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03/08/2013 at 21:28

Sluggie we're off to Cornwall camping

The forecast is for rain just as we're due to arrive & pitch! Typical

Anyhoo I have my running stuff, plenty of books & a box of Shiraz!

Not sure what the signal will be like but will look in when I can 

03/08/2013 at 21:48

Have a truly super time, Spence! (No idea what Shiraz is, but if it comes in a box maybe it's chocolate???) We shall expect a full report upon return 

Yums, didn't mean to make you feel jumped-on. And it does feel awfully lonely when the choice is between being paired up with a weirdo or being all by yourself. But you are looking for a very high-quality lady, and it's worth hanging in there til you find her. 

Oh Sluggie, how annoying and discouraging that you're STILL feeling so tired Hopefully the holiday will give you just the right combination of new and interesting places, and time to do nothing. What a shame about Clio---I wonder if there's anything else you can try? I'll ask around and keep my fingers crossed. 

Last night's storm totally cratered a lot of the vineyards on the north of Bordeaux, which is grim. The owners are looking at a total loss this year, and probably next year as well. Especially tough in this economic crisis. 

Anyway, I'm off up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire, so nighty night all. xxxx


03/08/2013 at 21:53

Sluggy, where are you off to? Camping with Spence ? ((((Sluggy sore bits))) Here's hoping Alfie n Cleo realise they are better off tolerating each other than the alternative although Alfie would probably welcome the alternative option for Cleo!

Back from meal with the crumblies. No 1 son wasn't feeling fab n no sooner we arrived at the pub he started honking. To be fair his dad did come n collect him as I had only borrowed them for dinner!

Spence, man up!  Its only rain


03/08/2013 at 22:02

Chuggy, do you really not know what Shiraz is???  Seriously? Its what the French call Syrah - of the red wine type. Don't tell me you've never heard of that ? This is serious

;-)  don't worry, I didn't feel jumped on.  weirdo free day here but something tell me it won't last. I'm only looking for Ms Ordinary not too difficult surely! Apparently not!

Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
04/08/2013 at 08:12


Chuggs doesn't know what Shiraz is? She needs educating badly 

Welcome home Podds, hope the DG is ok today

Yumms I hope the progress with the boy continues, but don't expect it to be a linear process, the ride will be a bit bumpy - sorry, but best to be prepared I suppose.

It's raining here already. and it looks set for the day. The show will be fun!!! 

I'm looking forward to seeing this fella

 the horse not the blerk 

04/08/2013 at 08:26

The horse I assume, sue? Bummer about the rain. Ah, LOL , just seen your comment under the pic!  What lovely neddies  Hope you can scare the rain away  

Yup, I expect more of the same from no 2 until one of us comes out on top. Best it be me as no 2 has many lovely qualities really but needs to learn not to let the less pleasant ones dominate. 

Dare I say it but sunny here with light breeze. Gonna dust the cobwebs off myfanwy and take her for a spin to give my trotters a rest. Be interesting to see whether the increase in plodding is noticeable ....or not.

Waist well


04/08/2013 at 08:43

Morning All

 to Yums at me being sensible  

The DG had (i think) got something in his eye but I couldn't see anything and flushing it didn't make a difference and by a couple of hours later it was obviously inflamed,  he was bugging at it a lot and it was almost completely closed...............which seriously impaired his ability to catch toast corners!

Vet gave him a anaesthetic eye drops and then had a good dig around and then some ointment and he was immediately more comfortable and his eye is improving greatly already   don't like to take risks with eyes and you know how uncomfortable it is when you get something in your eye

Yums - you is da business and if the other ladies and No2 can't see that then they need a good slapping  

Oh and Yums - I may have a cunning plan but ask no more currently...................

Sluggie - sad the puddlies can't work it out at the moment - when and where are you off to?  Think I must have missed that bit...

Happy camping Spence - please feel free to take all cr*ppy weather with you

What a gorgeous horse Dragon Lady - I do like the big shires and suffolk punches

Well I should be Riding London with Meldy and thousands of others - don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved that I'm not!! 

There's been a lot of negativity on the RW thread for this with some folk moaning that it's bound to be full of "newbies who can't hold a straight line and go slow" and there will be bad bottlenecks and newbies will be undertrained and get in the way...........I really hope it goes well as a result!

At the end of the day I suspect you do have to look at it as a London marathon type thing where you are not likely to have PB racing conditions but then this is supposed to be a sportive which is not a timed event so it shouldn't matter and it should be to encourage more people onto their bikes......

*puts soapbox away*

Westie - looked for Scott on the box this morning as they had the world trail running champs in north wales and I didn't know if anyone he knew was involved....... Is he looking at the commonwealths?  I know you said he wasn't right yet but he his still producing such amazing times and performances e.g. that pacing London 2:40 that he's obviously still head and shoulders above the rest of us...

Right - off to entertain Mummy Podds - back later

04/08/2013 at 09:50

Morning all, Was up early and dropped eldest son off at edinburgh airport at 05:30 this morning for his flight back to Italy so had a little nap when I got back.

Podds Scott is not competing at all this year he had to abort his last  2 races after 30 miles and is having tests at the docs at the moment.He is fit enough to get out and enjoy his trail running but can't push to hard so just stops and takes a few photo's which helps him recover from his "unknown " problem.I think his competitive running days may be a thing of the past now but he still loves doing the trails etc so he will continue doing that. He use to run most days training and did about 80 to 100+ miles a week if he was building up for a big race. Now he only goes out a couple of times a week and not even that sometimes.Anyway we will see how things go over the next couple of months but he is doing the UTMB end of this month and is taking his camera and will walk / run to try to do the distance.


04/08/2013 at 11:15

UTMB must be amazing to do Westie - there's a similar one (a qualifier for UTMB) in the swiss alps which has shorter versions which Mr P and I looked at before "his knee"...........just for the sheer beauty of running in the high alps

04/08/2013 at 13:24

I'll be sitting and looking at the Alps this time next week, but not running!

04/08/2013 at 14:22

Afternoon WAISTers

7 miles plodded with Roni this morning, lovely day for a forest run, nice cool breeze! She completed it non stop again, although last 2 was a struggle, but a complete is a complete

Westie: Its good that Scott is both taking his camera and adopting a 'do the distance' strategy, it will be so cool for him to pass the line at the end! we''l be cheering for him (virtually)

Podds: There does seem to be quite a lot of negativity about Ride London, doesnt there, your comparason of VLM seems about right, but with that many people in it now, there are going to be beginners and slower riders in the way etc, but they do have to start somewhere, and cant all be top flight riders right from the word go like some people think they should be. Still, if it raises interest in cycling, thats got to be a good thing overall. I'll watch more on telly a bit later

04/08/2013 at 14:30


I was thinking you shoulda  been out riding with m....eldy, Podds but I don't recall  finding your excuse note on my desk!  Awwww, poor DG. Eyes are most definitely not to be left as once damaged its can be permanent. LOL at the catching toast corners - I have this vision of mornings in your household  and how sweet, a cunning plan and I've not got a clue what you are waffling about

Westie, I didn't realise Scott's running had been so curtailed but I'm chuffed he can still get out n enjoy the trails and that he shares the pics with us What is UTMB? Obviously it involves mountains and silly mileage 

Pippi, fancy letting the side down n not running in the Alps!  

Back from a short cycle. Funny how the cooling wind becomes much stronger when cycling. I stopped off in the park to listen to the music. A variety from cheesy old bloke to young pro guy. The most fun were three women performing sixties songs. They had the hair n knee length boots, little black dresses and then they changed into clingy sparkly ones - such fun 20 smiles ave 16 mph.

04/08/2013 at 14:36
04/08/2013 at 14:52

One of the pie rights is back from Ride London and reporting great experience and no issues at all..........

May be he had a good start time but he says he was tanking back into town at around 25mph so clearly not being held up

will wait and see what the shoe lady had to say for herself later

Good cycling Yums and nice average speed too missus!

04/08/2013 at 15:10

Awww. good news on Ride London, Podds. Liek Cheesy days, there has to be somewhere for the less-than-fabulous to do things too. 

Podds, good call with the pooch. Eyes do hurt when something's wrong, and you surely don't want him to get into real trouble there. 

Well done with the wheel-winding, Yums! And with no. 2 As you said, it is deffo in his interests, even more than yours, that he emerges at the other end of the tunnel as a civilised human being! Hope no. 1 is feeling better now, though. 

Cheesie, you and Roni are turning into a powerful pair of runners there. Hats off to you both!

Westie, I too didn't realise Scott was so limited right now---but all things are comparative, and his 'limited' surpasses anything I could ever, ever do! The main thing is that he is able to enjoy it in a way that works for him. Great stuff. 

Sue, that geegee is indeed one handsome piece of horseflesh! Despite the rain it sounds like it should be a great day. 

Sorry about the Shiraz. Syrah I recognise, but a) it comes from the wrong side of the country (down here we drink Bergerac wines and the occasional Bordeaux!) and b) it's red, and red wine makes Mr C feel rough the next day so we stick mainly to white and rose. Now if you want to talk about Monbazillac wines, I'm your girl ))

We are going for dinner tonight here

Belves is one of the bastides (read: English market towns plopped down on hilltops in the south of France by Edward I). The restaurant is apparently owned by a slightly mad Dutch couple, which should be fun. 

04/08/2013 at 16:58

Mad Dutch couple? I didn't realise you n Mr c had branched out;-) Ah, Troglodyte caves  Why did I think sweet when you mention Monbazillac, chuggy?  I'm not very knowledgeable on French wine I'm afraid.  

Cheesy, thanks for the link. Just as I thought - mountains n madness!

Perhaps the cycle London fears were a little unfounded, Podds? Time will tell I guess.

Can't see m......eldy in the peloton 

04/08/2013 at 17:08

Hi everyone - hope all those departing on holibubs have a loverly time and welcome back to Podds .  The photos look really great.

Sluggs - so sorry that Cleo and Alfie are still at odds with each other.  Perhaps the holiday might make a difference and they'll start afresh when they both come home.

We had a nice day yesterday with the SA rellies in Derbyshire.  I didn't need a passport after all, Yums - although a foreign phrasebook (Afrikaans - English) was needed on occasion!

They all liked my GF chocolate brownie torte so I will make it again 

Today has been a quiet day - I did my strengthening exercises and a run is planned for tomorrow.  The cats are both currently trying to teach me how to relax properly 

Am looking forward to hearing how Meldy got on today.

Happy WAISTing all.

04/08/2013 at 17:14

'GF chocolate brownie torte so I will make it again'

Form an orderly WAISTer queue

Keep up the excersises Fiona, benifits will show soon enough!

Is it beer time yet?

04/08/2013 at 17:50

Cheesy, the sun was over the yard arm some time ago n wine o'clock has arrived in the seaside towns of Essex 

Phew, you made it back OK, coco. Any choklit torte sounds good so I'll fall in behind cheesy 

*hands out plates, forks n serviettes* 

*texts WAISTer chums*

Anyway be a love n do my exercises, please - a few one legged squats, leg raises, hip flexor stretches n quad tensions. Cheers me dearie  


04/08/2013 at 17:54


Poor DG! I am glad that he is more comfortable now.

(((Scott))) It's a bummer that he can't do the things he wants to, but it sounds as if he is taking the advice that a very wise person once gave me 'Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain'. I must confess that I'm still not very good at that, but I am working in it.

Hope that Mini1 is feeling better - nice to hear that his father did the decent thing and took him home.

Have a great time Spence, Cornwall is lovely whatever the weather.

Where are you off to this time Pipples?

Cheesy, it sounds as if Ronnie is coming along really well. Good for her!

Coco, that torte sounds really scrummy! It is nice to find a decent gf recipe, does it use ground almonds instead of flour?

Another  crazy Dutch couple?? It seems that the world is full of them! The restaurant looks great, do let us know what the food is like.

Sue, I hope you are/were able to see that lovely needy and generally have a good time.

For those who asked, we are off on a Norwegian cruise on Friday. We have been before but MS can only really run to one week off at the moment so there is not much else on offer, especially as I cannot fly/cruise. Cleo is going to stay with grandma, she says that her lovely neighbours are currently without a cat so is going to invite them round while Cleo is with her. Fingers crossed as it would be a really good outcome for Cleo... (who wants nothing more than regular food and a warm lap to sit on)

We have taken SM and MIL out for lunch today, haven't seen MIL for a little while. We had a decent meal and a potter around a couple of shops (farm shop and antiquey style). SM had only one episode of not being able to find the right word, that is quite an improvement on how she was 12 months ago when she had the stroke.


WAIST well xxx


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