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15/01/2013 at 09:14

Cooeeeee, I'm out of bed and confident at being more than a short sprint to the bathroom.  I even have a black coffee.

i'll get this out of the way whilst it's quiet.

Champoluc was lovely, we had such a great time, among our best experiences ever.  we met up with a couple we had met there last year, they brought some friends as did we, so we had a large group to ski and socialise with.  We made some new chums in the hotel.

 I would say that half of the guests we'd seen there last year, which says something about the country, resort and hotel.

Despite lack of recent snowfall the pistes were in good shape and, typically Italian, well groomed and hard.  HL and I took our own skis but didn't use them, we hired some cracking race skis which suited the snow perfectly.

We skied miles and miles and HL did her first black run - well, her first by choice, we'd done them by accident.  She was so elated afterwards.  She did 3 others afterwards with total ease.

I tried some softer skis on the last day and had a tumble on a steep, slick narrow track.  I slid 2 or 300 metres and only my pride was dented.

I was looking forward to getting back on the bike this week to get the benefit of the week at altitude but at least the bug zapped me on the last day so didn't spoil the week.

I'll try to get some piccies posted.



15/01/2013 at 09:30
Sounds wonderful Noggs :0) Hope you're feeling better

Anaesthetic cream and co codomol = managed to sleep :0) Docs tomorrow :0(

Just over a mile yesterday, Achilles behaving, might just have a bash at the Parish Walk in June. The whole thing is 80 odd miles, but you can do as much of the course as you like. Rushed is 19 miles, Peel 32 with some churches in between. It would be nice to get to Peel, scrummy ice cream shop :0)

Mushroom, broccoli and squash soup last night. Braving porridge this morning, fruit smoothie in a bit and I've cut out coffee, drinking Rooibos instead. I haven't weighed myself but I'm hoping I might lose an ounce or two.

((((( waisters ))))
15/01/2013 at 11:12

Morning all. 

Tubs, very glad you're going to the doc---hope he has something that will help.  I mean, it's a great way to slim, for sure, but bliddy uncomfortable!Your Parish Walk sounds like huge fun, tho, something to look forward to! (Especially the ice cream shop! 

DL, driving to Wales in winter must have been nearly as much fun as taking the train(s). 

Daffs, how many trains did you wind up taking in the end?? 

WELCOME HOME LORD NOGS!  Very glad you're on the mend, that kind of lurgy can make you feel worse than anything else I've ever come across. Sounds like you can forget it quickly, tho, and think back on superb holiday. Lets see some of those photos, then! 

I must say, though, I've been hanging around this forum for too long. When I saw Nogs' post said 'typically Italian, well groomed and hard' I expected some fairly swift repartee!! 

Spence, VERY weird dream! When you work out what it means, you have to tell us....  As for your friend, I agree with all wot's been said, especially Daffy. Wise words. 

Yums, you are so right about anaesthetic: there's a reason why the doc is suggesting it!! Think Mr C learned his lesson yesterday but he's feeling lots better today. And yes, sad though it is, you might as well clock out until your sis wants to re-establish conflict, because at the moment she is using this as a pretext for feeling anger that she otherwise doesn't know how to locate. Sad, but surprisingly common. ((((((((((((((Yummy))))))))))))))

I've been wondering about Westie too. Is he away? Hope he's not snowed in or anything!

And however much of a slog it was to walk 10 k in the snow yesterday, I was glad I didn't put it off cos this is how it looked this morning:

 We've had 8 inches of snow, and broken the record for traffic congestion at the morning rush. We will go take C2 to his exam shortly (a drive of about 6 km mostly on main roads) and watch the weather for the rest of the day before deciding whether to try to drive to France tomorrow. Hmmm....

15/01/2013 at 11:29

Good grief - that was quite something to read!

Be assured Spence Mr P is most definitely not Coach Barlos and I wasn't intending to smooch you in the pub.......or anywhere else for that matter!!  Although Noggy I'm slightly offended that you think Spence needs therapy if she dreams of me kissing her!!

Seriously Noggs - glad to hear you've turned the corner - having lived through Mr P's bout of the same not so long ago I know what it's like!! Glad the holiday went well though and as you say far better to have the bug at home than during a holiday

((Tubs)) glad you're more comfortable and hopefully the Doc can offer something more " permanently resolving" tomorrow

Computer based ICT GCSE successfully completed this morning which is a relief as I hate the CBTs as I stress the software will fail, or the system or the internet will crash etc etc - stress not helped by yesterday's stoooooooooopid hours and a bad stomach today (no I haven't been kissing Noggs  this is strictly girl stuff)

So only teacher training, 2 maths GCSEs (one after the other as they are a clash) and a pastoral meeting to go before I can go home.............

WAIST well all

15/01/2013 at 12:35

back from stoke and stocked up on oatcakes.  Janathon has suffered for 3 days, so i'm playing catch up (I know thats not the rules but I had no time in stoke what with my demanding family)  This morning did boxercise DVD, now I'm off for a run

Back soon and will read back

15/01/2013 at 12:35


~~((Podds))~~ I'm glad that is 'all' you have to contend with!

(((Tubbs))), I'm glad that you are  feeling a bit more comfortable. Be warned that the co-codamol dose end to cause constipation - which is the last thing you need at the moment!

(((Noggy))), I am happy to hear that you had a lovely hollibob and also that you are on the mend. As well as Sue's very good advice, I would also suggest laying off wheat and dairy (other than live yoghurt or probiotics ) for a few days.

Spence, that was a wierd dream!

I have had a very long lie-in this morning to make up for the very bad night on Sunday. This arvo I am meeting a fellow eater but that is all I have planned. Which reminds me that all the simplistic weight-loss advice - such as 'eat less and move more' totally ignores the psychological issues associated with food and eating. For many people it is rather more complicated than some would like to believe!


WAIST well xxx

15/01/2013 at 13:15


((((WIN))) we seem to have a rather full injury bench!

Noggs - your holiday sounds fab!

I'm a bit grumpy at the mo - mainly work I think, thank dog for running I say  

15/01/2013 at 13:46


Grumps aren't like you, but it has been heavy times at work, on top of the very tough family sitatuion at the end of last year. It takes a long time for that sort of thing to get worked through, so be kind to yourself and those around you. 

Sluggie, it seems to me that eating issues vary hugely. For some people it is just a matter of a bit of focus, while for other people there are much more complex interactions that are not really amenable to conscious control. Human behaviour is seldom as simple as we would like!  But what's with the not sleeping? Is it just insomnia, or is your back pain severe again? And any more word on getting your appointment brought forward? 

Podds, I have to say there are times when I think you have the job from hell. If there's anything worse than worrying about how to manage hundreds of adolescent exam students, it must be having to manage them AND manage a load of associated computer technology!!! Sterkte. On a more positive note (I hope) what was the outcome of Mr P's tests? 

Yums, apologies!! Just re-read my earlier post and found I said "you might as well clock out until your sis wants to re-establish conflict..."  Erm, that should have been 're-establish CONTACT', obviously!!!! Re-establishing conflict is the last thing you want!

Mr C drove C2 to his exam, and I just went along. Main roads OK but with nearly 10 inches of powdery snow, the side roads are horrible. Left the car on the street cos we don't want to get it in and find we can't get it out tomorrow morning! Starting to snow again now, so we'll have to see how it goes. 

15/01/2013 at 14:19

Sluggie, your'e so right...about the eating thing and much else I imagine

Glad you're feeling a bit better Nogs

Of Far Far that's not like you, enter Chester that'll cheer you up

I have done an interval thing 4x half mile OMG it felt tough still I couldn't see my pace as I was doing it, just tried to go as fast as.....anyway I was most pleased with the splits when I got back

and no cake or choccie for a second day


Lord is it only the second day !!?

15/01/2013 at 14:21


Yums, just let sis get on with it, nowt you can do on that front, she knows where you are when she finally gets her head together.  FAMILY tsk!

What a fab hol Noggs, and well done Mrs N for getting on the difficult run and actually meaning to be there   Sounds amazing, have you booked for next year already!!!

Chuggy is Mr C brave or daft, I even had Ana when I gave blood   They offered, I took it!!!! hope he's feeling better today.

Did I hear DL is in a C A R!!!!

Well stoke was bloody hectic, glad to be back home.  MrS has had his 4yr check up and all is clear, has to go back in July and have a CT scan for another check.  But next year it should be all over   He was seen by 5 different people, none could believe he doesnt suffer from any pain or side effects of the operation, and they were searching for his scars!!  i know I've said it before, but we were in the right place at the right time, with the right surgeon available.

Janathon has been 0 in stoke because I've spent my whole time running around after family, good job I love em because they are REALLY annoying sometimes.  So I'm playing catch up for the next 3 days.  Another 30min run today on r3/w3 on the C25K programme.  Really enjoying it

Dieting   PMc book was recommended by my doc, but what if you dont have the willpower to just stop eating when you are full??   I am trying but I find food such a comfort and its trying to break the habbit.

Hunger Games book has been raved about at work, not sure what its about but might give it a go.

Right I really need to do the "work" part of "working from home"!!

15/01/2013 at 14:36

On the Janathon theme, well, in a contrived way.  Some of us us Waister men took part in Movember and at least one of us posted a piccy.

I wonder how many of then Waister babes have considered taking part in Fanuary?

Snails, I can recommend noro as a weight loss programme, it beats the old 'Mustard on the jacksy' method.

15/01/2013 at 14:51



15/01/2013 at 15:04
Lol Nogs!!!

Blimey Snaily is it really 4 years since Mr Snaily's op!!?
Where has that time gone!! His he happier down south now?

I'd just like to have a little grrrrr about another friend ( same group as roof friend)

She sent me a message on FB this morning saying "can I ask a favour"

That was it!!
She has done this too many times to count and if I can help I always do!
Why doesn't she go on and ask!? It's like some attention seeking game!!!

I've answered "you can but I'm not a bloody mind reader"

Too much!?
15/01/2013 at 15:19

good one Spence!!! 

Yep its 4yrs on 1st June.  He has settled in much better.  Working for a local warehouse, still through agency, but he's enjoying it.  He even said he didnt want to go back to Stoke for the weekend for a few months as its beginning to get a drag (and expensive) travelling all the time 

We are very close to getting a dog too, we've agreed to sort out the garden then will start looking (well actually I started looking ages ago), but more seriously. 

The cat is on thin ice, this morning he wanted to go out, then got in a fight at 5am waking all the street!! 

M...eldy    pirate
15/01/2013 at 15:41

I have read back and retained littel .. must be my age!

Snaily, is Mr S really on a 4yr check up?  Time really does fly

Chuggs that looks lovely and I would relish a 10k walk in that 

I was awake at some stupid hour today for some reason so fed the GPO and then we went back to bed, got some underlying throat infection/glandy/ear type thing that wont go away which just leaves me a little under par with a sore throat so I have shelved yesterday and todays swimming session as that is possibly the best place to harbour germs!

15/01/2013 at 15:43

sounds familiar Meldy, lot of it going round.  I particularly enjoyed the "crackling ears" part of my illness

15/01/2013 at 15:44

I have ordered the PMc I can make  you thin book, and hunger games.  Are they related!!!

I am really rubbish at this working from home business!

15/01/2013 at 15:47

Bravo for Mr. Snail! How great that all is clear and by next year he can really close the door on that whole episode. Of course, we all know that a major reason for his success was the wise and supportive TLC he got throughout  And given the amount you have had to do for family in the last few months, Snaily, I think it's brilliant you are able to fit in ANY exercise! Hats off to you. 

Well chugged, Spence----we'll have to start calling you Speedy at this rate  Re your friend, try concentrating on your own reactions. The goal is to look calmly at what other people  are asking and say  either yes or no, depending on what you think is appropriate. without feeling bad about it. You can't change how other people behave, but you can change how you react to it. This is one I'm not good at, but I'm working hard at it.....funnily, it's a lot harder to change nyself than to try to change other people!  (Steps off soapbox, dusts box, returns to its place)

Beautiful winter snowy sunset out there, I'm going for a very short walk in the woods, and en route I'm going to put my pooter in the car ready for an early get=off tomorrow. I've already put all the food in the car (yoghurt, milk, veggieburgers, so we don't have to shop en route): it's so cold it will keep better there than in the fridge!! So I'll look in later on the iPad, and apologise in advance for the almighty belch that will announce my arrival! 


15/01/2013 at 17:16
At least we'll get closer to the big numbers with you belching all over the place chuggy!

Glad you're back in on piece snaily and i'm with whoever was surprised you get any exercise in at all snaily! I've still not been running, 10k in 6 weeks...

Hugs to those with long silly work days. Upheaval all over the place today but since it culminated in me finally getting the laptop i've been waiting 6 months for AND having lunch with the lovely beanzie, it's not all bad!

Xb, beanz is planning marshalling at yorkshire marathon i think so you should see her! Might see about joining her (note i said joining HER not YOU....)
15/01/2013 at 17:23


Welcome back Snaily and glad Stoke was a success if tiring!

*waves to other WAISTers*

I see Noggy is clearly on the mend given his generous suggestion.................

I am off home shortly - the rest of the day was got through without too much pain but having not eaten a sausage (or anything else !) all day I'm looking forward to my PJs, a warm radiator, a magazine and something to eat..........shame I have to walk the dogs first!

Chuggs - we may have lost our Monday snow but apparently it's coming back over night again...............oh well - Monday's was the best type, proper light and fluffy stuff which then melted quickly and didn't do slush or ice

~Will pop in later peeps

Happy Tuesday (is that all ?) evening

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