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08/04/2013 at 11:01
Tubbs, as others have said, never a dull moment. Are you sure you're not related to Miranda?

Ooh, A marafun mission, XB i,'m sure it will be a walk in the park And they are bargain shooses. Even if they hurt like b@ggery they are a bargain;-)

A running club, m...eldy? Not sure I recall you ever having been in the club before. As chuggs says, you'll soon have them trained and signed up for a ironman or two.

Uh oh, family chuggs are on the move but that does mean the WAISTer summer residence will soon be operational

C'mon snaily, get a wriggle on, lots to do. Gis a wave from the big smoke.

Nice bike, sue but I thought you had a trek wsd1000 like me. Who is the new kid on the block?

DL, if you do all that what does OH find to do?

Lots to do here but not a lot of motivation lately but the time off has given me time to plod. Am thinking of going out later for a shuffle. Unable to escape that lack of purpose/direction and the idea that everyone has a more fulfilling life than me and that its all a bit stagnant. I still appear to be seeing the same woman. Not sure how that happened. Twice I thought I had finished it but it is now friends with benefits apparently:O See, trying to be kind when breaking bad news just leads to confusion/denial/selective deafness. Form an orderly queue to slap me please
08/04/2013 at 11:03
(((((Westie jnr peepers))))))))
08/04/2013 at 11:54
I have a friend with benefits

- she gets the disability living allowance
08/04/2013 at 11:56

Friends with benefits sounds good to me yums

I'm with you on the "everyones life sounds much more fulfilling", I sometimes feel the same.  Went to a party on Saturday, we were like wallflowers, didnt know anyone so mingling was a bit difficult, brought it home that we need to make a circle of friends to socialise with, or there will be just me and him forever


08/04/2013 at 12:00
Sorry Yums. You are not alone in feeling life is a bit stagnant. Happens to all of us at different times. Have been wanting to get a new job or do something different for over a year now, but can't seem to get to the point where I can bring myself to do anything about it. Hope you feel happier soon.
08/04/2013 at 12:34

G'day each,

Yums and DL, I'm familiar with the notion that everyone elses life is better than mine.  Not sure if that's any comfort.  

I've done a couple of chores in town and now need to do some 'admin' at home.

My leg's still hurty but improving slowly.


M...eldy    pirate
08/04/2013 at 12:44
Me and the GPO are awake and contemplating our 'to do' list over coffee

Top of the list

1. More coffee
08/04/2013 at 12:51

morning all

err, can I join the stagnant list? I am a proper misery these days -  all work work work and feeling stressy which I hate! Plus several other things in my life which are totally bleurgh!

on the plus side running is OK if not slow. don't have much time in the week now so its mainly weekends but it is a proper life-saver!

gosh that sounds miserable - somebody slap me! err, Yumms - FWB is OK if its that for both parties but I suspect one person always hopes its something more - beware!

08/04/2013 at 13:46
3,2,1 I'm back in the room.

*rubs Noggs leg*

I'm not surprised you have been looking for a new job, DL! You should join the civil service as each April we are reshuffled.

((((Farfar))))) no good suggesting you swap with DL as you both work far too much

And too right someone wants FWB-(thats friends with benefits not friends of the western Buddhists) to be more and is treating it as more. I would rather just slide down the slippery slope of cake, wine and an unhealthy attachment to my dawg:O

four miles plodded.
08/04/2013 at 14:33

Afternoon all

Found a lovely quote in an article in a tri mag today which summed up better than I ever could my feelings about fakebook and running fakebook in said

"Facebook....has been a boon to triathletes wanting to bullsh*t about the amount of training they're doing with endless messages like "just done a great kettleball class" or "new parkrun PB today" and "nice 50-miler this morning despite the rain" which could be summarised by a single post saying "I'M BETTER THAN YOU!".......  It made me laugh as I know so many fakebook posters whose pages this could have been lifted from

Mind you the article goes to to say that such posts make him feel guilty and he has to choose between training and having another bun whereas they just turn me off and when in relation to people I know (many of whom are fellow clubmates) just make me think "mid life crisis!"

Tubbs - I really hope your life is more peaceful in the near future

DL - step away from the shooooz

XB - have a good time in Edinburgh - it really is a lovely city but then you already know that

Nog = N + 1 wrote (see)

Yums and DL, I'm familiar with the notion that everyone elses life is better than mine.  Not sure if that's any comfort.  


You all have more exciting lives than me - I live in Margit remember   Exciting round our way is yet another police chase and stagnant is when the sewage plant goes off line   Mind you Mr P seems to manage to have an exciting life........

((Nog leg & JFF))

Morning Melds - nearly taper time I guess

Right back down to my jigsaw - Mother Podds despatched this morning so just catching up with housework, doing the washing and a jigsaw and watching junk tv


Ooh Yums - cake, wine and an unhealthy attachment to houndies sounds good to me!!  Talking of which am considering spectating again at the Whitstable 10K on BH Monday if the weather is reasonable.......


08/04/2013 at 15:02
Know what you mean bout fake book, Podds. Is this your run club page on fb? Unfortunately, however the posts are intended, they often come across as my life is more exciting than yours or I'm better than you. This one reason I avoid it.

Gee, what did mother Podds do for you to despatch her? Where do you plan to bury her? Whitstable 10k bank holibob at beginning and of May with houndies you say.....?
08/04/2013 at 15:38

Ahhhhh, Facebook.

I have a SIL who loves to do the 'My life is so good' facebook thing.  Her kids are better than mine, her work far more important, her life endlessly studded with celeb encounters and achievement, all done with much humility of course.

She does have redeeming features but I was forced to 'unfriend' (or whatever it is) her.

To my Waister chums,  I appear to have 2 FB accounts and you are on the one I haven't been looking at - any ideas how I can combine the two?

M...eldy    pirate
08/04/2013 at 15:42
Not a clue Noggs ... ask a 12 yr old but I suspect you can't and will have to delete one account and add us into the other I suspect
08/04/2013 at 15:42


- Mother Podds despatched this morning so just catching up with housework, doing the washing and a jigsaw 


Podds, careful what you say, that comment took me back to the 'Mr is under the patio scenario

08/04/2013 at 15:57

I seem to be having trouble getting on to previous pages so sorry if I've missed anything!

Yums, people who go on about how great their life is are normally talking shite

8 miles done this morning 'J' was struggling after yesterday's indulgence, I felt great!!
DD almost caught a wabbit!!

We then went on a very blustery walk which ended in a pub meal

DD is out for the count! She's certainly clocked up some miles today!!
08/04/2013 at 17:33



(((Tubbs))) is there anything else left to go wrong?!


(((Noggy's leg)))


(((Westieson's peepers)))


(((overworked, underpaid and bored WAISTers))) My life is also going nowhere fast. I am really enjoying not working but I think the time might come when I need to find something to do. No point in rushing these things though...


Spence, it sounds as if you are having a great hollibobs - you won't want to come home. And I have it on good authority that DD is planning to stay on!


Chuggy, your life is always so hectic even when you are in France!


Snaily, it is good to hear you enjoying your running. Be careful not to get carried away and do too much too soon.


XB, please give my love to Edinburgh, I have been just once but would love to go back some time.


I did a double aquagym session this morning (as is uausl on Mondays) I don't know why, but the time went v e r y  s l o w l y. Then out for coffee and lunch with bff. alfie is now on my lap. pretending to wait 'patiently' for his tea - but he will be down in the kitchen as soon as I even twitch . I slept well last night but haven't caught up from the run of sleeplessness  , early night for me I think.




WAIST well xxx

08/04/2013 at 17:56

**waves to Spence** sounds like a very cheery holiday

I have been rather upset by someone at wurk piling on the pressure and have had a tearful word with my boss - I don't do the crying at work thing!!! hopefully things will improve

08/04/2013 at 18:41
((((Ahh Far Far))))))
08/04/2013 at 19:25
(((((Farfar))))) well, I very much hope things do improve as you deserve some respite.

Not jealous, not jealous of your holibob at all, Spence;-)

((((Sluggie)))) *plumps sluggies pillows* Bless Alfie, I can imagine he is half starved boy
08/04/2013 at 19:42

Aww (((FarFar)))


BTW, why do my brackets ( )  keep turning into hashes ## ???

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