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Today at 13:46

Had a two mile slog this morning and it was a slog too, still got the post 10K aches and seems the whole body wanted to join in today lol. Hopefully should be improved by tomorrow

I agree about runners saying hello, I generally look at them (male or female) to speak, some guys just nod, some runners say nothing (both sexes) others are quite chatty, especially if you or they are passing (even in races). I've even jogged alongside a horse rider and chatted with them early morning in the summer when they were having and early ride and me an early jog before it got too hot.

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Today at 13:48

Afternoon and Happy St George's day.

Spence, I did wonder what you were talking about - but that is nothing new 

(((Snaily, MC and any other ailing WAISTers)))

(((Yums))) as you say, it's a real shame that your sis's behaviour is having such a negative effect on your parents.

(((Coco))) not long now!

Meldy, will the lodger be moving with you (assuming that he survives being left alone with the GPO of course!)?

Podds, was it your knee being MRI'd?

Noggy, what a gentleman! I'm sure the cyclists were very grateful for you doing an extra 12 miles in order to help them!

Miserable day here, weatherwise, but brightened by meeting an OA  chum for coffee and chat.


WAIST well xxxx


Today at 14:04

Well, I went for a ride.  I got to  Oxford and turned left rather than right.  The wind was pretty strong so I turned into it rather than face a head wind later on.  I found some roads that I haven't ridden for 30 years and finished off with a climb of Brill.

50 of your Earth miles at an ok pace - just a couple of silly mechanicals to annoy me plus a few spots of rain.

The rest of the day will be devoted to St George and may involve a visit to the pub.

Hurrah for St George.

Today at 14:14

Reading back, IBS is mentioned, had that myself for twenty odd years, is a real swine and makes you feel tired and lethargic, only sorted mine by having the offending part removed by surgery. I've had a whole new outlook on life since.


Today at 14:16

Nice riding Noggy

Yep Sluggy - the usual suspect!  I actually find having an MRI rather relaxing and find it odd the "operators" seem to feel the need to constantly reassure you that everything is going ok and give you a panic button!

Next step is results in a few weeks' time

I am eating green goo ..............I made it 

Today at 14:38

Mr P had an MRI on Tuesday, and they've asked him to go back next week so they can video themselve carrying out the procedure! They need some validation or something.I suppose he's not particularly ill, nor bothered by the MRI, and he has something they can spot on the scan (a leaky heart valve? - had it for years probably and it causes no problems, but they are keeping a close eye on it)

I've had a ride too. It was great - out into the countryside, and I turned round just as the drizzle started 1 hour out. But then I fell off again! I am so cross with myself and feel a bit useless and starting to lose my nerve a little. I did almost exactly the same thing - clipped a hadnlebar on the fence - in almost the same place, but coming back down a short path rather than going round the wide bend on the outward journey. Didn't fly off, but clattered down and got lots of swollen bruises from colliding with the bike! Then a couple of miles later I got very scared going down a path that meets the pavement at 90 degrees and skidded into the fence - a definite loss of nerve there! had lunch with frozen peas on my swollen knee ...

But nice people asked if I was okay.

Good to know you feel better Andrew - my friend's son has had an op and is a new person for it. He's due to have things re-attached soon.

Today at 16:56

Morning each.

My ride plans are being rethought as it looks a bit wet in the area I want to ride to.

Yums, I think HL rather than my knee will decide on my comeback.  I think it requires a level of commitment I'm not prepared for and that she would find hard to accept.  

It would also mean at least one more bike and two or three sets of wheels.

Today at 17:03

I can't look that bad ... Pippette's come in and not noticed the split lip and grazed chin! Just as well as I'm doing a wedding tomorrow and don't want to scare them!

Nogs, I know just what you mean about the Commitment. I don't know how people find the time 

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