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M...eldy    pirate
29/07/2013 at 17:24

Afternoon gang

1hr swim and 2hrs at the gym ...that'll do me 

Noggs, if you dont refer to any data post ride and you have instant feedback from HRM then I doubt you do need a Garmin
Coco .. the GarminSwim is on my list this month, I am watching one on eBay at the moment
Westie, a couple of Pierights did the UTMB ... its a spectacular event and their race report was excellent !

GPO is guarding the front door ... well thats what he tells me  

29/07/2013 at 19:31

Hi Di Hi

Far Far, I'm sending the bailiffs round!!

We've been for a walk with friends, just got back to the car when the heavens opened went back to friends house for our picnic! Driving was quite scary in the rain couldn't see a thing!

Westie, I'd love to come & visit

29/07/2013 at 20:35



I find it hard to believe that Scott can do so much despite still being broken! He is a real example of not letting things stop him doing what he wants.

Cleo - that is not an excuse for you to overdo things

Great time Yumms, especially considering the conditions. Hope that you had a good day with the olds.

Spence, £40 for a skort?? You could have got one in Lidl for £6...

Hurrah for Anglo-French-Nederland relations!

I know that I meant to comment on something Pippi said, what I can't remember what it was...

Was up late this morning cos MS decided he didn't need to set the alarm. Managed to get to the pool in time for my aquagym session anyway. Met MS and did a sluggie today as going away with bff tomorrow. Just a couple of nights terrorising Portsmouth and its environs


WAIST well xx


M...eldy    pirate
29/07/2013 at 20:46

£40 Spence !!!  They saw you coming I reckon ... I have loads of them and would never pay that

29/07/2013 at 20:46

Oddly enough Spence, people often say they prefer my driving when they can't see.

Noggy, I have a very old garmin. I occasionally use it to keep track of distance or pace me if I have a target in sight or for run/walk intervals.  I'm not a number cruncher either. I find its when the fun stops.  I will make the tea for the revenue chaps in the hope they feel benevolent towards you did you mention on your tax return how you planned to spend your rebate;-) 

Scott's blog is fantastic, westie and the loveliest photos  

No rain here, Spence  

No word from chuggs yet. Do you think she is OK?

Glad you cleaned your teeth,  Pippi 

Have entertained olds n stuffed my face.  Got home to a text from chum which rather oddly made me feel sick. You know I've mentioned the woman that hangs on my shoulder then beats me over the line. You won't believe it but she's on the bus/swims in my lane/wears comfortable shoes and is partnered up with someone else at run club.  what a sickener, I finally get a woman to chase me n find that I'm not the only gay in the run club but neither are available

Would someone please get a pillow n stifle my screams

29/07/2013 at 21:07

I'm glad I cleaned my teeth too, but not so glad I brought the washing in - it's been fine since lunchtime ...

but we have clean kitchen cupboards and some of them are less cluttered.

Took me while to get the metaphors there, Yums ... thought you had a stalker!

29/07/2013 at 21:17

Well that's Mrs and Scott booked up for two nights D/B&b at the hotel . Guess where ........... Yup Braemar. It appears there is a few peaks Scott has not done yet and the hotel had a 2 night break for a total of £130 which is only £32.50 each per night with food thrown in. I gave the Mrs the option of going with him which she was keen to do.
We don't say anything to Scott but when he is out doing "hard" training runs over a long period one of us likes to be on hand just in case.
He is looking forward to the UTMB and was due to race it 2011 when he had his "accident". He is happy he collected enough qualifying points to apply again but he will NOT be racing it this time but would like to be fit enough to complete it.

Spence you and any Waisters are welcome anytime the only gamble is if we are home or not so would need notice. We are going through that "life " period that as we are still semi healthy and mobile to get out there while we can . Mind you I think the Mrs is going to hide my tent

29/07/2013 at 21:24

Sluggie, if you go back to Lidli & they still have the Skort could you possibly get me. Size 12 & I'll send you the money?  Ta muchly, muchly xx

Then I'll take me Stella McCartney one back!!!

29/07/2013 at 22:17

Just read back quickly

Well done Scott!

(((Yums))) how maddening to be one of three and the other two paired off laready ;-((

Sluggie, have a lovely girlie mini-break!!

Melds, that's some training programme. Are you getting ready for another IM already? 

Alas, garmins are faaaar to technical for the likes of me, but I am sure all of your advice to Nogs is spot on. 

Pippi, if you enjoy cleaning kitchen cupboards, you would be most welcome to come and stay with us for as long as youi like! I think we can keep you busy for quite a while....

Well......I HAVE MET PODDS AND SHE IS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY! I am also pleased to assure you that, contrary to what I had always believed, Mr. P is NOT in fact at rest under Podds' patio---no, he is alive and well and is on holiday in France too ))) We met up at a place halfway between us, and the four of us had a lovely lunch sitting outside under some big shady trees. It was really brilliant to meet her in person after so long, and we had a blast. And she has THE most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen. THANKS, PODDS, THAT WAS FAB!!! 

Yup, no doubt about it, WAISters are the BEST! ))))))

But as my day started with 3 hilly miles and included such an important meeting, I'm now falling asleep so off to bed for me. Nighty night all xxxxx

P.S. Podds herself may not be able to get in here for now as the electrics at her father's place were knocked out by the recent storms so she has no internet access. She'll be back in the air as soon as she can. 

30/07/2013 at 07:59

Morning team.

Looks like being a damp day here. Not much planned other than some work and maybe a spin out.

Sounds like a grand lunch Chuggs.

Coffee anyone?

30/07/2013 at 08:42

morning all, was up early and now coffeed out thanks Noggs.
Good to see you and Podds met up ok Chuggy but it would be very very nice if you could make Stratty in November ..

dry here at the moment but looks like heavy showers due later and talking about heavy showers what's Spence up to today on the M42 ?


30/07/2013 at 09:10


Sounds like a pretty full on day there, chuggy.  Podds is lovely n I too have met the chap she wheels out n says is Mr P.  Somehow I get the feeling there was much talking going on........ 

Spence, what is the point of a skort?  I kinda get them for other sports but running? Would one wear one cycling, swimming or skiing? Hmmmm, maybe you should wear your skort to as many different events as possible to see which sports it is good for  

Coffee is essential this morning please, Noggs.  

Westie, I think all WAISTers agree stratty won't be the same without chuggy 


30/07/2013 at 09:54

Just did a quick read-back and like Pippi, was completely floored by Yums' metaphors, temporarily.  ((((Yums)))) - don't lose heart, there will be someone out there for you.  Just maybe the timing hasn't been right so far.  There's nothing wrong with you so just keep hanging on in there.

Still not sleeping well and not sure why.  I'm waking up very early and can't get back to sleep and am very restless.  As a consequence I'm tired during the day and not at my best.  My mood is fine so I'm wondering if this is physiological and my joints are taking time adjusting to new stretches etc.  Does that make sense to any of you?

I also don't get skorts for running.  I like the look of them but very much in a Wimbledon kinda-way.  They don't seem right for running in to me.

Grateful to be working at home today 




30/07/2013 at 10:12


Lack of sleep makes you feel carp, body and soul. It's worse when you've actually been in bed, trying to sleep, and not able to  Are you conscious at all of your joints, with the new stretches? I mean, sometimes there is an almost subliminal level of discomfort or tension that you don't actualy think about but that can keep you from getting really comfortable. Maybe trying taking an aspirin or ibuprofen before bed tonight and see if that helps? 

Yums, I too am interested in the purpose of the skort. I've looked at them, since I quite like the effect, but can't help feeling they would get in the way somehow. Spence, we are all waiting for your report!

Nogs, if that coffee is still going I'll have one, please. No sug, but lots of milk. What's the score with the 'special' customer these days? Is she still speaking to you or has she stalked off in high dudgeon again? I seem to remember it's an ongoing soap opera.... And is HL's FIL reasonably settled again now? 

Westie, enjoy the showers while you have them. We have clouds and sun today, which is a lovely breather, cos it's supposed to be 37 on Thursday and Friday. Bit too much of a good thing imho. But nobody's going to ask me.

Been to the market this morning and got 6 kg of peaches at Euro 1.50 per kilo. Guess what I'm doing today? But tonight I'm going here (sorry, RW won't let me do links, no idea why!)

Supposed to be great fun. 

30/07/2013 at 10:30


Glad that the anglo-france-nederland meeting went well. Mind you, I don't see how it wouldn't when the two people concerned are both so nice

(((Yumms))), who knows, perhaps she-who-hangs-on-your-shoulder and her partner might have some lovely friends?

(((Coco))), sorry that I called you Cleo yesterday!

Spence, the skorts looked as if they were going fast (or there weren't amnay to start with). I won't be back until Thursday and I think the chances of there being any left by then are around those of a snowball in hell! Sorry

Well, we are due to leave in around 30 minutes - which would be fine if I didn't have about an hours worth of stuff to do first. I think I had better get my arris in gear!


WAIST well my lovelies xxxxxxxxxxxx


30/07/2013 at 10:49

Hi Chuggs - yes, exactly that kind of subliminal consciousness of discomfort.  But not pain - I just keep wanting to stretch my legs all the time and can't get comfy.  But definitely not in any pain - in fact, more painfree than I've been for ages and ages.  Taking ibuprofen is a good suggestion - I guess I was just trying to avoid taking anything to help me sleep but ibuprofen on its own would be fine.

The AD tour looks really good - hope you have a good time 

Sluggs - I was rather pleased you called me Cleo, actually!! I really like the name and as she's so beautiful, I was rather flattered 

30/07/2013 at 11:02

morning all

the bailiffs have been on to me  I've sorted my debt situation

oh Yumms what a shame, the best ones are always taken - boo!

hoorah for WAISters meetings

I have plodded 4 miles this morning, finally sleeping a bit better

30/07/2013 at 11:44

I haven't plodded for a while ... I suppose I really ought to now I don't have the excuse of it being far too hot ...

I've supermarket shopped - isn't it quiet and civilised at 10 am on a Tuesday morning?

We did think of camping again now it's Mr Ps shifts off, but the forecast is rather iffy, so we are staying home and having days out.

Enjoy the cakes and ale, Chuggs.

30/07/2013 at 12:15

Hoorah to a better sleeping farfar  

N boo to a poorly sleepy coco  Or should I call you Cleo  sounds as though you are finally seeing positive, longterm changes with the legs. 

Chuggs, ah how lovely, something cultured n relaxing after an exciting day with Podds n Mr Podds.   

Bon voyage, sluggy. Hope you don't paint the town too red or they may not invite you back   enjoy 

Spence, you could blog 101 uses for a skort  Bet you could find some funny ones. Reckon Irish dancing would be good but not so sure high jump might knock the bar off.

Well, maybe she who hangs on my shoulder will have nice friends. Experience says not though as  sane ones don't usually mingle with others but worth trying to drop it into conversation.....somehow!  I still keep my hand in with on line dating but am pretty cynical and its not pretty. Last one was bi polar as you know. The last couple of weeks have brought me .... One telling me about her gynae probs.....barf, one who suffered from ME for 19 years n not worked in that time, one whose goal in life is not to be let down again, who can't spell, doesn't work but plays darts on Mondays(from her profile) and a wheelchair user.   Gee, I'm struggling to choose between themO 


30/07/2013 at 13:24

(((((Yums))))) - I wish I knew what to say to help you.  Are there any LGBT clubs / societies near you that you could join to meet other people, even if just for friendship?  Universities always have them for their staff and students and friends have friends.

Sluggs - have lots of fun! 

I snuck into the kitchen and made a delicious gluten-free fruit cake (courtesy of Phil Vickery's fantastic coeliac baking book).  Anyone want a piece?  


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