for the tip about hankies for the snowman and snowdog.

Pippi, I don't think I had the link to your daily photos so when you start again, please post it on here

Chuggy,  didn't Michael Moore who directed Bowling for Columbine look at the issue of the gun culture in the USA. He allegedly made a comparison between Canada and the USA but whilst Canada which has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world it has a much lower murder rate but clearly having a virtual prohibition on guns does help

I have cycled to meet chum Mark for coffee and face stuffing. Mrs Dawg seems to be less limpy - hoorah

29/12/2012 at 17:05

The Hobbit was brill

29/12/2012 at 17:14
Ooh I want to see that Spence! How long was it?
29/12/2012 at 17:44

about 2:40 but it didn't seem that long!
I'm really glad I read the book, Martin Freeman is excellent and there's a bit of eye candy too

29/12/2012 at 17:47



Its good to see that things are on the up for you Yums slowly,slowly really works.

Claire - good to see you back. I am sure there are others who will help you with training plans. A new year is a great place to start again.

Daffs -- good on you for being so organised with your yearly plan.

I don't make resolutions or plansany more because I find I am usually unable to fulfill those promises . I just try to take each day as it comes now, and am very happy when I am able to achieve something worthwhile and don't stress (too much!) when I don't. It seems to be working quite welll for me like that

My friend with the cancer died a couple of months ago and Mr L's best friend is fighting the same disease with not a very good outlook. This has really made me realise that each day is important and to be enjoyed as much as possible, as are family and friends. There is usually something positive to be taken from each day, even the smallest thing, a smile, a lovely sunset, a happy wagging tail, can bring peace for a moment.

A big 'thank you' to my Secret Santa. A good book to be curled up with on these horrid rainy nights

An AA meeting for me tonight, then the same in the morning. The rest of the weekend - expect the unexpected!!

29/12/2012 at 17:57
Yeh I've got the book so think I may give that a read first

Larry - I always always break New Years resolutions so thought that I'd start a few Amy's early!
29/12/2012 at 18:48

plop, I've missed 'himself' on Celeb Mastermind.

Lazza, good to see you in the lounge.

M...eldy    pirate
29/12/2012 at 18:51

Evening all

Just settling down to watch Superstars .... could be an interesting match

BUgger!!  Watched MAstermind whilst I was ironning and totally forgot to look out for XB !!

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