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19/06/2014 at 22:16

She has a bike which hasn't moved in 12 years.

Chuggs, you and I get to talk about the achievements of our kids, and, some of us, our grandkids.  Others have relationships, work, or, we sometimes even talk about plodding.

 She doesn't have that.  Her closest rellies are two nephews who don't care if she lives or dies.

Sad really.  Having said that, I'd like my life and her money.


19/06/2014 at 22:20

Ooooooh, nearly forgot.

Just entered the Severn Bridge 100 miler on August bank holiday weekend and a Civic/church 80 miler in July locally.

19/06/2014 at 22:23

Well said re fave Noggs  I'd like her money too but not in exchange for what seems a bit of a grey existence poor soul......

Evening all BTW

I have marshalled this evening so good deed for the day done and at the weekend I get to go to MK again with 2 16-year old lads........and another adult thank dog.........not sure what I did to deserve it 

Training for Arch 2 Arc really not going that well - way too much work, too little energy and too little time.......but have to succeed due to money pledged and the fact that there are only the 2 of us doing it (plus back up crew........well pals we've begged....)

Last few training rides have been shorter than they should have been and harder than they should have been which is pretty demoralising all round.........

19/06/2014 at 22:31

Nogs, it IS sad. When it comes right down to it, the quality of life is mainly determined by the relationships you have; and it sounds as if she has close to none. All the money in the world couldn't make up for that.

Your kindness, and your willingness to share the odd crumb of your family life, may mean much more to her than you realise. Xx

19/06/2014 at 22:35

Oops , missed those two posts. 

Nogs, that's  lotta miles you have coming!!! Well done you )

Podds, well marshalled. And as long as you are not their parent, 16 year old lads can really be quite good company! You HAVE been hard-pressed for both time and energy of late, but knowing you, you'll come through the A2A in great style, whether you've trained as much as you wanted or not! 

Right, I'm off to bed. Nighty night all, sweet dreams xx

19/06/2014 at 22:55

Ahh Noggs, that does sound a rather sad life  Nice that she's send ing a cheque to SD & offered up her house!

 I watched the match. How can they get paid so much and be so crap!?

20/06/2014 at 07:13

Crikey! First in!!?


Happy Friday

20/06/2014 at 07:49

Morning all

Absence due to work, kids, decorating, house sitting for parents etc! Work busy and out secretary / guru retires today so it's going to be v tough for a few months until new person in post and up to speed. I'm off today but going in for lunch. 

got one of my favourite 5k races this evening. Nice course , pb potential though Achilles making that unlikely and BBQ/ bar after. Lot of club mates doing it too. 

And I have ordered a new bike on the cycle to work scheme. Just waiting for certificate so I can collect. Plan is to cycle to work twice a week. 

Youngest son currently on his first solo lads holiday. I'm trying not to think about it ! Anyway happy Friday. Anyone else racing this weekend? I know spence is loo queue duty!

20/06/2014 at 08:05

morning all,
Bags packed and will be leaving soon for Newcatle but not driving down letting the train take the strain . Looking forward to seeing the family so may have a little drink or two.

Not sure if I will have chance to look in before I get home so you all have a good weekend..

20/06/2014 at 09:49

Have a good trip westie.  Have a look on Amazon for a book called 'Larn yoursel' Geordie'  if you need to speak to the locals.

Amandax, your son will be fine, I'm sure. 

HL and I are at Silverstone this evening helping out at my clubs Team Time Trial - billed as the biggest cycle race in the UK.

I've done Lidl, now have to cut some lawns, then it's a bike ride.


20/06/2014 at 10:23

Happy Fridays all  end of week is here again!

I'd rather be happy with friends than rich. Money has caused me more problems than its ever solved...

Shame no one else is helping you and friend Podds, dont you find thats the way it goes tho? Good for you two for doing it tho.

100 miles sounds a nice race Noggs, great area too!

Ive decided to take the afternoon off, and take myself down to the South Downs way for a nice 30 miler  there will be a pub at the end ... going from Southease to pyecombe and back, then stopping at Alfriston for recovery beer or two. Backpack is loaded, made some of my own yummy chocolate gel stuff to compliment the food too! Scotts video of Sarah running the 100 last weekend was too much, so I had to plan a run there again So I blame you John for posting it lol 

Have good weekends all 

20/06/2014 at 12:24

That's the work done for the day.

Cheesy, likewise regarding money, I've never been a big fan of the stuff - but I wouldn't want to be poor either.  Like many on here, I'm far happier riding my bike than doing most anything else.

The Severn Bridge event is organised by the same man/company who did our Mallorca Training Camp.  It starts at Castle Combe race Circuit.  My BIL lives nearby and has talked me into, we'll be meeting up with some others from the training camp too.

Best have a cuppa then get out.

20/06/2014 at 16:41

Do you think someone should introduce performance-related pay to the England football team?  Just a thought....

I have been at a conference all day and had a really great time - lots of exciting networking and got a real buzz from it.  Really starting to feel that doors are opening up rather than closing in my face and it helped me develop clearer ideas for some work projects so it was time well spent.

The search for a name continues   Sluggy - your story made me laugh, although it must have been both infuriating and insulting at the time.

Not much else to report except that MrC was out last night, so I lay on the sofa after dinner, cat on my lap, reading a book and nodded off   It was only 7pm!

A run is planned for tomorrow.

Happy Fridays all xx

20/06/2014 at 16:52

Or perhaps afternoon

Podds - get out there and practice. You'd never catch me slacking or making excuses.

A busy day in the land of Robin Hood. Sadly he wasn't around to redistribute any wealth, although thinking about it I perhaps should be relieved! I work hard to maintain a comfortable life but certainly didn't choose my job for its rich rewards. Charity work tends not to make us millionaires. I would happily be rich but it seems fate and the lottery are working against my ambitions. Saying that, I realise and appreciate that compared to the majority of the world I am rich beyond belief, I have food, clothing, a food over my head and my freedom. If only I didn't have to suffer news of the world cup my life would be complete.

It is nearly wine o'clock here and I am in my way home. Hooray the weekend. Hope it's a sun shiny happy one for all WAISters and their hangers-on.
20/06/2014 at 19:13


Sun is shining 

Woop woop family chuggy 

Podds, don't worry about A2A, your famous stubborn streak will see you through 

Coco, you have a rock and roll lifestyle 

Sluggy, how inconsiderate that Emess and TM are away at the same time.

Liking the sound of your future cycle rides, Noggs 

Daffy, youre a land owner now?  How respectable 

Spence, what does the bog Marshall do. Hand out the toilet paper?

Awww, westie, how fab to have all your little ones together and at a happy occasion

The day of reckoning has almost arrived. Its this weekend I'm camping out and running the 24 hr relay. I expect pain but its a lovely if a little tricky course


20/06/2014 at 19:22

evening all

nogs your fave sounds like a lovely lady, sad that she hasn't got family of her own 

don't remember anything else!!

well, inset day today, and the promise of leaving early - the morning was spent on some whole school stuff and went fairly quickly, the afternoon was a short faculty task then we could go - only my new head of faculty is so crap that instead of getting it done in an hour we spent 3 hours cooped up in the same room, no time off for lunch, the last hour was a total waste of time talking about 'what shall we wear next Friday on non-uniform day' (not part of the task we were supposed to be doing anyway) so we didn't even leave school early and ended up working more than if we had done a full day's teaching and one of the other teachers totally annoyed me with his selfish immature attitude to a class that we share I left school in a stinking mood!!

I did go for a walk in the sunshine to try to get rid of the aggro - not as good as a run but to be honest I am still not well and running wouldn't be a good idea.

20/06/2014 at 19:40

evening all

Its got a bit warm again! I don't like to complain but I'm not very good when its too warm.

adopted Belgium as my team for the World Cup now - I lived there when I was younger and my youngest sister was born there

have swimbled today and gymmed yesterday so its all looking up

sorry I can't remember what I read back and who did what (((((((waisters)))))))))

M...eldy    pirate
20/06/2014 at 20:49

Evening team

sorry for lack of presence but it's been a bit busy, Ive been on lates, been to run technique sessions, frontlined the GPO and bought a loft ladder!

noggs will be the first WAISTer to get a guided tour of Meldy Towers

off to work again, will have modri time tomorrow

20/06/2014 at 21:53

Evening, what a gorgeous day it has been.

Aquarunned this morning. Then went to meet Mark (disabled friend) as he wanted to buy a cheap wetsuit but couldn't find one big enough. He's now hired one for what will be an hour in the morning, at the cost of £30. We are going to do the Summer Solstice dawn swim at 4.30am in the morning in the lido! 

MC, you do sound a bit wound but not surprising considering what went on. At least it's the weekend now.

Meldy,  frontlined the GPO sounds like you marched him off in a straight jacket! Maybe that wouldn't have been a bad idea.

Yums, hope all goes well with your 24 hour relay thing. 

Podds, when is the A2A? You sound like you have put a lot of effort in already. You will be fine but shame there aren't more people involved. 

Coco, if England was on performance related pay they would be bankrupt! It might up their game though.

Nogs, the races sound good but 100 miles of racing! That took me all day in Cloggyland! 

Right better go and get some sleep seeing as I am getting up slightly earlier than normal. Night, night!


20/06/2014 at 22:03

FP - enjoy the swim, should be lovely at that time in the morning

yums - is the relay thing this weekend? good luck

chugs - sounds like your kids are getting things together nicely

Feeling less wound up now. Just need to get over this lurgy. Kids are at their music sessions in the morning so OH and I will probably go for a breakfast or something (well, he will have a breakfast I'll have a coffee)

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