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21/03/2013 at 08:15

Morning all, now on second large coffee. Hope daughters not taking after you then Spence .
Now today is "SNOW AGAIN" so what to do may have to dig car out and get to the main road as fridge is empty.

21/03/2013 at 08:56

Morning all. Apologies for being AWOL, just frantically busy. Trying to get C2's flat set up, so putting together Ikea stuff, rummaging to find stuff here (towels, mugs etc) that he can take and use there, trips to shops to get things like cheap glasses and plates; etc etc. At same time, our rental flat (had it for years) has needed attention: last tenant left earlier than expected, got another one quite quickly, he signed lease and was about to move in when heard he didn't get the job he expected. He is still bound but obviously in everyone's interest to find a new tenant, which we have done but he wants some of the older furniture changing (he's prolly right), and he wants to move in tomorrow, so frantic trip to Ikea Tuesday, more carrying and putting together. All good stuff, but means our minds and bodies are all over the place. 

No running, but lots of cycling. Got in nearly 20 km yesterday going out to flat to wait for Ikea delivery. 

Have read back but picked up only highlights, sorry!

((((((((((((((((((Spence's friend)))))))))))))))))

That's tragic, and must be so hard for you all. This seems to be one of the most difficult conditions to treat. One of my friends has an anorexic daughter who is a constant worry. Hope things stabilise for her quickly

Welcome back, Tubs! Fab photos. Had to look on a map to see where you'd been. I thought Florida was all swampy and hot, but that looked lovely. Glad the eye is feeling better, but like Meldy said, could the humidity there help in general? 

Melds, magnificent performances from you -- AND the GPO, apparently! The feline answer to the Terminator?!?

Westie, I sympathise with the snow. It's bright at the moment but will cloud up here, and tomorrow effective temps of -7 with snow on the weekend. WHERE IS SPRING???? Hope your snow isn't turning into icy sheets, they're so awful to walk on. 

Snaily, big cheer for you with your mum's housing!!! It's marvellous that you can get things looked after for her, but makes me wonder what happens to people who don't have family like you. 

Nogs, that post-viral fatigue is very persistent. But if we get some better weather that will help too. SAD is a real physical condition, and we're all feeling it now, I think. Is HL over the worst of her lurgy? 

Sluggie, it must be nice to have company, but awful to think of another member of your run club aas badly affected as you are with the back  Is there ANY more info on that op to try an alternative method of pain relief? It seems to recede into the distance every time 

Podds, sounds like you are still soldiering on in your indomitable fashion. Three cheers!

Sorry, have to shoot out on the bike to get some more stuff. Mr C and C2 are at the flat, working away, and Mr C has to go to a business meeting in Utrecht this arvo so I need to shake a leg here. Back later.

WAISt well all. I DO think about you all even when I'm unravelling like this  xxxx

21/03/2013 at 09:25

Morning All

This term is ridiculously short - way too short to get all the work done 

I'm thinking of getting Chuggie and Westie to do up my house - I'm sure I could qualify as "child in need" like their offspring  and benefit from all their skills, talents and hard work!!

Right - best go - stuff to do needless to say

WAIST well all

PS Snaily - every couple of day I go over to the website bugs threads on tiny writing and PM broken - apparently so are new would seem that RW Towers need to fire anyone responsible for IT as the forum seems to be one short step from failing completely and once people leave they won't come back!

21/03/2013 at 09:54

Morning WAISTers 

Teas on, another mundane day full of ***te and resting a small sprained ankle on the leg thats been giving me jip  oh well, at least I wont keep trying to do stuff too early! although i'm hoping it will be ok for Friday .... famous last words. I wouldnt mind, but I think I did it at work! not even running!

Briefed over the last few days posts, some good training , and some not so good  personel stuff  hang in there all, hopefully things will start to get better? 

21/03/2013 at 10:54

HI Cheesy


I did get your email but have been a tad busy - I've got more questions but thanks for the info so far

21/03/2013 at 11:37

Aww. Cheesie, a sprained ankle is carp. I was off the road last summer for over 2 months, but hopefully yours will clear a lot quicker. 

Podds, I would luuurve to do up a house for you but I doubt if I could meet your exacting standards---so that would leave all the work to Westie. Actually, that's not a bad idea, now that I think of it! 

21/03/2013 at 11:59

Don't worry Chuggs - my exacting standards to not apply to my house which looks rather..........."lived in"..........I think that might be the phrase 

21/03/2013 at 12:12

I'm sure you would not like to use "bodger" Westie on your house, my last handy work at Scott's place was a disaster and will have to be redone.
Well car dug out and shopping done should have waited as there is a fast thaw going on. Cleared a patch of snow down to the grass and fed the birds. Blackbirds are funny there about 6 pairs which come to feed and the males are so busy chasing each other away that the other birds just eat the lot.

21/03/2013 at 13:16

I don't need Chuggs for the DIY; I've got Mr Spence  

I just want her to be my mum

Back to school at 4 for the final parents eve, then tomorrow is Friday...and then next week Wednesday is the new Friday !!

21/03/2013 at 16:52



I think I also need the Chuggy + Westie house improvement team but it looks as if I will have to make do with hiring my godson to do the donkeywork - he is coming to do more stipping tomorrow, the paper that we are getting rid of is sticking like 5h1t!


Cheesy, sorry that you have an ankle injury, hope that a bit of rest is all it needs.


Chuggy, it makes me tired just reading what you are up to!


Glad that your friend is home Spence but it sounds as if she is still very sick. My teenage bff died in her early 30s from anorexia, she had been sick for about 15 years and it was horrible to stand by with nothing to do to help .


The weather is still foul here, I am glad that I haven't had anywhere I needed to be. I have anjoyed a quiet day, have eaters' club this evening.




WAIST well xxx



21/03/2013 at 17:39

We're not having Friday until Thursday!

On Tuesday it's Palm Sunday.

On Wednesday it's Maundy Thursday.

On Thursday it's Good Friday.

On Friday, it's the holidays!

21/03/2013 at 17:47

a belated ps to my previous post


Chuggy, my appointment about the pain relief surgery is not until October so I am not holding my breath!


Owwww!! Alfie is chewing my toes

M...eldy    pirate
21/03/2013 at 18:46

Welcome to my world Sluggy !!!

What a flippin day and a half I tell yeah ....

Sat this morning supping coffee and eating toast and manage to break a tooth.
Went out for a mtb ride, got absolutely bloody frozen on this lovely spring day, got along the tow path and then up Norcott Hill to the common and back through the Ashridge Estate, lots of lovely deer     Still absolutey frozen, 40 mins from home and I get a flipppin puncture, a rear puncture.  Takes me flippin forever to fix, couldnt find the scorce on the punctured tyre so changed for a new one, I still cannot feel my fingers !

I get home much later than planned and need to get another bike in the car and up the road so I load that up pretty much straight away, bike in boot just as the hydrolic struts give up and the boot tries to chop my head off.

No more thank you !!!

Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
21/03/2013 at 19:14

oh dear Meldy - what a daty indeed. What particular gods have you /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif@ssed ]p@ssed off today then?

Nice to see you Chuggs - it's always nice to see that people are around even if they are busy.

You teechers don't half know how to muddle us all up. Say after me - today is THURSDAY. Acksherly, the last 3 days have been Sundays for me .

Tuesday and yesterday were at least. Tuesday I went for a lovely 6 mile easy along the sea front - I had been to the cemetery cos it was Kira's birthday so took her some flowers, sad memories but so peaceful and healing in the cemetery, specially on such a lovely warm(ish) spring day. 

Yesterday, I took the muppets to the beach, it was fab, tide was out and they were like youngsters again. We then sat outside the cafe, I had hot chocolate, they had nice biccies.

Today is a different story, weather is bliddy awful. I've been out for a quick trot with the muppets and a dash to the shops. The weather is getting worser as I speak 

M...eldy    pirate
21/03/2013 at 19:21

Ive got a video of the FGO but RW wont let anyone see it

Will try and upload to FB

Weather for the weekend looks horrendous, I am almost glad to be going to work, at least its warm!

21/03/2013 at 19:24

Have your muppets got spring fever Dragon?

My 3 are behaving like they've been on blue smarties all day long and have been for a few days now........  - only shame is that the weather isn't living up to their fever

Take care you westerners and northerners - the forecast for you guys looks pretty dire for the next 48 hours or so

M...eldy    pirate
21/03/2013 at 19:33

FGO now showing on FB

I met a lovely tan & white greyhound today called Shola who thought she was up for a race with a mtb, she was a very happy dawgie !

21/03/2013 at 19:37

Blimey Meldy that is a day and a half! What is it about boots atm!? That's what nearly took friends head off!

((((((ahh Dragon)))))) what a sad day, can't even begin to imagine.

Sluggie, terrible about your school friend, I'd say A has been like it  getting on for 30 years....I don't see how her body can cope. I saw her today, there are 4 of us that have been meeting for a cuppa since daught was in nursery....I was actually brave  as when she was going on about her heart probs being hereditary I said something it's been the elephant in the room for 10 years and I'm fed up being played a fool...the other two looked   she did look a bit horrifed but to her credit she did say "I told the hospital I have a bit of an eating problem"  a bit!!?

So now she has an enlarged heart and is taking tablets for the high blood pressure. She didn;t seem to believe me when I said that she could have a heart attack.....happend to Karen Carpenter I pointed out!!

M...eldy    pirate
21/03/2013 at 19:45

There are two struts, one each side that seem to hold the boot open ... they are secured by two (top and bottom) ball & socket jobbies, I managed to get the bottom one off after the top one broke so it shouldnt be too bad a job to fix its just not in my budget for the next month or two!!

21/03/2013 at 20:13

what a friggin day (though not as bad as Meldy!) my arse has not moved from my chair all day, one thing after another. 

and who the heck has been singing bad enough for a WHOLE day of rain!  I didnt see 1 runner out today and I usually see at least 10 on my way home.  hope tomorrow it stops for me to get my 5k in.  Everywhere is flooded again

oh Sluggy when we stripped our wall paper it was a right bugger.  It had been over painted a few times an took ages to strip.

Spence that was pretty brave, but probably best to get the elephant out of the room and the problem out in the open, hopefully you discussing it will help in some way.

me and MrS are arguing about putting the bins out, i think stuff em, they can wait another week.  its piddling down we'll get soaked.  Harry is refusing to go out!



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