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10/02/2004 at 20:42
Hello!! I think that I most certainly qualify - have been running (falling forwards without hitting the ground) since the beginning of the year, and am doing 13.5 minute miles. I am also doing a 10 miler in Maidenhead in April. I did set up a thread asking if this was over ambitious and the answer was a resounding 'no'. Took PH's advice and have been building up my distance and am trying to keep under 70% effort which gives me a legitimate excuse to go very slowly. Whenever I see speedwork mentioned I pretend that I am reading swahili and don't understand. Happy to plod
10/02/2004 at 21:17
hmm, does feeling like you could walk quicker count, especially after the first ten minutes????
10/02/2004 at 21:24
of course
10/02/2004 at 21:35
i CAN walk quicker

MUCH quicker !
10/02/2004 at 23:09
Hippo-Thanks for the feedback.

My sub 70% runs are below hr 151.

Haven't done a max hr test yet, or a Hadd test, so I'm still working to the formula in 'HRM training for the compleat idiot'

Hopefully, as time goes by I can run more and walk less, and still keep below the 70% mark.
10/02/2004 at 23:13
Try the hadd

I had a BIG psychological problem with feeling i was entitled to a walk
M...eldy    pirate
10/02/2004 at 23:27
Hello peeps

another one for the group I feel!

have been doing this for about 2 years now, although mostly was in the gym on the tready and was going great guns - 5/6 miles in a very good time
Then I decided to save money and carry on outside and it all went horribly wrong! I can average between 10/11 min miles depending on distance and lethargy!

4 miles today in around 35 mins I think

I didnt get my free watch with the magazine so I rely on my dvd player for times!!

10/02/2004 at 23:53
Staggering,it's when walkers overtake it gets a tad embarassing ;-))

Hippo, just here keeping an eye on your confessions!

I will let you all know if I ever make 12mm, ohhhhhh soooooooo fast......

M...eldy    pirate
10/02/2004 at 23:54
I beat a pensioner to the bus stop the other day!
10/02/2004 at 23:57
Imelda´s mentor, some of these "pensioners" are in the matures´thread and they can be very fat

btw, hi
M...eldy    pirate
11/02/2004 at 00:01
Ha ha ha!
Did you mean fat!!

They scare the pants off me!
11/02/2004 at 00:05
i´m so sorry, hope Chimp never read the previous post

i really did mean fast, fast, i promise
M...eldy    pirate
11/02/2004 at 00:07
made me laugh anyway!

promise I wont tell them
11/02/2004 at 00:10
all right, i think your laugh will be a good excuse
11/02/2004 at 00:12
time to sleep
nite nite
M...eldy    pirate
11/02/2004 at 00:13
nite nite - another 8 hours of work to go - ho hum.....
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
11/02/2004 at 06:14
Morning all, it's luvverly weather for plodding/jogging/running, cool and still, hope it lasts a few days. I'm have my legs rubbed down with an oily rag after work by the Marquis de Sade, so no plodding for me today.
It has been worth it, I didn't realise that I was carrying this injury, I kept up my running log after Cardiff ½, and suddently realised I was slowing up! I then found that my left calf was a bit niggly, it suddenly gave way one day, so I went to the physio who said that the problem was in my right leg! Apparently, my shins were in such a state that my calves just tightened right up. I've been having these massages for a month now and fingers crossed it's paying off!
Have to walk the muppets now before work cya later.
M...eldy    pirate
11/02/2004 at 06:18
I'm still at work ..... should be outta here by 7 and then home to beddy byes and not before time!

11/02/2004 at 07:55
Well I went running with my club last night and we did hill efforts - boy do my legs hurt today. Normally only manage about 7 in 40 minutes but last night did 8 - YIPEE!!! Hows everyone else this morning?
11/02/2004 at 08:26
Plodding Hippo
Yes I was a tad tired on my return home - maybe it was my other half's way of doing me in - always knew he had an alterior motive! Bless him!!
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