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16/04/2013 at 10:24

Morning all
((((((Boston )))))))


Had a day taking Tony to Hospital yesterday and he had more treatment and spent 1.5 hours being worked on and has had stitches in his eye so has plastic shield  taped on for a couple of days. . We have to go back Friday to see how things have settled down.

Thinking of going to Bulgaria end of next month but not sure as never been that way before.

Today is a day of duty driver and standby man

16/04/2013 at 12:29
Westie, fingers crossed for Tony's recovery.
Can't help with Bulgaria, I've never been.

Still no one putting their hands up over Boston. looks like it's galvanising London but that can change.
16/04/2013 at 12:36

Hi WAISTers 

Just an update on what I been up to really, still not been very active.

Did a 10 mile section of course marking on Friday for the SDW50 the next day, that was fun! basically ran/walked between the two aid stations along the south downs, most enjoyable!left leg didnt really complain much (its now learnt that it isnt right! that did make me laugh) so when I got the the end, decided to run or run/walk back the same 10 miles! thats when it all went wrong, as 2 miles out my ankle swelled up, and as I had just done the worst bit hill wise decided to carry on, but just walk for a few miles. That was finem but the weather went from not too bad, to howling wind rain and cold! which up there isnt fun. Luckily I had my backpack on with loads of warm stuff, so just plodded through it all getting hosed down by the weather. That wasnt too bad.

Then I got major cramp in my quads, probably due to me cooling down after the out bound journey, and sheesh did they hurt! so picture this, I was hobbling on my ankle, and after a while, pretty much everything below my waist cramped up if I moved it! stretching seemed to ease it, but with 2 hours still to go, it was, how can I word this, character building... I was so glad to get back to southease, but it did mean the workday on the saturday at aid station and finish line was painful! but hey, the runners were managing it, so I put up with it! 

The race day was brilliant! although the weather again turned bad, and looking at the people coming across the line, you have to think just how tough our bodies really were! some hobbled over, some were clearly struggling, some looked ok, some looked like they could have turned around and run back the 50 miles! It was a real eye opener seeing some of them finish 50 miles as if it had been a parkrun! hats off to ya!

I still ache today after Friday! but will be back running probably tommorow I hope.

Hope you all are doing well? not really caught up much.

WAIST Well and prosper 

16/04/2013 at 12:50

Well done Cheesey!!

I'm not having good day  My mood is flipping from  to   to  and back again! I'm coming over all hot and sweaty and having to strip off (calm down Westie) and then feeling fine again!!

Not good being middled aged  

16/04/2013 at 12:56

Norty Cheesy 

It is absolutely not compulsory to be training day in day out - lets face it most of us have got other (more interesting?) stuff to be doing in our lives - in order to post you know we can spout absolute drivel about anything and everything without batting an eyelid in the WAISTEer lounge!! 

Sounds like an adventurous weekend though and I will of course refrain from commenting on the decision to do a 20-miler after weeks off through injury....

Is the SDW50 a LDWA event?  We have quite a lot of ultra runners in our club currently but I don't think any of them were doing this particular one...........although I may well be wrong as one guy in particular frequently does 2 ultras in a weekend so this would be right up his street  I think it was last year he did Beachy Head marathon and then a 35 mile race on the Sunday.....and he's no slow coach either!

I really like doing aid station type things and seeing all the various people and the states they are in during the race and it's nice to also put back in to people who may be doing the same for me when I race

16/04/2013 at 13:14

watching the BBC news. Horrific.

16/04/2013 at 14:35



More nastiness, Spence, or in-depth reports relating to the Boston bombing? It did seems to hit home particularly hard as runners were involved - there but for the grace of God etc .


((Tony Westieson)) I do hope that his peepers are not too painful.


Deep respect for C1's bf for even getting to MdS, it sounds as if he reached the limit of what his body could tolerate.


(((Spence))) I found that Red Clover helped with the menopausal flushes a little, my GP suggested that I try it as he preferred not to prescribe. My flushes do seem to have reduced a bit now though, hopefully they are on their way out.


I have been out with bff today but not for long as I am still kanackered!




WAIST well xxx

16/04/2013 at 15:34

Can't see anything new on the Boston bomb. 

I've done enough work for one day.

 I'm a bit annoyed with HL.  She knows my bike needs a clean but she chooses to go off to see her poorly dad.

I'm off for a gentle hour or so then off to the club TT.  I'll take my van to the TT as they are held on a Weston on the Green airfield peri track.  It gets a bit dirty with farm and RAF vehicles using it.  I can take my blowers and broom to get rid of the worst of it for the riders.

My new 3/4 shorts have arrived from Wiggle - hope they fit.

I ordered HL some 3/4 shorts and a rather smart top - they're here too


16/04/2013 at 16:34
Are you trying those on too Nog!!?
16/04/2013 at 17:00

Hmmmm, I've given up trying to get into HL's cycling shorts  

My new long shorts are good.  That's my first ride this year in anything other than heavyweight kit.  Just the shorts and a road jersey over a compression top.

I think I've shaken off that virus I picked up in Austria at last .  Could I be about to make some progress?

I just need to shift some weight now.



16/04/2013 at 17:34

what a totally unproductive day, spence I'm with ya on the    Day (and its bloomin hot!)

Work is building all around me and its stuff that needs to be dealt btu I'm been pulled from one meeting to the next.   grrrrrrrr

Going home now because there isnt much I can do today, tomorrow I'm going to be on a mission to get it all sorted.

I need wine!

16/04/2013 at 17:36

Oh dear, Noggy's wiggling in HLs shorts ...

16/04/2013 at 18:42
LOL pippi

Hmmm, call me an old fashioned girl but I'm really rather unsettled by men in 3/4 length shorts:O

(((((Spence)))) hot flushes don't sound much fun.

Eek, sanily, don't let this job become like the last.

Chuggs, I am officially excusing you from weeding duties

Bunking run club to finish some left over wine gorra get my priorities right
16/04/2013 at 19:00


good for you Yums - I've bunked any form of exercise in favour of the "explosion episode" of neighbours and cleaning down the sides and under the settees....  a job I really should do more often!!!

After a grey start it's turned into another glorious evening so we've just given the houndies an extra leg stretch on the cliff tops   Very pleasant

Are you going to race the TT tonight Noggs or just help out?

16/04/2013 at 19:04
Love it yums

She's right you know snaily - don't let this job turn into the last one!

Bonkers couple of weeks here but i finally submitted my very first funding application today - a whole four hours before the deadline relatively small fry for the dept but my contract runs out in october and this would fun my entire job right through to may. Very interesting subject too. Lovely boss did lots of the fiddly bits then made me press the final submit button myself won't find out til july - fingers crossed!
M...eldy    pirate
16/04/2013 at 19:15

Evening all

Nice and windy 55 miles in this neck of the woods ... quick snooze with the pikey cat and time for a night shift

Be warned, Murph went out naked this morning .... that'll make it rain 

16/04/2013 at 19:50

LOL meldy

nah job is very busy, but not as stressy as the last one.  The problem there was we were failing because of workload but no one "up there" would listen to my pleas and help.  This dept is just in a mess and needs sorting, I have the support of the manager, its just there is a lot to sort and sometimes I cant seem to get through it.  help is on its way too.

Ewww podds I get MrS to clean under the sofa

Daffs how exciting, hope you get the funding, then we can celebrate a milestone in your career 

Spence, hope your feeling better, failing that drink some gin!

With all this running I've suddenly started doing, my legs no longer feel like mine!  i always get that "oh I must have done some exercise" feeling, which is good, just hope the weight starts to soon come off.


16/04/2013 at 20:09
Yums, normally I'd agree about the man/3/4 length shorts, but these are the cycling sort and are a useful addition to the kit bag for days such
as today.

The looser fitting ones a still considered high fashion in Newcastle.

There were only 18 riders in the TT, it was blowing a hooly a across the airfield which explains all.
M...eldy    pirate
16/04/2013 at 20:15

It was blowing a hooley round the Winchendons earlier   

16/04/2013 at 21:08

I have discovered why Alfie was so fixated on the washing machine last week, then transferred his affections to the freezer. We have meeces in the kitchen . Alfie caught one from behind the microwave, so I will have to find where I can get some 'humane' traps from. Meanwhile Alfie is no longer barred from the kitchen!


I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am seeing my friend tomorrow to look at her DWP appeal but I am sooooo tired and my own claim forms dropped onto the mat last week, so I must get on with that. I also need to call SlugMummy and arrange to see her to see what is happening regarding her finances as she told me last week that The Friend is now taking care of these for her...

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