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31/03/2013 at 22:08

Thnk I'm just barely in time to wish everyone Happy Easter! Bizzy times here, with church this morning (packed out, lots of music), Tante Kit here, visit to Leiden to admire C2's flat and wander around (with stops for lunch and, later, coffee), then walking Rossie and putting out cold buffet. Really lovely cozy family evening watching an old Poirot

HBD to Mr Podds and Miss Westie!

Podds, gold star for running in these temperatures. The March average here was 2.6 C---normal March average is 6.4 C But it MUST get to be spring soon now, don't you think?


31/03/2013 at 22:26



Just about in time to wish HBD to Mr P and Westess


Well run to those who have - mind you, it is one way of warming up!


Well partied Noggy. Midnight is more than late enough for me when I am on top form, never mind feeling off colour .


Sounds like a very bizzy day Chuggy, but a nice one too. It is great that you are able to spend some time with Tante Kit.


Daffy, I am glad that you had fun - but Pah to 'friends' who let you down .


We had a nice evening with thursday Man and a nice day with friends. It is a little unfair to refer to 'bff and her husband' as I adore him too. In fact, I met him before he had met her and we have always flirted outrageously with each other .


Have had a call from SM to wish us 'Happy New Year' . It transires that she does know whether it is Christmas or Easter but, due to the stroke, she cannot find the correct word. Got me worried for a while though!


Alfie rather likes the lighter evenings and had to be co-erced inside at 10pm. He has done a couple of circuits of the lounge and had to admit that he cannot get out through the air brick . I have to stay up in order to book aquagym for Monday 8th , but at least I don't have to be up early tomorrow .




WAIST well xxxxxxx

31/03/2013 at 22:36
Hope everyone's had a lovely day

After a slow start I got done jobs done !
This evening children & I have been for a curry with H and her parents

Feeling rather stuffed :-/

01/04/2013 at 03:02
Wide awake
01/04/2013 at 05:31
Wide awake. Woke up worrying about euros etc. it's because eldest is going on holiday next week . First solo holiday abroad and it's obviously on my mind. I foresee a few more sleepless nights next week. He's going snowboarding in France.

I am racing in 5hrs so this is not good!

Nice day yesterday. swam am, made cakes with youngest pm,parents and friend for roast dinner and a bit of fun with kinect sports after.
01/04/2013 at 07:57
Go Go Amandax!!
Rather you than me, not slept since 3ish feel wiped out

Eek! I'm dreading that first solo holiday!

I might as well go and run and then have an afternoon nap!
01/04/2013 at 08:09

go amanda.

your eldest will have a grand time, it won't stop you worrying though.

HL is off to the gym and i want a ride out.  we have to work around guests etc.

WAKE UP Spence. tee hee hee.

01/04/2013 at 08:10

xpost Spence.

01/04/2013 at 09:07
My first solo holiday was to a caravan in cornwall - we were very rock and roll good luck today amanda!

Pinch punch and all that!
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
01/04/2013 at 09:17


thought I had posted yesterday, obviously not.

I remember when my son went on a 'solo' holiday with a mate when they were 15. They were going with his mate's parents to Spain. I didn't worry about the money side of it, but I did get a supply of condoms in for him. I didn't ask how many he had left over 

The highlight of his holiday was when he won an eating competition - so he told me!

I did my last lsr yesterday. It was a nice day for it but a bit windy on the coast. The marathon I'm doing is guaranteed to be windy so it was good practice I suppose. I found it hard though and am somewhat tired today. I binned my intended spin class and had a lie in instead.

Go well Amanda, race report awaited 

01/04/2013 at 09:50


And don't worry, your lad will have a great time and will come back safe and sound! 

Sue, nobly runned. But if it's the same wind we have, it's not only a force you have to fight against, it's also terribly cold and that takes energy to contend with too, so no wonder you feel tired. Feet up today! (Loved a mum who gives a son a pack of condoms. If only more people were realistic enough to do that!)

Nogs, sounds like you and HL have completely surmounted yesterdays' headaches and are raring to go. Good on you both! 

Spence, what's with this insomnia? Hope you can get past it, it leaves you feeling so carp the next day

Sluggie, sounds like such a great evening with your bff and husband. There's something special about people you've known for a really long time. Must be frustrating for SM not to be able to find words--is she managing OK otherwise? LOL at your description of Alfie trying to escape through the airbrick  He's a real character, isn't he? 

Tante Kit has just left. It was lovely to see her, she's the last one of that generation left on either side so we cherish her. Both her daughters are just a bit off-centre, one way or another, and neither has kids, so just being in a family is nice for her, I think. This is the nice part of a holiday weekend when everything has been done, all traditions observed etc etc so I can spend the day peacefully washing bedding, reading history and a nice long walk this arvo. (I WANT to want to run, but I can't face the idea of that wind without my down coat 

01/04/2013 at 10:55


Really wished I hadn't watched "weather for the week ahead" on countryfile last night as it holds out no hope of the NE wind ever b*ggering off..........   and it is sooooooooo  cold on our coast with that direction of wind

Oh well - can't do much about it so best man up a bit I guess

Off to homebase soon with Mother Podds for some bits and pieces although first we have to try and resurrect the garden from the effects of the wind - some fencing is half down and the plants - well those that are still alive - are more horizontal than vertical!

01/04/2013 at 11:01


GO GO GO mandax rarara

Hope you got acquagym booked' sluggy and that Alfie kept you company

Ah bless tante kit. Sounds like a busy but lovely family weekend, chuggy

*waves to berry* bout time you popped in. Place your absence note on Podds desk;-)

Fab plodding sue. Permission granted to take it easy today

Gardening for me as I need to get on top of the lawn - the mess in the house can wait
01/04/2013 at 11:05

Podds. my gardening season has barely started, I was hoping it would take off this week but we still have no spring on the horizon.

Well, two guests and their exploding dog have gone

Just aged FIL here now.  I'll take him for a beer later.  HL is at the gym, I'm about to get my bike prepped and go fo a spin. I fancy a couple climbs up to Brill and getting my HR up to 85 to 90%.

First, there is coffee to be taken.

And a gentle reminder to Amanda - we need a race rep please.

01/04/2013 at 11:45

Sounds a lovely weekend Chuggs  lack of sleep was sore throat & eating far too muchcurry was fine. it was the choccie after that did it!!

I have run Interval session it was a tad windy

Update on the chickens...when I was getting ready to go out last eve woman from 4 doors down came round and said "this might sound very silly but there's a chicken in my garden. Is it yours!?"

He needs to get a roof on their run, silly git!

01/04/2013 at 13:50



GO GO GO Amandax, RARARA. How old is your eldest? I don't remember SB's first solo holiday and I don't think I sent him off with condoms - although I know I gave him some for his 16th birthday and also sent him off to uni with a supply.


Spence, as you say - silly man. He is going to spend his time providing take-aways for the local foxes!


Noggy, I am truly glad to hear that the exploding dog has gone home! Is this the one that you looked after last year (I think it was a dobie)? You certainly deserve a ride out now.


Well run Sue! I think you have earned a proper rest day today. Which mara are you doing? I am sure that you have told us, but I have forgotten .


Chuggy, I think some brisk walking (and it has to be brisk in this wind!) will keep things ticking over until you are ready to run again.


Yes, SM is fine in all other respects, just cannot find the right word at times. She finds it very frustrating!


We also have to go to Homebase today - we have a roll of wallpaper left over and, miraculously, still have the receipt to hand! Then we will pop in to see MIL. We had a lovely lie-in and nothing else planned for the rest of the day .




WAIST well xxx




01/04/2013 at 14:36

Slugs, the dog is my SIL's miniature Dachshund.  She's normally OK but yesterday had obviously eaten something which her tum didn't like.

I've done two ascents of Brill pushing on a bit, seems like the bug has left me at last.

Where's Amanda?

01/04/2013 at 14:41
Well I'm back. Usual stress of getting 2 teenagers up, all out of door on time and arriving at race in time. 2 friends with us as well,1 running.1 watching. Youngest running as well.

Arrived in plenty of time. Short walk from car park to hq. Dry but v cold wind. Picked up number and chip, queued for loo and had last minute snack. Oh disappeared to find coffee and bacon rolls. It was run in village and there were community stalls etc.

Set off ok, I knew there a few hllls.. They weren't too bad bar one. Not a fab route as few km were along a busy rd and quite boring. Felt quite good and overtook few people . Achilles niggled but not dreadful- must do stretches!!!

Didn't look at time til 9k. PB looked possible but it was going to be close. Started to push as a down hill bit. However then there was the last uphill and PB was not going to happen!! Finished strong though and around 1.03 ish.

Watched friend come in, youngest had done it in 47 minutes !!!
Back to village hall, refuelled with bacon roll and then back to car. Bought some free range duck eggs on way so that's tea sorted !

Got bit chilly as hours drive but now bathed and warm. Waiting official results and photos.

Not one I would do again because of route but v good organisation and friendly marshalls.

Now who's got kettle on??.
01/04/2013 at 15:34
Well done Amandax!! That's great going !!

Well cycled Nogs
And well run yesterday Dragon!

Far Far has finally got herself sorted
And it's HER idea to "encourage" others to join us in Shrews
01/04/2013 at 15:36
Oh! Stuff in
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