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14/08/2013 at 13:57

Afternoon WAISTers 

Not been in much, V busy here 

Snaily: Do remember that when you run as much as you are, the fat changes to muscle, which is heavier, so when you are loosing fat you can actually stay the same weight and sometimes get a bit heavier! The key is your clothes fitting differently, usually feeling too big. Roni has the same problem, her clothes dont fir too well now but she gets frustrated cos her weight doesnt go down. That will come next. So 1.5lbslost weight is great  not only has more fat than that gone, but you are building muscle too! 

Edited: 14/08/2013 at 13:58
14/08/2013 at 15:26

I'm in the pub

Ive got Internet

but locals having a row is more entertaining!

well done to C3 although I have no idea what he's done!!


to those that need 'em!

14/08/2013 at 15:33

((((yums)))) hope the grumps pass soon lass. Want you nice and cheerful when we share a bed in November!

Tubs - well done you for all that knitting and fundraising! Very impressed Fab pic too   Bleurgh to gallstones though - not nice.

Yeo - we can kick arses when necessary, yes. Please bend over and we'll form a disorderly queue

Noggs, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you tell neighbour what you think of him

Afternoon Jenni, not seen you for a while!

Yep, i think Spence and XB both on hols (not together!). But yes, lots of plodding there

Ooh, a new running club coco! What fun

Ooh, Sue, chuck us some of that cake I love a nice victoria sponge

Hope you escaped for a cycle ride Podds!

Keep going snaily, you're doing a grand job. Don't worry about those people who lose 4lbs a week - this is YOUR journey, not theirs. I have a confession to make - I rejoined slimming world (for about the 56th time) the week after you did (partly inspired by your enthusiasm for it!). Lost 10.5lbs so far, and feel SO much better. But I didn't lose anything this week - got a bit cocky and took my eye off the ball and started munching a bit extra... Back on track now though.

Made another (Stupid) pact with my sister that whichever of us isn't down to goal weight by her birthday (end of October) has to enter another marathon. Best pull my finger out!

Anyway, w*rk w*rk w*rk here. Still, only 1 day of the week left to go I LOVE not working Fridays

14/08/2013 at 15:37

My planned 50 miler turned into 62 Earth miles of the finest Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire roads.  An undulating circuit with two longish hills and several of the short, sharp variety.

I know I've done it but I feel pretty good..

Time for a cuppa.

14/08/2013 at 15:46

That sounds nice, Nogs - bet the views were good

Snaily - I'm with the others on this.  You are doing incredibly well and your running has taken off massively.  You are a runner so weight-loss shouldn't be as important as fitness.  Also, the others are right - muscle weighs more than fat and you should go by how your clothes fit and dress-size.

For motivation, can I suggest that you pick an item of clothing (jeans are quite good) that feels just slightly tight, or that you can't get into at the moment.  Leave it to one side and try it again in one month's time.  And see how you feel then.

Weight is a very misleading statistic in my view.  In the past I've been at my heaviest when I've been at my fittest.


14/08/2013 at 15:52

True words Snaily

My BMI was only just under obese when I completed Outlaw last year......and that might not have been fast or pretty but is still more than most folk can manage - including many of the so called "fit skinnies"

14/08/2013 at 17:53

Hear hear to all wot's just been said. Snaily, you are doing GREAT! You're running further than you ever imagined you could, you've made a huge success of the new job, you've re-done the new garden and house, you've more or less single-handedly been holding up Snaunty and the rest of the family and you've lost a lot of weight already. Jeez, how much more do you want to be able to do at one time?!? 

Awww, Coco, to be able to join a running club again is just brilliant. Remember just a few weeks ago when you thought you'd never get there? Well, here you are! Still progress to make, I know, but what a great milestone! 

Daffs, well done you too. 10.5 lbs is a lot to lose (tho with a marathon hanging in the balance I can see why you might want to avoid the crisps for a while yet 

Nogs, even for you that sounds like a good cycle tour  Must have blown the silly customer and her sillier neighbours right out of your head. 

Podds, you will ALWAYS be able to FAR more than most folk can manage  And I don't think you're alone in finding the 'death by a thousand cuts' the worst part of life!

Tubs, what perfectly gorgeous hats. And how like you to really turn to for a good cause. You should be well pleased with that result! Not such good news about the gallstones tho  Hope they can sort them soon, and without your having to travel all over the country like you have to for your eyes. xxx

Jenni, good to see you around the place again! Especially that you can get out on the road a bit. It does calm the soul. (And the absence of the boss is an extra bonus

Sue, your baking sounds phenomenal! (Holds out plate hopefully for Victoria sponge) Great way to spend a rainy day. 

Thanks for all the nice vibes for C3. He is so relieved and happy, it took some courage to jump ship so late in the day but I'm glad he did. Did my 3 hilly miles the morning---and have been feeling cheery all day as a result. Must be something to this chugging lark after all 

14/08/2013 at 18:20

Hi. I'm just getting back out this evening after a really long break. I've tried over the last few months to get back into it but think I pushed myself too much and didn't enjoy it. I had major surgery last October. Before surgery, my longest run was 12 miles. Tonight I'll be happy if I can run 1. Going out as slow as I can and hope that I feel the love again as I really want to get fit  

M...eldy    pirate
14/08/2013 at 18:56

Evening team

Welcome back to Yeo, I have an ample pair of size 9's should you require them

Welcome Paula .... as the title suggests, keep it nice n easy

No flipping cat biscuits, I'm going to have to hunt around for them before I go to Devon on Friday or I shall be in trouble
Talking of trouble, I have a couple of flea bites and we are not due Frontline for a week or so, just hoping the GPO acts as the control measure that he is supposed to !!

Sleep was slightly better, woken intermittently by the builders and ultimately by next doors drum practice ... the joys 

14/08/2013 at 19:10

Oooh can you see me !!? 

Hellooooooo, I'm in the tent, with possibly Internet

ahh Meldy come down to Cornwall & we'll go for a run

I'm gonna try & read back a bit, but if its drivel I'll give up!!

14/08/2013 at 20:06

Evening all (not said in a policeman like fashion of a certain television series which may reduce the thread to another discussion on age or the lack thereof)

wooo hoooo C3

hello and a bit of a booty call for Yeo I see

hello and hoorah Paula. 1 mile is more than I have managed today (well i've done a lot more but that was on a train)

((((((( for them that want them)))))

I did read back and remember cake, grump, woolly hats ( I used to have a hamster called 'one hat woolly' , but that's another story) , Spence in a tent, and tales of builders and weight loss.

OH has been going to Rosemary Connelis for the last few months (not Rosemary herself, you understand, but a pale imitation called Sarah with lofty ambitions a nod a certificate in Zumba) She is consistently losing a pound a week (and spending more) but it means she can maintain it and it's not completely overtaking our lives. I'm hoping she carries on for another 10 years then I won't need to dig up the patio! 

I say this because I have just returned from the joy that is Norwich to discover that she has eaten my leftover tuna pasta bake ( we're dead classy) that I made last night. she has buggered off to Leeds for the night and I have just taken out what looks like a disc of dried cardboard, supposedly a tasty, if not very nutritious pizza that has been knocking round the depths of the freezer for the past year, to have as my dinner. 

Joy to the world


M...eldy    pirate
14/08/2013 at 20:09

I would go to Noggs ... he always has a damn good spread laid out  

14/08/2013 at 20:10

Rosemary Conneli is obviously the Italian version approved by Apple and this self editing iPad. I of course meant Rosemary Connelly.

there also shouldn't have been a nod for Sarah but, instead an and....

In real life I speak in ssentences they may not make sense, but they' re grammatically correct

M...eldy    pirate
14/08/2013 at 20:12

We believe you ... 

Have you watched 'The men who made us thin' recently?   I would get her to watch it

14/08/2013 at 20:18

Please don't ask us to watch a programme that will make  her realise that she may be wasting rather a lot of money on a venture that is statistically doomed to failure. It gets her out of the house and me in control of the remote for 2 nights a week!

M...eldy    pirate
14/08/2013 at 20:22

14/08/2013 at 20:27

I ain't watching it either - I've talked myself out of slimming world too many times already - I KNOW its flaws and inadequacies, but as a temporary tool to help and support me to get things under control, it works. If I start thinking about it too hard I give up, and then end up podgy again. So - fingers in ears for the time being

14/08/2013 at 20:32

Ta for the endorsement Melds, yes, we do ok on the food front. And DL, you're always welcome.  A simple home cooked ham, cauliflower cheese, and new taters tonight.  There was enough for three - easily.  Plus a nice Chenin Bland.

That's why I need to work hard and ride my bike silly distances.

I've been invited to a vineyard on Sunday.  They are taking on extra staff.


14/08/2013 at 20:51

Be careful what you wish for. I am in the Keynes that is Milton tomorrow for a meeting.......

mwah ha ha ha

14/08/2013 at 21:37

SW is a temporary fix for me too, I cant control my eating as God seems to have forgotten to add Will Power when he made me!  I don't actually have any clothes that are too tight now, they are all quite loose (which is better than when I started because I couldn't breathe in some of them!)  But on the scales I've only lost 8lb in 9 weeks.  I hear what you are saying, and I would be saying the same things, after all I'm in it for fitness not thinness, still bloody annoying though.  Wanted to get into the next stone below before my holidays, but that's 7lb in 3 weeks.  not a chance!

I have to say Rosemary Connelly is the most annoying person on this planet (IMO) she's so bloody perfect!!!!

Fat club is very funny though, the leader has a saying "slim in the kitchen, get fit in the gym"  She so doesn't advocate exercise its hilarious, obviously they are focused on SW and not the overall package of fitness.  But it works for me at the moment.

(and I think MrS likes me out of the house too!!!)

Paula - well all start off on that first mile.  Let us know how you got on.


Oh Daffs you sneaky person.  Well done and lets hope you win!!!   These next 3 weeks I'm going to really stick to SW, give myself a boost before hols.


Going for an easy r/w with the neighbour tomorrow night, then another 10k hopefully Friday morning. 


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