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19/02/2004 at 17:23
oh! poor you Gaz. hate to say it, but I think this is a 'typical' overdoing it type injury.

don't know what to suggest about running again - have you tried posting on the injury forum?

They usually have some good advice, and you'll probably find someone who has had experience.

hope you get it sorted.

could you try a walk/run thing for FLM
rather than running the lot?

also just had a look in 'health' section and did a search on muscle tear - there is an article there - suggests 1-4 week recovery and NOT running through it.

Can't do a fancy link (not an it bod) - but you could have a look yourself and see what you think.

good luck, T1

19/02/2004 at 17:28
just had another look - and 1 suggestion is 21 days for muscle to recover, and 21 days to strengthen it (ouch)

certainly worth having a browse..

good luck again!
19/02/2004 at 17:40
I did the works Autumn handicap over two miles and my best time was 18mins and 19 seconds which I was pleased with.

I had a good friend in M who helped me get so far reasonably quickly howevershe was pregnant and had to give up at 6 months as she was uncomfy running. She had baby in Dec by c section so I have had to run with the men who are much faster up until recently. This did help build up my speed and since M has started running again she say's I am now having to slow down for her.

My milage is not that much at the moment. Mainly due to M recovering and cannot go far and the men are busy with work, but I am pleased just to be able to do the odd three miles. I got my daughter back into running last Tuesday evening so hopefully with summer coming I will be able to get out more.

19/02/2004 at 17:46
Erratic, I tend to run as your name suggests a bit erratic. I start slow but somehow during the runs I speed up then slow down and speed up again. I dont conciously do it either, but M picked up on it last week when we were out. If I am just running with no distance or time in mind we possibly slack off to 12 min a mile and take in the scenery and chat as we run.
19/02/2004 at 18:33
i believe that beginners such as myself shouldnt worry about pace. i started running back in november after quitting smoking.Back in nov i was walking for 20 min but now im running 30 miles each week and i couldnt care if it takes 12 min to run a mile.i believe if you go out there and just enjoy your jogging/running pace will soon come to you.
19/02/2004 at 18:40
11 min miles...11 min miles! i wish!
19/02/2004 at 18:42
how long have you been running for ian?
19/02/2004 at 21:49
Blimey we are a sickly lot!! Not a good advert for plodding. Sorry about your leg, Gaz.

I had a diddy plod this morning and have done circuit training tonight. I did intervals on the treddie and ended up with a short sharp burst at 18.5kph. I could probably keep at that speed for 30 seconds. That is the speed you would need to run at to do a marathon in about 2hrs 15mins!!!!!

Keep well

19/02/2004 at 22:08
XB so ror half a minute you knew what it felt like to be Paula...
19/02/2004 at 22:16
more peeps

yes, at least 21 days

if you arent on gold bond for FLM, you may want to defer

ian, thought about windsor yet


dont finkour treadies go that fast, and i fall off at 12kph
19/02/2004 at 22:16
kevin love, for some of us the pace doesnt come
20/02/2004 at 11:45
By heck XB!! I so hope you're right, Kevin, about pace following on but you might have to define "soon" for me! I agree enjoyment is the most important thing & certainly ignore pace on long runs where I'm aiming to build up distance/miles in legs (tho' can't resist working it out afterwards just to see!). No long run for me this weekend as it's ma-in-law's 80th & we're off for a totter into the Yorkshire Dales, so will be fitting a 3 miler into my lunch-hour today instead (fri normally a rest day). Have good weekends everybody - get well soon T1 and Gaz!
20/02/2004 at 14:40
I've notched up my first 30min cont run after weeks of the beginner run routine. My
daughter comes out on her bike with me and tells me how I'm doing, I must admit without her help it would have been harder. She's a good training partner for me as she keeps me at a good pace and it gives her exercise too, unfortunately she doesn't like running much! I'm now aiming for my first 5k run..
20/02/2004 at 15:19
Well done karen.I think getting to the first 30 minutes continuous is the hardest hurdle. after that the gains seem to get easier,, even adding an extra minute every couple of days will soon improve endurance. If you have got to 30 minutes then 5k will be no bother for you.
20/02/2004 at 15:26
On a GB place with £2500 raised already so looks like I 'll have to grin and bear it - this will be my first and last experience of long distance running anyway so we will see how it goes. Read a thread with an external link on the injury forum that said something along the lines that if it doesn't get better with rest or stretching then its probably already formed scar tissue and won't get better without some weird form of cross fibre massage, but on the up side it said unless I suddenly up my pace or start doing hill and or strength work it shouldn't get any worse either. Believe me after 15 years of rugby there isn't much of me that isn'd damaged or permanently knackered anyway so one more little twinge won't make much difference - going for a short walk/run tonight with loads of strapping - fingers crossed for me!
20/02/2004 at 16:24
Gaz, why's this your last experience of long distance running? Have you had enough already?!!

Off out tonight for my long(ish) run as I'll be really busy/hungover all weekend. Never been for a long run in the evening because I like to get off road at the weekend, but wouldn't want to do that in the dark. Kind of looking forward to it though as I've had a really depressing day and need to run it off before the weekend. Only gonna do about 5 miles though, don't think i can handle my usual 7 on boring pavements. Still, it's better than nothing!!
20/02/2004 at 16:29
good luck, Gaz!
20/02/2004 at 16:58
Thanks Trin.
Carold the reason its my last time is because I am sick and tired of my legs aching all the time, I am bored with spending hours and hours pounding pavement in the DMZ that I live in and if I didn't have a target to aim for I would have stopped weeks ago. I think the bottom line is that I really don't enjoy running, I enjoy exercise and sports but the life of the long distance runner is not for me. Maybe my I will change my mind in the summer -running in the dark is depressing, or when we move to the country, seeing a tree every now and then might be nice. Or maybe I'm just fed up because its 8 weeks to go and tonights run could make or break the whole marathon thing, I don't think I could bear to give all the money back. Or maybe its because this is the only thing I have ever really applied myself to and to have it all go pear shaped would be unbearable.
There - rant over - very cathartic, lets just hope that I can still walk after my run tonight! Sorry for lowering the tone chaps!!
20/02/2004 at 17:01
Hi, thought I'd join in having lurked a while!
Began running in November, just so I wouldn't look too stupid having agreed to join others in a 10K!! though they assured me they walk most of the way (yeah?)
And i'm loving it! surprised myself, not having run for 25 years since school, although I'm active if not Fit (walk, cycle, swim etc). I'm building up on a run/walk (after building up to run a whole minute - gasp!)
Now running 7 walking 3 - found run 5 walk 3 the walk was longer than needed, but nice. This week the schedule suggested 7/2 but I found this too much too soon, so extended the rest, rather than shorten the run - sound all right to youse?

Looking ahead, what do you think I should be doing (with a 10k in mind) - carry on extending running times, or do longer overall?

I know the ultimate answer is listen to your body, but I'm interested in opinions.

20/02/2004 at 17:27
Gaz, really hope it goes ok.

you've set yourself a really punishing schedule any of us would have found hard - so I think that will have contributed a bit to how you feel.

As to the marathon thingy - I think it would be heartbreaking to give the money back.

If it doesn't work out on the training at the mo, could you enter a diff marathon later in the year, and ask your sponsors if they minded if you did it later (don't think most people would expect you to carry on and do real damage)?

It's something I've seen before when there has been an injury problem.

I think you're really brave for giving it a go BTW.

Good luck T
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