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02/01/2013 at 10:09


I pop out for the day and look what you lot have been doing.

Hoorah for snaily mum. I'm so glad she had a wonderful time - when does she escape the home for good ?

Noggs, how dashing you must have looked and how gawjuss HL would have been - Chuggy is right, you bet the women would have been wooed by your elegance

Tubbs, I think I am confused about the flowers and the mum/stepmum business but whatever the situation I agree with Daffy and others, it sounds to me as though you would be better off donating to charity rather than bothering with gifts. You really dont need all the heartache that the gruesome twosome unleash.

Blimey, M...eldy, those shoes must make you 6ft 7 The WAISTer boys will be asking whether they come in mens sizes Hope the GPO has calmed down - he must have missed you

Spence, do you have crystal ball? How the heck did you find out what I'd done ? Do you know how to use a compass  - did you get the emergency whistle I popped in the envelope

Chuggy, your friend in America is in an impossible situation - you can almost guarantee that no sooner she heads home her Ma will deteriorate

(((sluggy))) wineflu sounds nasty but what a happy picture of you, MsS and Alfie all snoozing in bed

Ah, DL, still reassuringly barking - comforting in a time of constant change

The Quartet, XB ? Do tell.

Had a hoobacious time on Plannit Ffannit with Podds, Mr P, DG, Sharkey, NV and Cushtie and the miniyums. The weather really was glorious - the sun shone and the wind and rain stayed away. Cush had not met NV before but I returned from the bra run to find Sharkey, NV and Cushtie snuggled up in the back of Podds car - when Cushtie got out, NV started whining. Then we headed to Podd's pal's house and ended up with 7 houndies in the lounge - Timmy mugged me for my biskwit - Well, I nearly got it in my mouth before it was snaffled outta my hand. And then to the pub with 4 hounds who all behaved wonderfully.

Unfortunately my TFL has told me it isn't up to running yet so I'm feeling a little

  Shall have to find something else to keep my fit - dont mind plodding in the dark but not keen on cycling for anything other than necessity in the dark. And it seems run club have moved the improvers group from Friday morning (my day off) to Weds, so I will no longer be able to go even when leggy is better  - boo



02/01/2013 at 10:11
Naughty oskar! Good decision about not sending presents tubs.

You'll be well on your ride by now noggs, have fun!

I appear to have only just woken up...
02/01/2013 at 10:14

sorry, morning Tubbs - cross post there  - I dont think you will regret your decision regarding your Mother - if you wish to keep in touch you can do it on your terms

02/01/2013 at 10:30 Cat in a box :0)
02/01/2013 at 10:36
Mmmm, that didn't work! Ruddy technology!

02/01/2013 at 10:38

Megs and Tash with the rosettes etc I'm thinking of having made into a cushion cover. Or may just leave them as they are!
02/01/2013 at 10:39

Ozzy and April
02/01/2013 at 10:57

Oskar in that box certainly made me laugh.  And we think HC is crazy! 

7 hounds in a house sounds like a bliddy nightmare!  luckily they are all pretty relaxed so hopefully there wasnt too much damage.

Mum has to be out of the home by 17th Jan or she has to start paying for the bed!  Which she cant afford, am about to get onto the council, thought I'd give them until 11am to say their team happy NY before I start ringing and hassling them again

I am at work   Roll on Easter 

The walk yesterday has resulted in a huuuuuuuuuuge blister on my heel.  Tonight its home DVD aerobics, should be entertaining for MrS!   

I have just bought a fire surround and fire, solid oak and marble with a well posh fire for half price


02/01/2013 at 11:06

Awwww, what great photos to start the day with, Tubs  Love the one of Meg and Tash---I can see the attraction of having all the rosettes etc made up into something, but I wouldn't have the heart to cut them up either! And you are totally right not to waste more money, time, and emotional energy on the two ladies whose own problems make it impossible for them to hear or understand the lovely message you're trying to send them. Sad for you, but sadder for them.

~~~~~~~~~~~Sympathetic vibes to XB, back in harness~~~~~~~~~~~

Yums, what a brilliant day! LOVED your description of the tangle of hounds in the back of the car. Cush must be feeling lonely today  And the boys must have had a blast too. Not so good about the TFL, though. Is there anything you can do for it, or is it just a matter of time? (Cycling in the dark in the UK is deffo to be avoided if poss, in my experience!)

BTW, Yums, you're got my friend's dilemma in one.As long as she is there,  her mum improves enough to go on, maybe indefinitely. But Tommie went to try to help with her mum's last weeks and days; she can't stay forever as Jeremy (Tommie's husband) has MS and is on his own with the diabetic dog; so Tommie is really torn. Not good however you look at it. 

Amandax, that medal rack is SUPERB! Could I ask if you know where it comes from?? I'd love to get one for C1. 

Melds, I am even fuller of admiration for you than before. I wouldn't be able even to balance in those shoes enough to stand up!!!! You are unquestionably the most glamorous Iron Person in the world! 

Oooh, Noggy, packing for skiiing  Is it Sunday you're off???

Snaily, apologies, I have never before encountered pancakes masquerading as oatcakes. At least I guess these are the soft kind of thing? Can't really imagine that. I've been eating oatcakes all my life, but ALL of them were small and crisp and go well with cheese! 

German friends are leaving today, after which things will be a bit quieter. Did half an hour of core work this morning, part of the new regime. Now off to do some errands on the bike. Weirdly, I lost my appetite over the hols so haven't eaten much but haven't moved much either!

02/01/2013 at 11:17

Blimey Snails, that's one battle you're having with the authorities.  Good luck.

One bike ride D and D'd.  I did the same circuit as the other day and it felt so much better.

Those animals are far too cute.  HL is showing signs of wanting another hound.  I'll hold out as long as I can.

Coffee and shower await.


02/01/2013 at 12:44


(((Tommie ad family))), it sounds as if she is really on the horns of a dilemma!

Lovely photos Tubbs, I love the cat in the box, it is so like Alfie!

Yummy, you paint a lovely word-picture of the houndies. I am glad that you had fun, you deserve it!

Oooh, not long now Noggie, how exciting for you .

Chuggy, I am also really perplexed by the idea of Stoke oatcakes  I am very fond of the usual variety with a nice wodge of cheese though!

~~~Snaily~~~, yet another battle for you to fight .

I'm having a duvet day today, I am sooo tired , Alfie is purring on my lap .


WAIST well xxx

02/01/2013 at 13:38

 is it hometime yet


02/01/2013 at 14:18

Dog, I love WAISters  Disco naps, duvet days.....oh yes, you are MY  kind of people! 

Snaily, hope you managed to get the boot into officialdom before they had time to get complacent. With everything your mum has struggled through, the idea of hounding her for money she hasn't got is just bizarre. I mean, it's truly idiotic. And so hurtful for her and exhausting for you. Really hope it gets sorted pronto. 

Sluggie, thank you for the oatly support. I am as I write munching some REAL oatcakes with thinly sliced cheese (that's how you eat cheese here) and trying to figure out what the others could be like! Snaily, could you describe please? Are they like buckwheat pancakes only oatmealy?

Sluggie, how nice that Alfie, far from returning to his vagrant ways, is clearly so happy to have you home and back in his service! 

Nogs, well done on that ride. I reckon your whole system was dragged down by all the dental trouble and infections you had before Christmas and you are just now getting back to your true form. Hooray! As for the hound, why even try to hold out?? Give in and enjoy, I say!  What kind are you going to get??? (We shall require a full description and photos, obviously.)

Nice morning out cycling to do errands, have to send C1 some cheese. The stuff in Oz is a) expensive and b) tasteless, so this is her fave care package. Guests have gone, so I will strip and remake their bed and then settle down to pootle peacefully through the Close Rolls of Edward I. Sounds dull, but is actually a terrific window into life then.

Just read one plea from a chap who had been elected coroner of the county (a big job then); he begged to be relieved of the job since he was already sub-escheator (looking after property that went to the king if nobody else had a claim to it) and verderer (manager of the Forest--another big job) and he cimply couldn't manage to do any more. His plea was that "certain of his enemies have, in order to aggrieve him further, procured his election as coroner shortly before Michaelmas last." How about that for a novel revenge on him??



02/01/2013 at 14:24

Are you taking double Dutch Chuggs, or even just Dutch!?

I have tried to post twice and it failed so I aint typing it all again!!

M...eldy    pirate
02/01/2013 at 14:43

If only that were the same in life eh Spence   

Have you entered Ashby yet?

02/01/2013 at 14:45
~~~~~~~~~~~ for Snaily vs The Powers That Be. Why is it we have to battle for things we're entitled too? Honestly, it makes my blood boil.

And just a touch of irony here: phone message from Dearest Mother asking where her birthday card and present are?! Posted last week so on their way. Think I'm going to let her stew. Thank dog I'm adopted!

Oskar's into everything Sluggy, climbs into drawers, bags and adores boxes :0)

Skiing on Sunday sounds brilliant Noggs :0)

((((( waisters )))))
02/01/2013 at 14:50
Your Verderer, House sitter, Coroner sounded proper fed up Chuggy! What a fascinating glimpse, I can just imagine him galloping through the forest counting trees then coming home to a pile of cadavers!
02/01/2013 at 14:59

afternoon all and a happy new year to all - can't remember if I already said that

busy busy here, but had a lovely NYE and NYD apart from a few near disasters that sorted themselves out in the end - phew!

(((((WAISters in need)))))

oh and proper Stokey oatcakes are yummy

02/01/2013 at 15:31

What a gorgeous set of photos Tubs The one of Ozzy and April must be especially special for you

Snaily - I have absolute and complete faith that you will batter into submission everyone who needs it on your mother's behalf and I place myself firmly at the front of the queue for your services if I ever have any problems with bureaucrats!!!!

*waves to other WAISTers*

I thought the boys would be tired today after so much excitement yesterday including "a real girl houndie" but the NV was still up by 0630 this morning  After yesterday's glorious weather (which must have been to welcome the Sarfend contingent) it has turned grey and damp here again today

Not done a lot I have to admit - could get used to this doing nothing malarkey!! All I need now is the giant lottery win and I can actually look at a change of lifestyle.....

*crosses fingers*

02/01/2013 at 16:17

Tubbs, I'm confused about your 'mothers'  !! I'd assumed that 'mother' was your adopted mum and that 'step-mother' was the result of your 'adopted mum' and dad divorcing!!??

Or is 'mother' the lady that left you in the phone box??

Ignore me if you don't want to answer any of that

M...eldy wrote (see)

If only that were the same in life eh Spence   

Have you entered Ashby yet?

No and not going to, "J" is doing Colchester half instead, I don't feel fit enough and we have " to do Chester again as that falls on "J's" 50th birthday!!!

I got some bargains today









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